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Werewolf Costume

Updated on February 28, 2014

Werewolf costume for Halloween

Werewolves have been scaring people for centuries. And even today some people are still scared of werewolves.

Just remember Michael Jackson's Thriller video, were he and his girlfriend are watching a movie, where he becomes a werewolf when Full Moon shows up. And she is scared, isn't she?

Then there is also great movie called Wolf with Jack Nicholson and Michelle Pfeiffer, where Jack Nicholson is becoming a wolf.

Here you can find werewolf costume and everything that goes along, like wig, gloves and shoes, and scare people on Halloween.

Werewolf is public domain image via Wikimedia Commons .

Thriller by Michael Jackson

Let's watch Thriller if there are any werewolfs.

Who are actually werewolves?

There are different descriptions and beliefs about werewolves. One of the beliefs is that some people become wolves or werewolves under the influence of Full Moon. Then they got special powers, strenght and become very fast.

Werewolves are also wolves who lost control, got crazy and started to murder all the sheeps, not to eat them, they just like to kill.

Photo by torroid,, CC BY 2.0

Werewolwes are also called people who have been excluded from society and have gone to the woods. They have lived out there, differently than others, haven't bath and shave, and people have been afraid of them. And somethimes werewolves are mistaken with vampires.

Mostly people have been afraid of werewolves because they are dangerous, wild and some of them even become cannibals.

That's why werewolves and believes about them are just perfect for movies. We don't really meet a lot of werewolves in life these days, but we can always watch a movie about them.


There are few reasons why I liked Wolf movie.

First one is that Jack Nicholson and Michelle Pfeiffer are playing the main characters.

The second one is that the movie could be scary but it's made so well that you don't think about scary.

I actually don't like scary movies or thrillers, I watched it because of main actors and director Mike Nichols.

The movie lasts about two hours and you can get it on DVD or Blue-Ray.


Werewolf The Beast Among Us

And just in time for Halloween here is a brand new horror movie called Werewolf The Beast Among Us.

Here you can watch the trailer and maybe it will be just the right movie for this Halloween.

Werewolf Halloween costume

And finally here you can find Werewolf costume.

Morris mens Deluxe Werewolf Costume Standard
Morris mens Deluxe Werewolf Costume Standard

It's quite scary, isn't it?

Deluxe Werewolf Costume is quite scary, isn't it?

Just imagine going out like that at night on Halloween! Or even worse, meet somebody dressed in a werewolf costume!


You are finally done. You have all you need to be persuasive werewolf. Maybe try to train your voice a bit to sound like a werewolf and you'll be the scariest Halloween creature around.

Have fun at Halloween party and

Happy Halloween!

What do you think about Werewolves? - Are you afraid of them? Are you going to be Werewolf for Halloween?

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    • carolweez profile image

      carolweez 4 years ago

      The main werewolf outfit is really really lifelike, well if we can say that of course. Very scary indeed.