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Willy Wonka Birthday Cakes or Wedding Cakes

Updated on April 2, 2013

Ideas for Great Willy Wonka Birthday Party Cakes

What is more important at a birthday party than the CAKE?

Since you are thinking of doing a Wonka Party - You are gonna want to have all the Sweets - looking sweet!

The Birthday Cake is the Central Sweet for EVERY party, so since this will be a focus - you want it to be perfect.

There are so many ways to do a Wonka cake. Some are more simple than others. Some require a lot of talent, others are quite easy. A Wonka cake, though, is a MUST for a Wonka Party. Would also be great for a sweet 16 - party or no party!

There are so many awesome things you could do with your Wonka Cake. It could be just a big golden ticket, or a huge chocolate bar. You could make a Top Hat (Wonka Style of course) or go all out and have a Pure Imagination display of sweets complete with the chocolate river.

When your spending so much time planning the party - do not forget the cake - be creative - and use your imagination. Wonka can be easily done by anyone ... even if your not a professional. And if you are - well the sky is the limit!

On this page I have gathered some of the most amazing examples of Willy Wonka / Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Cakes. Some were made for birthday parties, some for plays and other events. These were made, some by regular Moms / Dads etc. Others are the works of talented bakers from all over that have had a chance to dabble in the art of Wonka! (I am sure they sit up there with the most fun theme cakes they have made.)

I have also included step by step directions to make MY Wonka Cake (pictured at top of page) so you at least have somewhere to start (and an EASY set of directions for a great looking wonka cake.

So feel free to browse the gallery of extraordinary Wonka Great Cakes - and gather some great ideas for YOUR Wonkavention!

(and when you're done, snap a pic and submit it here, and you might just see it here amongst other great ones. - have fun!)

My Willy Wonka Cake
My Willy Wonka Cake

My Wonka Cake

With directions on how to make this easy & fun cake

I made our Wonka cake myself. I am no professional either. It was fairly simple, but effective. In fact I would say it was pretty cool !

I started with a Medium sized Square Cake and a smaller square cake as well - you could use any size and cut as needed You could also do this design on any size cake by following directions loosely.

I cut the smaller cake in half and stacked it up so there was a tall section in the back resembling a wall. I frosted the "wall" a greyish color to look like the rock wall in the movie - where the chocolate waterfall was located. ( in thechocolate room). I poured chocolate pudding over the wall to make the chocolate waterfall and river - This was noticed by all - even the youngest kids at the party knew what it was :O)

After that I simply put in a few other things - A gummy bear Tree (made by a "bare tree" from Christmas village with real gummy bears on some branches. I really think this made my Wonka cake look awesome. It was as recognizable as the chocolate river. Everyone remembers the Gummy Bear Trees !

I added the tree (gotta have a gummy bear tree!) This made the cake awesome, I think. And, I ended with some simple traditional-looking lollipops, a candy walkway, and scattered a few hard candies around. DONE !

See pic for this effective presentation - and now you can see - it really was not that hard ! (I do not mind giving away my secrets ... hehe)


Start by making 2 cakes - one large, and one small - Can be whatever size you choose. I chose one 12x12 and one 8x8.

Place the large cake in place for decorating (or on tray etc that will be served on ...).

Cut the smaller cake in half or so, and stack pieces to make a Wall for the Chocolate waterfall to cascade over. (see pic)

Note - make the bottom piece slightly wider than the top piece. This will make the wall more stable. Do not make it noticeably larger though, as it is intended to be a single wall (not steps ...) - you will frost to hide the difference in widths here. I made the bottom layer about 4.5 inches wide (front to back) and the top was 3.5 inches wide. - this was done during assembly and found that it was needed for support. You can also use Skewers (if you feel the need) to help hold the 3 layers (2 wall layers and bottom layer) together. Mine did not need it. The length of the "wall" is not as important as that width. I did not go the full length of the cake, but you could if you wanted to.

You will frost the bottom layer first. Use green to look like grass. You can also use coconut in frosting to give it a grassy texture, but it is nto needed. I did not do that as I know many people do not like coconut. Ours was a basic butter cream and worked fine, looked decent too. --- If you are going with a Jonny Depp Version Party - you may choose to add some of the edible easter grass on top of the cake as it does look a lot like the grass in the second movie. If going with Gene Wilder party - I would skip that grass. - and it is not needed for either of them, I just saw it on another cake and thought it really did look like Jonny's Chocolate room ...

