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Winnie The Pooh Baby Shower - Everything You Need For Perfect Hosting

Updated on August 25, 2011

Hoating A Winnie The Pooh Baby Shower?

If you are hosting a Winnie The Pooh baby shower, you will be needing lots of great Winnie the pooh party supplies to complete your theme. Here's an excellent selection of all things Winnie The Pooh, to ensure that your baby shower hosting skills are are recognized as second to none!

Below you will find lots of Winnie The Pooh baby shower supplies such as Winnie The Pooh invitations, baby shower decorations, tableware, cake decorations and favors (both contemporary and traditional kinds!).

Give mom to be a baby shower to remember with this cute theme that works perfectly whether she's having a boy or girl! Winnie The Pooh is an excellent theme choice for baby showers.

Winnie The Pooh Baby Shower Invitations

Let everyone know that baby is on the way with these adorable Winnie The Pooh baby shower invitations.

You can opt for the cute Baby Pooh invitations from Amazon or eBay have a great selection of Winnie The Pooh baby shower invitations that can be personalized.

Either way, get your Winnie The Pooh baby shower theme off to a great start by letting everyone know what fun is in store!

Winnie The Pooh Baby Shower Decorations

Here's the real fun bit! Decorating for any themed party is a fun job, there are lots of cool decorations to fill a space and transform it into a magical atmosphere.

These Winnie The Pooh baby shower decorations have the cute factor that is perfect for such a happy celebration. It's a perfect theme.

Hosting a baby shower means lots of planning and organization is needed. You will want to give the mommy to be (or new mommy) a day to remember, so setting the scene is a really important element that needs lots of attention.

Depending on what your budget allows, try and be as comprehensive as possible with your decorations. Anything too sparse will seem as though little effort has been made. If you are on a tight budget, consider just getting a selection of balloons and arranging them in different places around the room. No baby shower would be complete without balloons! Check out the selection of gorgeous Winnie ones listed, so cute!

Winnie The Pooh Diaper Cakes

Diaper cakes make great table centerpieces for baby showers, and are really practical gifts that provide essentials for baby that you wouldn't otherwise give as a gift. Who wants a pack of diapers as a baby shower gift?! Though highly practical - and if you aren't using reusable diapers, essential - no matter how fancy you wrap a packet of diapers, it isn't exactly going to have the gift wow factor when opened!

These diaper cakes are ideal gifts, presented beautifully, now you can give the essential items in a wow factor gift format.

Available in various numbers of tiers, these diaper cakes are gifts that you know for a fact will be used. Obviously, the more expensive the diaper cake the more you items get included.

Tumbleweed Babies diaper cakes include diapers, receiving blankets, bibs, toys and booties. Contents will vary depending on your price range.

The 4th Winnie The Pooh diaper cake listed comes with 75 diapers, 1 Winnie The Pooh plush, 1 plush ABC block and 1 "Where Is Eeyore" hardcover book.

Buying a diaper cake as a baby shower gift is a thoughtful choice that blends practical items into a contemporary, visually fun gift.

Winnie The Pooh Baby Shower Cake Decorations

Now for the edible cakes!

These are really affordable, easy to use Pooh cake decorations that can be used on a plain shop bought cake or a homemade one.

If you intend to get creative and go the homemade route, check out the cool Winnie The Pooh Wilton cake pan listed. It's in the shape of Pooh holding a balloon. Also listed is a Wilton Pooh icing set with all you need to complete the decoration.

Winnie The Pooh Baby Shower Favors - Contemporary Baby Shower Favors

Before I go any further, if you want traditional Winnie The Pooh baby shower favors they are below this section.

But what if you want something a little different to give to your guests as favors to remind them of the wonderful baby shower you have thrown?

Here's a quirky selection of contemporary or alternative baby shower favors ideas to give your guests as a reminder of a great celebration.

There's something for every budget from cute Winnie The Pooh apple and honey lipbalm at less than $2, to a Winnie The Pooh nutcracker at $23.17 (prices may differ from the time of writing). Favors are all about fun and remembering the event so this selection is perfect for an alternative approach.

Winnie The Pooh Baby Shower Favors - Traditional Baby Shower Favors

For the more traditional approach, here's a lovely selection of Pooh baby shower favors that might be more appropriate for for older guests or people with a far more traditional approach to such things than me!


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