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Best White Elephant / Gag Gift Ideas Christmas 2013

Updated on February 20, 2014

Great Gag Gift Ideas for your Christmas White Elephant Party 2014

A list of the funniest white elephant gift ideas given by an avid white elephant party host. Find the latest and greatest gag gifts of 2012 and get all the information you need-to-know to throw your own unique party.

Spending a lot of time with your family and friends during Christmas and the holidays can be stressful on everyone. There's only one way that my family truly unwinds from all that pressure. We throw a white elephant exchange party where both homemade and store bought gag gifts are given out. This irreverent party is my favorite of the year because it leaves me literally crying by the end of it.

White Elephant Exchange Rules
White Elephant Exchange Rules

Rules for a White Elephant Gift Exchange

While there are many versions of a white elephant gift exchange (sometimes called Yankee Swap, Secret Santy, or Dirty Santa Party), here are a few rules that pretty much every exchange goes by:

1. Everyone gets a gift either homemade or store bought. This can be done in couples to save time if you have a large enough party or done individually with smaller groups.

2. Your party sits in a circle and places all of the gifts in the center.

3. Gifts are then opened starting from one person to the next going counterclockwise. You can use a hat to draw names out of to begin. Most versions of this game allow you steal a gift or open a new one as you go around the circle. Gifts are generally locked after a certain amount of steals.

4. Most exchanges go around the circle at least once if not multiple times.

Alternate Ideas

1. Have a contest for the best gift as voted on by your group. A prize can be given out for the best homemade white elephant gift or the best white elephant gift overall.

2. Consider playing some fun adult party board games.

3. If everyone celebrates Christmas, then consider an ugly sweater contest. The sweater with the most flair wins!

Now for the fun part! Here's a list of 20 of the best white elephant gift ideas I've seen for Christmas 2012 thus far!

25 Great White Elephant Gift Ideas for 2014 - Potty Putter Putting Mat Golf Game

My wife and I purchased this Potty Putter game as one of our white elephant gifts for last year. It became quite the prized item among our guests and after it was first opened was stolen immediately by several others! It's perfect for the multitasker allowing you to practice your short putting game and sit on the pot at the same time.


There are times in your life when you simply don't have the time, or the imagination, to come up with the right excuse. The instant excuse ball helps the bad liar become a good one.


Shake it like an eight ball and read 1 of 20 excuses.


Butt Face Soap

It's always good to keep your soaps separate. Here's an easy way to do it.

Emergency Underpants

Everyone pees themselves just a little bit sometimes. So for in those special occasions you'll be glad you can whip out this special pair of emergency underpants. We gave this out as a prize last year for the ugliest sweater and everyone loved it!

Canned Unicorn Meat

It may seem inhumane, but it tastes much better than spam.

The Official BS Button

People like to speak and say things without even having a bit of a clue. It's in these times that a good BS button comes in handy.

Control Your Woman Remote Controller

Sometimes men wish it was just this easy. Pick up the remote control and click your button of choice. A "Control Your Man" remote control is also available for the ladies.


It's a fake mustache for just about every type of creeper you can think of! Now you can be the creeper!

Redneck 6 Pack Beer & Soda Can Holster Belt - Camo

One is never enough to take with you, but when you're packing the good stuff your redneck friends can see it. Use camo to hide it from them.

Bacon Scented Car Air Freshener

I've used this and it really does smell like bacon. The only warning I'll give about it is that if you use it in your car you'll want to eat fast food a lot. Weight gain is to be expected.

Accoutrements Bacon Air Freshener
Accoutrements Bacon Air Freshener

Also available in buttered popcorn, cherry pie, cupcake, and macaroni and cheese.


Christmas Theme White Elephant Gag Gifts

Many white elephant gift parties are Christmas-themed so here's a few options if you want to stick with the Dirty Santa motif.

Leg Lamp Nightlight
Leg Lamp Nightlight

There are much pricier "real" versions of this famous nightlight that are available, but this one fits more within the white elephant gift budget.

Chia Obama Handmade Decorative Planter, Happy Pose
Chia Obama Handmade Decorative Planter, Happy Pose

Show the President your support by slowly turning him into a fully grown Chia pet.


A Funny Game Idea for your White Elephant Gift Exchange

Here''s a fun idea for a made-up game that we love to play at our yearly white elephant gift exchange:

1. Get everyone a piece of paper and get in a circle.

2. Everyone draws a funny scene on a piece of paper.

3. Pass the drawing to your left or clockwise.

4. Now have everyone write in words what they see in the picture and then fold the picture behind the words.

5. Pass the piece of paper to your left again. This time everyone should only see the words to the drawing. Have them draw what the person wrote.

6. Continue this process until the paper goes all the way around or you run out of paper!

7. Once you're finished have everyone go around one by one and show the pictures that were drawn and the words that were written.

8. Laugh hysterically!

Share Your Best White Elephant Gift Ideas! - Reader Comments and Suggestions for 2014

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