The 2 pieces of the smaller cake are now added - (larger on bottom) and secured with skewer as desired (mine did not have skewers, but if transporting cake any distance, it is suggested). Once in place, they are frosted a gray color to look like the wall in the chocolate room.

Prepare chocolate pudding ahead of time, as it requires chilling in fridge to set up.

Once the wall is assembled and frosted, you may add the chocolate river using the previously prepared chocolate pudding. It should go around the wall like the river did in the movie. In the movie it went into a tunnel, but that was too advanced for me. I just had it go around the wall and it had the same effect. Only after the river is in place, should you add the waterfall. Cascade the waterfall over wall as in pic. Be sure to add a little at a time... Be sure to be done adding the chocolate pudding before you add any other decorations ... It is just easier that way.

Next add 2 simple CANDY CANES - I used Wonka Brand :

Wonka Brand Candy Canes. Any candy canes can be used but if you use the actual Wonka Brand ones, you will get that wonka look - they are colored way different than nearly any other candy cane you will find ! Wonka has a few different flavors Gobstopper and Sweet Tart are the ones I bought. I ended up using Sweet Tart for the look ! The gobstopper ones are solid colors, but the Sweet Tart ones had just the look I wanted. Stripes, but Wonka Colored (see pic) . (I used the left over candy canes - 2 boxes- to make a candy cane tree from a typical indoor house tree in the room ... ) I would say if you can, get a couple boxes this Christmas. If it is the wrong season, try amazon or other internet source. They really are the best for this cake and party.


You only need a few. Make sure you get the plainest / simplest looking lollipops you can find. No design, no style - just round pops on white sticks - I got mine at Vermont Confectionery (and they do ship) but it is very possible to find simple lollipops around if you look. Do not get modern ones, they wont look good. Oh, and also open them from their wrappers ... and go for 2-4 bold colored ones. That is all it takes ! Don't overdo it !


Any hard candies will do - and only a few is needed. The key is to look for round balls or circles - these represent the swirly balloons and such that were in the movie. So look for round candies, small and heck if you can find swirly ones - all the power to ya ! They will do great. I think I used 2-3 ... again "less is more!"

THE GUMMY BEAR TREE - I am most proud of my gummy bear tree. I think this helps make it a Wonka Cake - everyone remembers the Gummy Bear Tree ! I think it is a MUST HAVE part of this cake. Again if it is Christmas, hit up the dollarstore or Walmart and find a "bare tree" for a village. (I have a link for one on Amazon below) The one I used cost only 2.49 at Walmart, so they do not need to be expensive. Just be sure to find a tree that has no leaves. Mine had kind of a crystal finish that was meant to look like snow - well it looked like sugar to me :O) (these are common) - To make this tree a gummy bear tree. Take a skewer or other sharp tool like the one that comes with a nutcracker ... and poke a hole right through the middle of REAL gummy bears (need to go all the way through to have it hold) and put them on the branches through the holes. Use the brightest colored gummy bears in the bag. The white ones are boring ! Be sure to add the gummy bears to the tree BEFORE you put it on the cake - and be sure the holes go all the way through the gummy bears - you will not notice the hole when it is on there, and if you only poke a hole and don't go all the way through, they will fall off - trust me - I did it ... LOL. Be sure to add your gummy bear tree to your cake last. (you could also luse some pipe cleaners to assemble a tree if you can't find one from a village. That was an idea I had before I thought of the village. The Village tree was quick and easy, but pipe cleaners could do the trick in a pinch i am sure ... )

I can't say from experience, but only from insight. Do all your frosting ahead of time so you are ready, but add heavier items just before party : chocolate pudding may sag if left out too long and gets warm, and do not add the gummy bear tree to top of cake till just before party - it can be quite heavy with all those bears etc. Other heavier items too... use good judgement ... We decorated shortly before the party, but I am just giving my thoughts so you are safe and not sorry !

Wonka Cake Supplies

Below are links to all of the items that I used to make MY Wonka Cake. If using my directions, these might come in handy as a shopping list etc. The only 2 items not linked here were : 1. FROSTING(I made my own, but you could buy any frosting and color it yourself) and 2. PUDDING (I used Jello Instant Pudding Mix - Dark Chocolate Flavor)

Photo Credits

Please note that all pics on this page are posted here with permission from the photographer, and linked back to their original location. Feel free to click on them and see the works of the creators. All rights reserved.

Amazing Willy Wonka Birthday Cakes

Going for a more Sleek Cake ? - For a Wedding, or more Grown Up Cake? - Or more Jonny Look vs Gene's

Don't want a chocolate room cake, but rather just a candy cake or wonka feeling cake - you might want a great W on it !!!

