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What To Be For Halloween

Updated on September 29, 2013

For Halloween This Year, I'm Going To Be....

For Halloween this year, I'm going to be.......

Hmmm. Haven't got the slightest clue, right?

You know what you don't want to be. Lady Gaga. A Witch. A Ghost. Anything from Twilight OR Glee. A Pirate.

You rack your brain, trying to think of a costume that is a little different from what everyone else will be wearing.

Me too. I prefer not to run with "the pack".

So here are some ideas for really cool costumes that "the pack" probably won't choose. Surely you will find one that fulfills your Halloween fantasy and you will know what to be for Halloween!

What To Be For Halloween...

Dramatic And Show Stopping, That's The Queen Of The Nile

Want something dramatic? You can't go wrong when gracing the Halloween party with your presence as the Queen of the Nile!

Theatrical Quality Deluxe Queen of Nile

Adult Women's Costume

Looking For Something Cute, Yet Provocative?

A Girly Rodeo Clown Is Just The Ticket

How about the something highly creative and original? How many people will think to be a cute Rodeo Clown?

Rodeo Clown Adult Womens Costume

In 2006 an estimated 36.1 million kids between the ages of five and thirteen went Trick or Treating in the US.

What To Be For Halloween

Get Your Game On With Monopoly Or Cue Up As A Pool Table

Now you have to admit, dressing up as a Monopoly Game is highly original and practically guaranteed to be the life of the party.

Monopoly Adult Womens Costume

Who else would think to show up to the party cued up as a pool table?

Pool Table Dress Adult Women's Costume

In 2006 over ONE BILLION pounds of pumpkins were produced from major pumpkin producing states!

Show Stopping, Eye Popping, Jaw Dropping....

Make Your Entrance Grand This Halloween

Feeling bold and ready to pull out all the stops? Do you see yourself making a grand entrance? This must be the Halloween costume for you.

Theatrical Quality Deluxe Cha Cha Cha Adult Womens Costume

Who Wore The First Halloween Costume Ever?

Long ago, approximately 2000 years give or take, the ancient Celts began wearing costumes during a festival that celebrated the beginning of the new year, then November 1st. This festival also recognized the end of the harvest, the summer warm summer season as well as the beginning of the winter. It was also a time of year that symbolized a time of death. The festival was call Samhain (sow-in).

During Samhain, the Celts believed that the barriers separating the two worlds consisting of the living and the dead crossed over into each others territories. It was believed that on October 31st the ghosts of the dead descended on the Earth to cause destruction, particularly to the crops which were vital to live through the long cold winters. It was also believed the Druids, Celtic priests abilities to foresee the future were heightened during this time.

On this auspicious occasion, the ancient Celts dress in animal skins and heads to gather around a bonfire to offer crops and animals as sacrifices to the ancient gods. Hence, the first Halloween costumers.


Dead Cheerleader Tween Costume

Sweet Pirate Tween Costume

Blood Thirsty Beauty Teen Costume

Switch Witch Teen Costume

What To Be For Halloween Is Solved Here

Super Bad At It's Best

Want to be bold, daring, just straight up super bad? Here you go. Get your bad on.....

Supa Pimp Mama Adult Women's Costume

Did You Know?....

Pumpkins Are 90% Water?

Pumpkin Flowers Are Edible?

The Largest Pumpkin Ever Grown Weighed 1140 lbs?

Steampunk Jack Adult Costume - One-Size

Steampunk Vicky Adult Costume - One-Size

Want A Halloween Costume Sure To Get A Laugh?

This costume is for those who love the fairy tale! Since every girl wants to find Prince Charming, why not be him and find your Princess?

Prince Charming Elite Collection Adult Costume - Mediu

64% of the American population celebrates Halloween each year.

The Perfect Guy Costume For Halloween

You Will Make A Statement With This!

What strong masculine man wouldn't secretly wonder what it would be like to dress up like Alice.....and put some shock value into the party!

Brady Bunch Alice Adult Men Plus Size Costume

More Ideas To Help You Decide What To Be For Halloween

Very Original Halloween Costumes

What about some throw back ideas? Wonder Woman is a heroic idea or a 60's psychedelic Go-Go Dancer would surely bring back memories!

Wonder Woman Adult Costume

Go Go Dancer Adult Costume

Did You Know?....

You can bury your used pumpkin to enrich the soil in your yard?

You can wash, dry and save pumpkin seeds to plant the next year?

Where To Spend Halloween

Cool Places To Visit To Get In The Halloween Spirit!

Transylvania County, N.C. (29,780 residents).

Tombstone, Ariz. (population 1,571).

Pumpkin Center, N.C. (population 2,228); and Pumpkin Bend, Ark. (population 307).

Cape Fear in New Hanover County, N.C. (population 15,711)

Cape Fear in Chatham County, N.C. (population 1,170).

Skull Creek, Neb. (population 281).

For More Cool Halloween Trivia Visit: Pumpkin Patches And More

Take The Conventional Halloween Costume And Make It Anything But!

You Will Stand Out From The Others In These Costumes

When deciding what to be for Halloween, here are some tried and true conventional costumes, but these are definitely sporting a twist to the ho-hum!

Cat Fight Kitty Adult Women's Costume

Knock Out Nurse Adult Women's Costume

Smokin' Hot Fire Fighter Adult Women's Costume

What Is Your Favorite Halloween Costume?

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    • aesta1 profile image

      Mary Norton 5 years ago from Ontario, Canada

      Maybe, just maybe, I might try to dress up for Halloween.

    • profile image

      julieannbrady 5 years ago

      Well, I actually was the Cha Cha lady a couple of Halloweens ago. The kids in the neighborhood came to our house to get a photo opp with me in that costume. Probably my all-time favorite as it is so colorful and fun. Especially the head piece! BOOyah my dear.

    • profile image

      anonymous 6 years ago

      wonder woman was my favorite, gave this lens a 'thumbs up' too!

    • OhMe profile image

      Nancy Tate Hellams 6 years ago from Pendleton, SC

      Wow, you sure have a lot of fun costumes featured here! I am not sure which one is my favorite but I really like the Doll in the box.

    • sousababy profile image

      sousababy 6 years ago

      Wow, this was very creative. Love the 'Sick as a dog' one. Great work, as always.

    • profile image

      anonymous 6 years ago

      Sadly Halloween is not celebrated in our part of the world! Looks like a lot of fun and surely it is only a question of time before it catches up with many parts of the world! :)

    • Philippians468 profile image

      Philippians468 6 years ago

      ah some of these ideas do add to the festivities of halloween! cheers

    • missbat profile image

      missbat 7 years ago

      Some really great costume ideas! I also enjoyed the trivia. Keep up the good work!

    • profile image

      Tarra99 7 years ago

      I love Halloween...I just bought a decoration yesterday!...I have no idea what I'm going to dress up as this year...but you have some GREAT choices! Thanks for the lensroll...right back atch'ya!

    • profile image

      anonymous 7 years ago

      Scariest Halloween Movie - I would have to say its Halloween. Once in awhile I do like to watch a scary movie, but I usually have trouble sleeping that night then. On Halloween, that's the best time to watch something good and scary. - I don't plan on going anywhere for Halloween this year, so I'll just be myself. It is fun to dress up and go to a dance or something though, haven't done that for 5-6 years.

    • oztoo lm profile image

      oztoo lm 7 years ago

      oh my, so hard to choose. These are all great ideas from the usual fare. Nicely done.

    • Sylvestermouse profile image

      Cynthia Sylvestermouse 7 years ago from United States

      Wow, what a unique and wonderful collection of very interesting costumes!