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White Christmas Tree Skirts

Updated on August 2, 2014

White Tree Skirts

A Christmas tree skirt adds a lot to a Christmas tree and the overall Christmas decoration of a home, and can be bought in an endless number of varieties to reflect the tastes of anyone.

With that in mind, I thought I would include some white Christmas tree skirts here to give some ideas on what they would look like if they were the tree skirt of choice for you. The nice thing about white tree skirts are they are a neutral color, so it won't clash at all with the rest of your Christmas décor. It also provides the sense of snow lying on the ground where the presents will be laid.

The majority of solid white tree skirts include something with lace or are embroidered in order to add something to the solid color, to make it more interesting.

While I didn't include them here, a lot of white Christmas tree skirts also have at times an outer edge with a different color to also add something to it to make it a little more interesting. But I found the nicely designed embroidery and lace tree skirt designs fantastic by themselves.

White Tree Skirt Designs

With this gallery of white Christmas tree skirts, because they're mostly similar in look and feel while being embroidered with different patterns and lace designs, I thought I would leave of the commentary for the most part, and let you simply enjoy and discover these fantastic white tree skirt designs that are really compelling and would be a great addition to your Christmas décor.

These tree skirts really speak for themselves, and I like what they're saying. One thing I think you have to keep in mind is they're light weight and easily snagged, so you have to be a little more careful on how you set presents on them and watch more carefully if children are going to be around, as well as pets.

White Christmas Tree Skirt Flower and Lace Design

White Christmas Tree Skirt with Pointed Edges

Bright White Tree Skirt

The above white tree skirt is probably my favorite of this bunch, primarily because of how bright it stands out, which adds something to it to me. Anything you place on it will be highlighted nicely because of the solid white color as a background to it.

Something else to consider would be all of these would work nicely with smaller Christmas trees you may place on a table or stand as well.

Below is a differently designed white Christmas tree skirt with a different pattern around the edges and on the interior of the tree skirt. This is also a similar bright white color, one that would also look fantastic under the tree.

White Christmas Tree Skirt with Rounded Edges

Ornate White Christmas Tree Skirt

White Glitter Christmas Tree Skirt

White Tree Skirts for Christmas

Even though spots on solid white Christmas tree skirts are easy to see when anything may get them dirty, they are also a neutral color which go with any Christmas décor. While you have to be a little more careful because of the lighter and more vulnerability from the lace and embroidery, the beauty of white Christmas tree skirts display really nice, and offer a terrific addition for your tree and presents.


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