One of these atop a super colorful cake would do the trick - Fonant stripes and spots and swirls? Lots of swirly pops and a big W ?

Be creative - and you can use a W to identify it as Wonka, without having to do the chocolate river or oompa loompas etc...

This is a little more CLASSY ... Would be great for a wedding or fancy 21 yr old's party etc.

Did YOU make a great Wonka Cake?

If you made a great Wonka cake, Please share a pic for this page !

Or if you just have a great Wonka cake idea that you want to share - feel free to email it too !

My email is BECHAND @ aol . com" - do send me any Wonka Cake Pics - or party pics that you would like to share. I am sure you spent a lot of time on it as I did - so show off a little.

Links to other Wonka Cakes - (do send me yours too!)

I will gladly add your cake to the page - if you have a link, I will put it here. If you send a pic, I will include it in a gallery (not yet started). Everyone has some great ideas, share yours for others - or just brag a little - common your cake is probably pretty cool too !

Georgous Willy Wonka Cakes

Rainbow Swirl Cake
Rainbow Swirl Cake

Rainbow Swirl Cake

When you think Wonka, you think chocolate so chocolate cake is a great choice. However, when you think of Wonka, you also think of an explosion of color. That's exactly what this cake is.

It serves the purpose of not being "chocolate" in the midst of a ton of chocolate - and also allows you to make a vanilla cake for a wonka party! (some just don't like chocolate cake anyway !)

A rainbow swirl cake is made the same as the rainbow cakes in the videos below. To get the swirly look, just use a toothpick to swirl the colors up just a bit.

Photo provided by autumnroseuk

Vibrant Colors for Your Rainbow Cake

Wilton Icing Colors, 12-Count Gel-Based Food Color
Wilton Icing Colors, 12-Count Gel-Based Food Color

I always use and recommend using acutal WIlton's icing colors. You get a bright color and a vibrant look. Works much better than the regular old fashion food coloring. If you use that, your colors will become pastel looking and your cake will look quite washed out. This will defeat the purpose of the Wonka Swirl. (these also work great for Frosting. I used them in my cake pictured at the top - and always do for every cake I make. Red looks Red, not pink ... etc... Wilton is undoubtedly the way to go for color !


How to Make a Rainbow Cake

Willy Wonka Chocolate Bar Birthday Cakes

Did You Make One? Or Are You Going To?

Well then show it off !!!

I would love you to send me a pic of YOUR cake !

I will add it here for others to admire and be inspired :O)

Confetti Cakes for Kids

Step-by-Step Instructions for making this gorgeous Willy Wonka cake are included in this book!

Katy Perry's Wonka Party Cake
Katy Perry's Wonka Party Cake

Katy Perry's Willy Wonka Birthday Cake

Katy Perry celebrated her 25th anniversary with Russell Brand at a party that was crazy and surgery.

Her Willy Wonka party featured elaborate decorations and a star studded guestlist. The guests all arrived in white, but left covered in all colors of the rainbow.

Check out photos from the party.

This cake is impeccable with a ton of elements from the movie. My favorite is the perfect likeness of Violet when she blew up like a blueberry.

Cake by Albert Kahiau Ontiveros- photo used with permission

Thanks for visiting. I'd love to hear what you think of my Kid's Birthday Party page.

Comments? - It's party time!

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    • profile image


      5 years ago

      the wonka cake looks dilicious, the kids will like it.

    • Gypzeerose profile image

      Rose Jones 

      6 years ago

      First the party, and of course the cake. Great lens!

    • Lady Lorelei profile image

      Lorelei Cohen 

      6 years ago from Canada

      The Willy Wonka cakes are the most amazing birthday cakes. Wow it is like walking into a fantasy land.

    • Ashly Rain profile image

      Ashly Rain 

      6 years ago

      Those cakes are incredible. So many fantastic ideas.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      More wonderful Willy Wonka birthday fun from you to eveyone...!

    • MelonyVaughan profile image


      6 years ago

      What a stunning lens! Thanks for sharing!

    • DuaneJ profile image


      6 years ago

      Wow. Great looking cakes....from one of my all-time favorite movies...Kids will love them.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Great ideas and tips, appreciate it!

    • Brandi Bush profile image


      6 years ago from Maryland

      I love Willy Wonka! This is an incredible idea for a birthday party. I'm pinning this and will use these ideas for my 12-year old this year. Thanks!

    • daedrea lm profile image

      daedrea lm 

      6 years ago

      Very tasty website..loved the pictures and the videos :)


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