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Wildlife Christmas Cards

Updated on April 9, 2016

Christmas Cards with Wildlife on Them

I've always loved being in the outdoors, and having been born and raised in northern Minnesota in my youth, wildlife was always a part of our lives, and so wildlife Christmas cards are a great card to send and receive, and almost any part of the country they're a big hit at Christmas time.

Other than enjoying the many images animals and birds you can get on a wildlife Christmas card, many times they're also conservation-based, and can remind one of that benefit without overdoing it with overt messages.

Either way, I personally really enjoy wildlife Christmas cards, and as you can see in the images below, they're a great greetings card to send to those loving the outdoors and the animals inhabiting them.

With that in mind, hopefully the wildlife Christmas cards below will generate some ideas for you to give one to the outdoorsmen (or women) in your life.

Wildlife Christmas Card with Buffalo

I included this wildlife Christmas card with buffalo on it because they were part of our lives growing up because some local business owned them and served buffalo meat at their restaurants.

In addition, they had some buffalo that were there for the purpose of being seen and looked at by visitors to the ranch area, and that was fascinating to see because of the enormous size they get.

Buffalo Christmas Card

Wildlife Christmas Card with Bird

This is a gorgeous wildlife Christmas card with this bird on it? (Know what the bird is?) It doesn't get much better than this as far as color quality, and this photo is magnificent. Fantastic bird greetings card.

There is no doubt those who love birds would be thrilled to receive a Christmas card like this.

Wildlife Bird Christmas Card

Wildlife Christmas Card Rabbit

How many times have you seen a rabbit take off like this when you come upon it? I have a number of times, and I never tire of it. This is a great illustration and nice wildlife rabbit Christmas card. It reminds of the days walking in the woods as a youth.

Winter Hare Christmas Card

Funny Kangaroo Wildlife Christmas card

What a funny kangaroo Christmas card. You can just picture and feel how awkward but hilarious it would be for a kangaroo to get up close to your face like it's made to look like in this photo. That hat adds to the humor of the look of the Kangaroo.

Oh yes. What about he message being supposedly said by the kangaroo which is apparently looking for a smooch. Fun holiday card.

Wildlife Christmas Card with Kangaroo

Wildlife Christmas Card of Cougar Cub

What a great photo of this young cougar cub in the wild for a wildlife Christmas card. This is a very rare sight to see, and anyone loving wildlife would appreciate this beautiful photo of the baby cougar.

Cougar Cub Christmas Card

Wildlife Christmas Card of Grizzly Bear

With this wildlife Christmas card we get more than one theme, as it reminds us of our military and the outdoors we love so much. Nice touch having the yellow ribbon tied around the small tree branch. Great grizzly bear photo too.

Grizzly Bear Christmas Card

Wildlife Christmas Card Ideas

You can see why wildlife Christmas cards are so popular. As with all animals, they can be made to look humorous, like some of the greetings cards above, or simply look majestic in their natural state. Either way, they make a great Christmas card option for most people who appreciate the subject matter..


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    • profile image

      Don Sillivan 4 years ago

      I would like Christmas Cards to have Merry Christmas or a message with Christmas in it rather than Happy Holidays or Seasons Greetings. I cannot find your price list for per dozen with either mixed (buffalo, bear or cub mt. lion).

    • profile image

      Breda Greaves 5 years ago

      How much are the christmas cards?