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What to Get Your Girlfriend for Christmas

Updated on December 5, 2014

What to get your girlfriend for Christmas... decisions, decisions! Girls are generally pretty easy-going when it comes to gifts. Chocolate, jewelry, anything fuzzy and cute!

Let’s go a bit beyond the obvious and explore a few tips for choosing the right gift:

  • Hobbies: Perhaps she’s a painter, for example, a good set of canvases and a nice set of brushes might just be what she needs or wants!

  • Technology: With technology ever changing, you can really never go wrong with an updated gadget! Whether it’s household or something that can be helpful in her studies, it will definitely be appreciated!

  • Tickets: Anything that you guys can do together will always be a winning gift. Tickets to a concert, museum, or amusement park are a couple of good examples.

Now that you have some tips to use, it’s time to look at some ideas for what to get your girlfriend for Christmas. Here’s the list broken down by cost:

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Under $20

  • Infinity scarf: Get her one of those nice, stylish, infinity winter scarves to keep her toasty warm during the snowy, chilly months! A matching hat and gloves is never a bad idea.

  • Touch screen winter gloves: If she loves to play on her smartphone or iPhone, then this is a good idea for her; a pack of 6 colors to match any outfit or jacket!

  • Smartphone camera lens kit: If she likes to take pictures with her phone, get her something like this so she can take pics like a pro!

  • Melting pot: Prepare her for many romantic nights involving fondue! Get some chocolate and things that she can use right away. This will end well!

  • Personalized Christmas ornament: Visit that kiosk that pops up in the mall around Christmas time and look for one to customize with both of your names on it!

Under $50

  • Silver necklace with charm: It’s no secret that girls love jewelry, but you also shouldn’t spend a fortune on a girlfriend unless you really think she’s the one. This will be enough to put a smile on her face!

  • Build-a-Bear: Many malls have a build-a-bear workshop. Pop in there and make her a customized bear, dress it like you, and place one of the recorders in one of the hands to play an “I love you” message in your voice. Oh, and a spritz of your cologne will do!

  • Spa gift set: Bath and Body Works is like holiday gift central for luxurious bath gifts! So many scents, you're sure to find one your girl will love, and the variety in sets mean there's something to fit any budget!

  • Pedicure: If you like her feet, keep them looking nice by getting her a pedicure. Better yet, get one with her! Yes, then do man pedicures, too.

  • Nice bathrobe: There’s nothing quite like a nice, soft, warm bathrobe, so spring for one that’s not so cheap; one that will last her a while!


Under $100

  • Pandora charm bracelet: These are nice because you start her out with the bracelet and you continue to add onto it each special occasion. Get her the bracelet and start her out with a charm or two!

  • Bouquet of flowers and a hot date: I’m talking a nice restaurant; the kind that have separate menus for men and women. Make her feel like a queen, and if there’s a beach nearby, take her there at night!

  • Perfume: Chances are, she has her favorite perfume, and it’s probably more than she likes to spend on it, so spring for it so she doesn’t have to!

  • Jacket: Take her to the mall and pay attention to what she likes. If there is a jacket that she falls in love with, take note of it and get it when she is not with you; she’ll be pleasantly surprised!

  • Professional massage: We all need a good massage from time to time and an hour long massage is always a nice gift to give any woman!

See, girls are pretty easy, aren’t they? The best part is, this list can work for any occasion, really!

What kind of Christmas shopper are you?

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