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Why and How I am dressing up as Thor for Halloween

Updated on June 14, 2015

Halloween this year: Marvel's Thor, the God of Thunder

Thor is the only Superhero who is also a God. Thor is portrayed by Chris Hemsworth in Marvel's "The Avengers," "Thor," and the upcoming "Thor: The Dark World" and "The Avengers 2."

Thor is quite the iconic character in the Marvel Universe. Superheroes are really taking off and increasing in popularity.

Photo Credit: Amazon: Thor [DVD]

5 Critical elements to pulling off Marvel's Thor

I believe Chris Hemsworth has done a wonderful job and really looks the part. I think that this year I will be able to pull off Thor, having lost a bunch of weight and completed a 6 weeks of bulking. I will be using the next few months to cut back down and hopefully really look the part (hopefully with abs!)

I am going to outline the critical pieces of the Thor costume here.

1. Thor's Hammer

2. Thor's Body Armor

3. Why the helmet isn't critical

4. The hair

5. The beard

6. The muscles

Marvel's Avengers Thor Hammer,Brown/Silver
Marvel's Avengers Thor Hammer,Brown/Silver

I read the reviews, and this hammer is considered the best representation. Another hammer looked promising as well, but a few customers reported that they received child hammers instead of the full size hammer.


#1 Thor's Hammer - Mjolnir

You could probably walk around in tight black spandex carrying around a hammer like this and people would recognize you as Thor.

That is how much the hammer is critical.

Disguise Thor Avengers Theatrical Adult Costume, Black/Blue/Red/Silver, X-Large (42-46)
Disguise Thor Avengers Theatrical Adult Costume, Black/Blue/Red/Silver, X-Large (42-46)

If you can fill it out properly, this is the costume to get. The hammer and wig are NOT included.


#2 Thor's Body Armor

The body armor (and cape) are important to really fill out the visage of Marvel's Thor. Thor is bigger than life, and if you want to make an impression, don't skimp on the armor.

#3 Why the helmet isn't critical

Chris Hemsworth didn't wear the helmet for most of the movies, and really looked great the whole time. If you aren't going to get a wig, then the helmet becomes more important. I see this as an either helmet or wig option, and I think a properly executed wig really would look better.

Aside from that, I plan on walking around neighborhoods with my children, and the helmet will limit my peripheral vision, making it more difficult to spot cars ahead of time. Florida is also a very hot state. I plan to get a wig, which means the helmet will make things unbearable.

Safety first!

Helmet of Thor - Lord of Asgard Replica Museum Replicas
Helmet of Thor - Lord of Asgard Replica Museum Replicas

This is a full size museum replica. If you are REALLY serious, this is the helmet to get.


#4 The Hair

Ah, the glorious locks of Chris Hemsworth. As it turns out, according to this interview it was a wig.

If you have the hair for this, by all means. I unfortunately have to keep my hair fairly short for work, so I will have to get a wig.

#5 Supply your own muscles

You can't buy muscles at Amazon, but if you don't have the musculature for Thor, this bodysuit may help.

Thor's Beard
Thor's Beard

#6 The Beard

In the comics, Thor is usually clean-shaven. However, the movies have a different take. Thor has a neatly trimmed blonde beard.

Start growing it as soon as possible!

Photo by Marvelous Roland

Will you go as a superhero this year?

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    • vineliner57 profile image

      Hal Gall 

      5 years ago from Bloomington, IN

      Thor also has a day of the week named after him - Thursday.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Thor is such a cool superhero, great costume ideas and have fun this Halloween!


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