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Will You Marry Me Shirts, Coffee Mugs, Greeting Cards, More

Updated on December 15, 2011

Looking for unique ways to propose?

So you are about to "Pop the Question"? What a great time. You've found that certain someone special and you want to make it last forever. Nice. Deciding that you are going to ask someone "Will You Marry Me?" is one decision but how will you do it is another. Remember people, make it count, they are going to be telling all her friends how you proposed...

"Will You Marry Me" Morphing Mugs

A Most Surprising Way To Propose

These are truly unique mugs. When it's cold, it's just a simple black mug. When you add any hot beverage (water, tea, coffee, etc.), your image comes to life in vibrant colors. What a great idea to surprise your special someone!

The Way I Proposed

Have a plan. Don't get caught slippin'

Let me give you a little background first. When my "to be" wife would come to town when we were first dating, she would leave her car at our local Arby's. So it became a special place for us.

Fast forward about 3 years...on the night I was going to propose, I was going to pick her up at work around 9pm. I went by Arby's and got us something to eat for when she got off. I put the ring box down in the sack, invisible from the top. Then, I picked her up.

We went home and she started going through the sack, I eased into the living room and started "Always and Forever" on the CD player. I walked back to the kitchen, she found the box just as the song was kicking in. My plan had worked!

That was almost 7 years ago. We now have two children, 3 years old and 2 months old.


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