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What to Get Your Boyfriend for Christmas

Updated on December 5, 2014

Have you ever given your boyfriend a handmade gift?

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Wondering what to get your boyfriend for Christmas? Why does it seem like guys are sooo hard to shop for? How are you supposed to know what to get your boyfriend for Christmas?

Here are a few shopping tips:

  • Sports: If he’s an avid sports fan, you can never go wrong with memorabilia that will help him sport and support his team.

  • Hobbies: Think about the things that he’s into and find something that will help him in his hobbies.

  • Technology: Is he always eyeballing the latest technology? Take this as a big hint if you ever want to spend a shiny penny!

  • Together: Think about things that will help you bond together as a couple, whether it’s special events, activities, or sports!

Now that you have a few ideas as to what to look for to get gift hints, it’s time to explore what to get your boyfriend for Christmas. Here are a few winning ideas for each budget:

Shopping for your girlfriend? Check out: What to Get Your Girlfriend for Christmas.


Under $20

  • Mandles: These are candles fit for a man! Just peek over at this website and browse the various manly candle scents. He’ll get a good laugh and likely use them!

  • Computer gaming headphones: If you have a computer gamer on your hands, chances are, he already has a sweet headset. If he doesn’t, this is the way to go!

  • iTunes gift card: You can really get one of any value, but $20 can get quite a few good tunes! If you go any kind of gift card route, be sure to get this puzzle!

  • Fedora: Men clean up really nicely when they try, so for those times that he actually shaves, top it off with a snazzy fedora!

  • Sardine can survival kit: Whether he’s a fisher, camper, hiker, or road-tripper, it never hurts to have one of these handy! Quite a novelty considering the sardine can!

Under $50

  • Cards Against Humanity: Seriously, if you've never played this game, you don't know what you're missing! If your man has a sense of humor, this is the gift for him!

  • Ties/bowties: Every guy needs a nice set of ties or bowties, depending on their personal style. He’ll be looking sharp on future dates, that’s for sure!

  • Bluetooth speaker: Is your boyfriend always listening to music on his phone? Then a bluetooth speaker is right up his alley!

  • Headphones: Real music junkies need real headphones! These fully cover the ear with extra padding that serves as a source of comfort for hours of easy or hardcore listening!

  • iPhone 5/5s camera lens kit: As if iPhones didn’t take good enough pictures, now he can take pictures like a pro with his own phone!

Under $100

  • Sports jersey: If he is an avid football fan, or whatever sport he is into, get him a really nice jersey of his favorite player!

  • Concert tickets: Most guys have a band that they are really into, and if they are touring in the near future, try scoring a ticket or two if you can swing it!

  • Game tickets: For this price, you’ll likely be in the nosebleed section of any sports arena, but he will be stoked just to be there cheering his team on!

  • Video game: Is there a new game coming out that he is dying to play? Put it on pre-order and pay it off before it comes out so you can pick it up!

  • Arcade basketball: Who doesn’t have a blast playing these kinds of games? Now you can challenge your boyfriend and play side by side with this awesome arcade-style game!


Home for the Holidays

No matter what you decide to get your boyfriend for Christmas, he will know that it came from your heart.

Try not to overthink the gift thing because the most important part is that you two lovebirds get to spend some holiday time together. Presents can never replace presence!

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