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Willow Tree Religious Wood Figurines

Updated on March 8, 2015

Willow Tree Figurines Are Perfect in Conveying Your Emotions

My boyfriend's parents gave me a 'Willow Tree' religious figurine, Angel of Wishes, for Christmas several years ago. The angel (in the picture) is a carved wooden figure who is holding her wishes close to her heart. Willow Tree is dedicated to creating figures like the Angel of Wishes which convey heartfelt emotion. Instead of over-the-top colors or patterns, they have a calming beauty. If you are looking to give a gift (or buy one for you) conveying heartfelt feeling then take a journey through the Willow Tree figurines. There is one for your spouse, child, sibling, or friends. All you have to do is discover it!

Willow Tree

Closeness, Healing, Courage, Hope, and Expressing Love

Willow Tree 'Angel of Wishes' - The angel watching on my window ledge

Willow Tree Angel of Wishes
Willow Tree Angel of Wishes

*Size: 5" Tall or 13.0 cm

*Made with Resin


I keep the 'Angel of Wishes' willow tree figurine on my window ledge. The figurine can be seen from any position in my bedroom. I see the morning sun shed light on her and she keeps watch on the stars while I sleep each night.

One of the reasons I put the figurine in such a prominent place is because of its simplistic calming beauty. I have never been a huge fan of excessive decorations and prefer the simpler things in life. She fits in with my world view and I'm so thankful for such a wonderful gift!

Willow Tree-The Promise of Love - Couples Relationship

Willow Tree Promise
Willow Tree Promise

""Hold dear the promise of love"

*Size: 9 Inches Tall


This is my favorite of the Couples Relationship collection.

The name is 'the promise of love' and features a man holding a young woman. He holds her close with a protecting arm around the waist and her other hand is clasped in his. She leans in to his hold and almost seems to be whispering promises of love in his ear.

Together the two make up the vision of a couple who has found the beautiful promise of a lifelong love.

Willow Tree Cake Topper-Together - Together in Marriage

Willow Tree Cake Topper, Together
Willow Tree Cake Topper, Together

"True partners in love and life"

*Size: 6 Inches Tall


I had no idea until recently Willow Tree made cake toppers. Instead of plastic forgettable pieces, Willow Tree makes carved beauty which will become a treasured keepsake for years to come. Especially this Willow Tree piece, Together. I love the romantic way the couple is holding each other. Their is so much love in a personal pose like this one as opposed to the typical stiff couple pose found atop a wedding cake.

Willow Tree Unique Cake Toppers - Celebrate with a beautiful cake topper

I love the anniversary cake topper and its reflection "love ever endures." To grow old together and still be so much in love is truly something special and wonderfully celebrated in this cake topper.


"And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love." 1 Corinthians 13:13

Willow Tree-Mother and Daughter - A special relationship

Willow Tree Mother and Daughter
Willow Tree Mother and Daughter

"Celebrating the bond of love between mothers and daughters"

*Size: 8 Inches Tall


This is one of my favorite figurines. I love how you can see the expression of love between mother and daughter through the poses of the figures.

The daughter embraces the mother and looks up as if waiting with to hear her speak. Her mother tilts her head gently and you can see the compassion she is giving.

I think it's a beautiful piece for a Mother's Day gift or just to let a mother know how much her daughter appreciates her!

Willow Tree-Mother and Daughter - Information & Reflection

*The reflection states in words what is so apparent between the figures, "Celebrating the bond of love between mothers and daughters"

Willow Tree's Celebration of Sibling Love - Memories of those you laughed, cried, and fought with

There is a whole area on family relationships but I wanted to have a module strictly for the ones between siblings. It is never easy growing up with siblings (unless you are perfect) but at the end of the day they are your family. Consider giving the gift of a sibling Willow Tree figurine to show your appreciation for a sibling(s).

Willow Tree My Sister My Friend
Willow Tree My Sister My Friend

This figurine is a wonderful representation of the close friendship my little sister and I have gained since growing up. "Walk with me. And along the way, we'll share ... everything."

Willow Tree Grandmother
Willow Tree Grandmother

The love shown here reminds me so much of my mother holding her new grandchild. "A unique love that transcends the years"


Willow Tree- Family Relationships - Family is a gift. Willow Tree is dedicated to capturing it.

This February my parents became grandparents for the very first time and I became an aunt. Seeing the figurines on grandparents reminds me so much of the look of love in their eyes when holding their new bundle of joy. I especially love the one showing a grandmother and her baby because I can see my mother holding her in the exact same way.

Willow Tree My Girls
Willow Tree My Girls

I am one of three daughters with a little sister close in age so this pose reminds me so much of childhood. "Looking at you, I see wonder, joy, strength"


Willow Tree Happiness Musical Figurine - I love music boxes and figurines

Willow Tree Musical, Happiness
Willow Tree Musical, Happiness

*Plays Tchaikovsky's "Waltz of the Flowers"

*Stands 8-Inch tall

*Musical has rotating base


I have a collection of music boxes (steadily growing) which come from around the world. One of my favorites cost me over one hundred fifty dollars and is entirely handmade. I found it in Germany at a very famous Christmas store where my mother gets our Christmas pyramids (see the German Pickle Tradition lens to know more)

This is my favorite of their music boxes because of its figurine. I love how she looks as though she were embracing the day. Her pose says I'm free and ready to enjoy this world! Willow tree captures her emotion with pristine perfection.

Willow Tree Musical Figurines - Expressing Emotions with Music

Willow Tree focuses on conveying emotion without words and their musical collection adds the final touch. The 'surrounded by love' figurine is adorable with a face hidden in a bouquet of flowers. If you know someone with a love of musical figures then consider the gift of a Willow Tree musical figurine.

Willow Tree Musical, Promise
Willow Tree Musical, Promise

"Hold dear the promise of love"

Plays Pachelbel's Canon in D Major


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    • profile image

      KyraB 5 years ago

      How pretty they are!

    • jptanabe profile image

      Jennifer P Tanabe 5 years ago from Red Hook, NY

      These willow tree figurines are amazing - I love them, especially the couples and families.

    • cyberflutist profile image

      cyberflutist 5 years ago

      I have one of these figurines as part of my flute figurine collection.