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Western Christmas Cards

Updated on October 27, 2015

Christmas Cards of the West

For those who enjoy the West and everything Western, there are a number of Western Christmas cards you can choose from that sends the Christmas message you want to give to those who would appreciate receiving it.

With the western greetings cards I include below, I've focused on the real Western part of the west, with things like steers, saddles, cowboys and riding horses.

There is obviously a lot more to the west than that, but most people who appreciate or live in the West relate to those in a big way, so they will always work when sending a western theme in a Christmas card.

Anyway, hopefully this Western Christmas cards will give you a few ideas on what to send to your family and friends who appreciate this lifestyle or who live in the West.

Funny Western Christmas Card with Santa and Cactus

This is a hilarious western Christmas card showing a befuddled Santa as he realizes after he gets the cactus all decorated in lights that he has nowhere to plug it in. Especially funny to me, but not easy to spot, is the bird and her three chicks standing there waiting for the big moment when lights come on, which never happens. The look on the face of the reindeer is also a nice touch.

Western Christmas Card with Santa Decorating Cactus

Decorated Cattle Sign Western Christmas Card

Although this is an illustration, I think this is also a funny depiction of a sign you could run into when traveling west, and seeing the Christmas lights around the cattle crossing sign is great.

The cactus in the background also add a nice western look to the Christmas card.

Western Christmas card decorated cattle sign

Western Christmas Card Sons of the Pioneers

Some Christmas card makers take vintage images and create greetings cards around them, and that's what this 1950s photo of the singing group Sons of the Pioneers is. Anyone worth their western salt will know who this legendary western group is. Nice touch having all of them sign their names for the western Christmas card.

This is also a good idea for those in business who want to send a customized card with a Christmas theme and images of those from the company that are known by those they serve.

Vintage Western Christmas Card

Western Christmas Card with Steer

The moment I looked at this western Christmas card with a steer I loved it. I'm not sure exactly why, but it's probably the candy cane design on the horns of this Texas Longhorn. Maybe it's what looks like a Christmas tree brand on his back quarter. Fun western Christmas card.

Christmas card with steer

Western Saddle Christmas Card

What would a western Christmas card gallery be without at least one saddle in the mix, and we have that here, with a very colorful saddle with a whole lot of Christmas lights to make the mood festive.

I like the inclusion of the Christmas colors scattered throughout the illustration.

Western Christmas Card Gallery

These western Christmas cards are a lot of fun and whimsical. Even if someone isn't a true western fan or living in the west, they are a great Christmas card to send, as an extreme urbanite would probably enjoy the obvious humor of sending them a western Christmas card that they would have no connection to as far as the subject matter goes.

But when they are real western fans, these types of cards will always be appreciated for the effort to give something relevant to the receiver, which is truly what the spirit of Christmas is all about.


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