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White Christmas Lights

Updated on July 31, 2015

White Christmas Lights

As many people can testify to, white Christmas lights may seem plain when thinking about using them for your primary Christmas décor, but when you put a bunch of them up - whether inside the house or not - they are outstanding in look and create a great design for you friends, family and neighbors to enjoy.

One advantage of white Christmas lights is they work with just about anything you have, and no matter what your walls are painted or covered with on the inside, or what your outside looks like, they never clash, and so are reliable as to not having to worry how they'll look or if they'll work as far as not clashing with everything else.

Another great thing white Christmas lights do is really light up the outside, and the lights can be seen from far away, contrary to other solid colored lights which while looking great, aren't nearly as able to be seen from distances, and don't light things up the way white Christmas lights do.

So if you want things to be seen from afar for everyone to enjoy, and you like a bright yard, white Christmas lights are the choice for you.

White Christmas Lights in Yard

This is a great white Christmas light yard decoration, and it's amazing to see how the red bows add a subtle but nice touch to the effect.

Photo White Christmas Lights in Yard

White Christmas Icicle Lights

Although it doesn't show the effect here, white icicle Christmas lights can be used to create the illusion of falling snow, and it's really compelling when set up that way.

Below is a good example of how icicle lights look, although they look much better when viewed from a little further away.

White Icicle Lights

Beautiful Christmas Tree with White Lights

While multi-colored lights have their place in the overall decoration scheme for Christmas, there is something about using one color that can really make things stand out nicely, and it does all of that with this Christmas tree with white lights. I really like this one.

Including the white Christmas tree really enhances the overall look, allowing for an even more magnificent display.

Christmas Tree with All White Lights

Outdoor Christmas Tree Decorated with White Lights

What a great outdoor yard decoration for Christmas. This is another reason why I use individual colors, in order to keep the Christmas display from being too busy so you can enjoy the way it outlines the object, bush or tree you place your white Christmas lights on.

Another amazing part of this great outdoor Christmas tree is the way it had the lights placed on the branches to show the shape of the leaves and branches of the tree as well. Sometimes people only place them on the limbs and larger branches to give a skeletal outline of the tree.

That still works great, but it's amazing to see so much detail put into an outdoor lighted tree.

White Christmas Lights on Outdoor Tree

Very Detailed White Christmas Lights on Building

I can't tell from this photo if this is a building or a home, but either way, it's an extraordinary Christmas light display to view. If it is a home, good luck sleeping if you were to keep those lights on all night long.

White Christmas Lights are a Great Way to Decorate

From these photos of white Christmas lights, you can see why I love them so much, as well as why many others do as well. You can see how they can add an extraordinary look to your indoor or outdoor Christmas decorations.


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