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western Village Inn

Updated on April 6, 2015

Western Village Inn

The Day was a very sunny Saturday and my neighbor and i were on our way to the western village inn he was nice enough to give me a ride but the only problem was neither of us knew where it was because neither of us have ever been to such a place before .

so we found the place and there we spotted Plethora of different people and vehicles along with their dogs and that was just the exterior of the building i went in to check in and receive my key for the room but alas i did not have the proper Id to get in .

so my neighbor and i ventured across the way to the sparks marina park and parked and waited and while we waited i was texting on my cellular device to the guy i was to be meeting later that night where was he you ask ?

well Sam was a few blocks away helping out his dear parents out so he was very busy much too busy to be there when i showed up.

Any how at the sparks marina there were so many creatures there were a variety of birds and dogs and i am sure if i got closer to turquoise water i would have found some fish .

it was very interesting observing how the humans were interacting with each other they were happy and their dogs were well behaved this is something i had never seen before .

needless to say i finally got the key from sam real quick and i got in the room and it was so gorgeous the 2 queen sized beds with cream colored comforters and pillows and in front there was LG flat screen tv but it only had cable finally my neighbor left at around 6:30 pm and than i was alone listening to all the sounds of the rest of the Hotel .

drunken females who had clearly just come back from across the way hyped up males in their early 20's and of course the elephant people above me they stomped their feet like they were dancing or something than cam 7:00 pm still alone and 8:00 8:30 yep still by my lonesome trying to keep my self calm and occupied i wont lie everytime i heard a guy ask for directions i got so exstatic like a puppy waiting for its owner to get back silly i know but this was to be sam and i first meesting ever in person .

FINALLY around 9 :45 pm i looked through the peep hole on the door and unlocked the chain and he had arived this big muscled man with a scorpian tatoo in a black shirt with indigo denem pants i would say this easter turned out great .


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