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Wicked Witch Costume Ideas For Halloween

Updated on February 15, 2016

Feeling Bad? Dress Up In A Wicked Witch Costume

It's fun to be the "bad girl" every once and awhile, and what better time than Halloween! There are several different looks you can give your wicked costume and I've gathered some fun ideas on this page for you to peruse. Old and mean, beautiful and deceitful, glamorous and cruel, which wicked witch are you?

Most of us think of the iconic Margaret Hamilton when we think of this evil enchanter. She was the woman who played the part of the Wicked Witch of the West in the 1939 version of The Wizard Of Oz starring Judy Garland. This actress gave everyone who ever watched this movie chills and scared the dickens out of them! She is the scariest witch of her day and she is still the model for Halloween costumes every year. There are other popular evil sorceress characters that most of us are familiar with too. Some of them are not the ugly evil that Margaret's character was. Some of these other costume themes are beautiful, that makes it easy for them to hide their wickedness at first sight. Some beautiful but evil witch characters that are popular today are:

  • Ridley Duchannes of Beautiful Creatures
  • Bellatrix Lestrange of Harry Potter
  • Nessarose Thropp from Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West
  • Maleficent from the movie of the same name
  • Theodora from Oz the Great and Powerful
  • The Halloween Kitchen Witch (pictured up above)

Hey, that's not a picture of someone who is wicked!! That's me!!

How To Make A Witch Costume For Halloween

Do you want to be an old witch, a sexy witch, or a deceitfully beautiful witch? They are all easy costume ideas to make yourself using the old stuff you have hanging in your closet. Don't spend a fortune on a Halloween costume when you can make it from scratch at home for pennies.

The witch is an iconic Halloween theme, in fact, in the month of October you see them everywhere. There are several themes that scream Halloween like bats, spider webs, pumpkins, and of course, the witch.

The Parts Of A Witch Costume

To be an authentic witch you will need to gather several different costume accessories:

  • The Witch Hat
  • The Black Dress
  • The Striped Socks
  • The Broom
  • The Black Cat
  • The Green Makeup

The Witch Costume Dress

The mood you are in will determine the kind of witch you want to dress up as. Do you feel a kinship with Margaret Hamilton from the Wizard of Oz or are you more of a sexy, Queen Ravena type, or are you going for the middle ground with a character like Bellatrix LaStrange. She isn't old or ugly, she isn't beautiful as can be, but she is bad through and through. You get to decide which one you want to dress up as this Halloween.

For the Wicked Witch from the Wizard of Oz you will need a long black skirt, a long sleeved black sweater, black stockings and shoes...or boots. This witch is more about the green face makeup.

For a sexier, younger evil witch character you can go with a short black skirt, a black sparkly top, some black heels or boots and a pair of black stockings. Got any black lace? That would be perfect for any or all of the clothing for this bad girl. You can accessorize with gloves, socks added to your stocking look, it's all about being a little wicked and wild when you choose the sexy version of this bad girl costume.

Bellatrix LaStrange wore a cross between these two outfits. She was the looniest of these characters too. Not that they all weren't a bit daft somewhere along the line, but she was a little bit more Victorian in her dress style, but with a little crinoline and lace added to the mix.

The Witch Hat

The hat I love for a homemade witch costume, or any witch costume for that matter, is the tall pointed black hat with a brim. I think this is one of the most important parts of this costume theme. And yes, some witches can get away without wearing a hat at all, but that leaves a question in my it a witch or an evil queen or a sorceress, so that's why I definately want to include the hat.

You can make a classic black pointy hat with some black card stock...unless you have one in the back of the closet you can use. You have to make a cone out of the card stock, make sure it fits your head. You can cover the cardstock with material or black scarves (Yes, I am assuming that you want black, although today's witch can really get away with any color. Red and purple are very popular.)

How To Make A Witch Hat For Halloween

Adding In Your Witch Costume Accessories

Another key element with any witch Halloween costume is the broom. Use an old broom with straw or make one from a stick you find outside. Glue leaves and branches, and maybe even some straw, to the end, make it rustic.

Check out the video below - it tells you how to make a gnarly looking broom that would be perfect to use with this Halloween costume theme.

How To Make A Witch's Broom For Halloween

Witch Costume Jewellery

Do you have any moon jewellery? Moons are always equated with witches. As are spiders, black cats, or any occult symbols. Black beads would work well too. A nice big red apple on a chain would remind everyone of the poison apples witches in fairy tales are so famous for. Carry a plastic cauldron instead of a purse, bring your black cat plush out to the costume party with you too.

Spiders, moons, stars, black beads, all look like witch jewelry on Halloween
Spiders, moons, stars, black beads, all look like witch jewelry on Halloween

Makeup Ideas For A Witch Costume

Are you going green? No, I don't mean recycling wise, I mean makeup. That's always a dead giveaway that someone is a witch. You can use regular makeup tones and add lots of dark contours. Over do the eyes a bit, add a wart. What? You don't know how to add a wart to your face? Just use a safe body glue to paste a corn flake on your face and dab it with make up. Who knew breakfast cereal would be a makeup tool one day? You can use peppercorns too.

There are also some fake noses out there if you really want to do ugly witch. They aren't expensive but you will have to buy that unless you know how to do latex work, which I don't. Witches also have long black fingernails, so check out the finger nail polish selection at the dollar store unless you have access to some black nail polish already.

Wicked Witch Costume Ideas

InCharacter Women's Witch Costume, Large
InCharacter Women's Witch Costume, Large

Here is the iconic look for that Wicked Witch costume. Remember this mean old lady from The Wizard of Oz? This character from the West was played by actress Margaret Hamilton in the 1939 movie based on the story written by L. Frank Baum.


Use Your Imagination When Making A Homemade Witch Costume

Just use your imagination. Pull out the basic supplies you find in your closet, the skirt, the top, a few scarves, jewellery, shoes, and put them together. What do you feel like you need to create the evil witch look you are going for? Hunt around for more stuff, see if that makes it work for you.

If not, go to your local consignment or thrift store and see if you can find what you need there. Ask friends if they have any suggestions that will help your witch costume look really witchy this year. This is a simple and fun costume theme, it's always in style on Halloween, and it's always a great costume choice. You can make it as unique as you like by adding your own ideas and tastes to the regular look.

The Green Witch Makeup Tutorial

Bellatrix LaStrange Makeup Tutorial

How to Make a Great Witch Costume

What's In A Word

Words And Phrases That Name An Evil Spell Casting Woman

When you hear the term "Wicked Witch" an image pops into your mind. There are other words that mean almost the same thing, but nothing strikes fear into the hearts of the innocent like that one. Read the list below and you too will find, they just don't have the same power.

  • Conjurer
  • Thaumaturge
  • Sorceress
  • Enchantress
  • Spell Caster


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