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Gorgeous White Christmas Wallpapers

Updated on August 21, 2015

Stunning Wallpapers of White Christmas, Winter Scenes

Being born and raised in my early years in Northern Minnesota, to me there is nothing more beautiful and stunning than natural scenes depicting what most people imagine as being the idea image of a white Christmas.

With that in mind, I've gathered together a gallery of wallpapers to enjoy during the Christmas holiday season, as well as the overall winter season.

There are no halfway images in this group of white Christmas wallpapers, all of them are beautiful scenes dominated by white and glistening powder as it lies on the branches of trees, fills the ground, or covered mountain caps to create that awesome effect so many of us never tire of looking with wonder at.

Add to that misty surroundings and iced or partially iced lakes, rivers or streams, and you have all the settings you need to generate encouragement and wonder during this wonderful time of the year.

Now let's look at some extraordinary white Christmas scenes you can download immediately to a screen you're using.

Wallpaper of Trees and Hillside Covered with Snow

This first wallpaper is an extraordinary image capturing the essence of a white Christmas most of us dream of seeing.

You can almost feel the cold from the clear, blue sky that is seen, suggesting a front just passed through, dropping some fine powder on the trees to create a gorgeous scene for all to enjoy.

From this photo, it seems like that is actually the case, as it looks like there isn't even a print from an animal running around on the snow. There's nothing like a scene like this to conjure up the white Christmas many of us hope for from year to year.

Snow Photo


Trees Loaded with Heavy Snow

Contrary to the first white Christmas wallpaper, this one doesn't have the light dusting from a quick snowfall. Instead you can see this snow came when it was around freezing temperatures, as it looks like it dropped and then froze solid to create the heavy branches.

These are what the trees looked similar to when I've endured power outages as a result of snow or ice storms over the years.

During times like this I've loved to be quiet and listen to the branches snap and break under the weight of the heavy snow.

Even with the inconvenience, sometimes the most beautiful winter or Christmas scenes come from moments just like this.

Heavy Snow on Trees


Beautiful Trees Covered with Snow in the Mountains

The snow covering those three trees slightly to the right of center in this wallpaper is maybe as nice looking as it gets. I'm not sure if if could get any whiter in hue than it is. It stands out even in the midst of the gorgeous snowy mountainous scenery.

It's almost a perfect white Christmas photo, with the slight hill in front of the trees and the snow-covered mountains behind them. The blue skies make a terrific canvass to showcase the rest of nature's art.

White Christmas in Mountains


Stunning Scene of Trees Covered with Snow on River Bank

What a magnificent white Christmas wallpaper this is of a group of trees heavy-laden with snow bending down in obeisance to the river. In the background and to the left of center is a group of pine trees which remain standing straight up, proudly standing tall in the midst of the heavy snow.

That branch or whatever it is in the foreground gives an idea of how heavy and thick this snow was. It looks like about three or four inches of thick, heavy snow settled on the branches. No wonder the thinner trees are bending down on the bank of the river.

Also looking fantastic is the shimmering mirror of the trees and snow reflecting onto the surface of the river. It's truly a majestic image. One that would surely be inspirational to look at during the Christmas and winter season.

Trees Heavy with Snow


White Christmas Wallpaper of Beautiful Sunset

It doesn't get much better than this for a white Christmas wallpaper, with the accompanying beauty of the sun as it sets in the distance.

The misty glow of the sun lighting up the water as it fades below the horizon makes the snow-covered ground and banks of the river even more magnificent to look at and appreciate.

Also amazing is the blue hue of the sky shining forth on the river. It helps to define the reflection of the trees onto the water. It is hard not to be in awe when taking in this extraordinary scene.

Colorful Winter Sunset


White Christmas and Winter Wallpapers

Even though many of us grumble when the cold of winter hits, the beauty of the season when the snow and ice comes to create works of art from thee hands of nature is possibly unprecedented, and for me I don't know if there is any time of year or scenery that excels it in uniqueness and beauty.

Including some wallpapers like those shown here on our computers or other screens would definitely keep a sense of awe and reverence for life before our eyes.

It would be hard not to look at things from a higher perspective when white Christmas scenes of gorgeous landscapes, rivers and trees are defined by the introduction of snow and ice onto the ground, limbs and surfaces of them all.

White Christmas and winter wallpapers should be part of our repertoire used for inspiration and reminding ourselves to look at things from a different perspective.


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    • Express10 profile image

      H C Palting 

      5 years ago from East Coast

      These are absolutely beautiful. It's too difficult to choose a favorite. Thanks for sharing.

    • Entourage_007 profile image


      5 years ago from Santa Barbara, CA

      All of these pictures are incredible, great hub - I chose my screensaver for the month.


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