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New Year's Goals and Resolutions

Updated on March 24, 2017

Yearly Goals and Resolutions

At the start of a new year, most people make new year's resolutions. I get tired of resolving year-after-year to "lose weight and exercise more." Actually I've found it helpful to focus more on things that will be fun and in being happy with my life. The great part is that in doing the fun things, I end up losing weight and exercising more.

I think this year, I'll make wishes, plan, set goals, and strategies, not just resolutions. I'll take action and focus. Just maybe it will feel less like a chore and more like something I really want to do. When I wish it, plan it, and do it.

There are steps and ideas given here to support your intention for the New Year. What's your vision for self improvement? On my and many people's list is healthier eating, exercise, and more fun. How about moving in the direction of your dreams? I still have things I want to be when I grow up and I am already very grown. We can set our minds, we can see it, visualize it, think it, say it, write it, plan it, and take step after step to create it, we can be it!

Best of luck to all of you in having your own "happy new year." Actually you don't need to wait for New Year to come around. You can make resolutions at any time, you can make wishes and take action at any time. For now or for later, for the New Year and the new you let's do it!


Here Are My Suggestions for a Better Year - Reduce Stress in Your Life

Think of all the irritations that make you crazy. Maybe your morning is too rushed and you arrive at work feeling frazzled that is if you are lucky enough to have one. If you don't work outside the home and if you are looking for work, or just into the daily routine, it can be all together too much. There may be the children, the husband or the looking for one, the dog , the cat, the house. So much to do, where to start.

It doesn't have to be that way. You can control some of that by getting up earlier, having breakfast at home instead of waiting in line at a fast-food place, and other small modifications that will make your life go smoother. Try making a list of the important things you want to accomplish just for that day. What can you do the night before to make things easier? Just focus on what you can do not what you can't.

Take deep breathes as often as you can think about doing it. Try out different systems. One pot meals, grocery list, coupons. Do what you can in one hour increments if that works for you. In this hour I will put clothes in the washer, or go to the laundromat. I will sweep, vacuum and wash the dishes. You can listen to music if you like, or perhaps a book on compact disk by your favorite author. There can be fifteen minutes of yoga exercises or step aerobics. The choice is yours. This applies for work as well prioritize and focus in on what you can do. See how this works for you. Maybe you have a better system. Work it.

Look for opportunities to laugh or to share a smile. If you wish to reduce the aggravations in your life, look at the sources of stress and figure out ways to smooth those down.

Learn to meditate. Dr. Deepak Chopra and many others have wonderful tools to help with this effort. It's good for the mind body and spirit.

I Will Take Action And Write More

I want to write more. I want to write more family memory pieces, more Squidoo lenses, more blog postings, and make more books from my writing and my family's writing. Make a list of the three most important things to accomplish today and do that. Get up and do them now or as soon as you can. The glass is half full. Don't complain be grateful.

How To Change Your Life

There's An App For That

Free Printables at

Think It Say It Be It

Take It

You can take one or you can take them all. It's up to you. Believe and expect it! Take as much action as you can. Facing the fear and doing it anyway. In time you will see it!

Poster by Lisa Voisin

Wishes Fulfilled: Mastering the Art of Manifesting
Wishes Fulfilled: Mastering the Art of Manifesting

One of my favorite motivational speakers, he talks so you understand it.


Do You Make Resolutions and Plans To Achieve Each Year?

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Move It Move It


Move toward your goals and they move closer to you. You can achieve your dreams and resolutions. No matter what!

Bicycle Quote by Albert Einstein.

Image Successories.Com

I Choose To Be A Better Friend

I want to be nicer to other people. Take time to call your friends for the long winded ones start out by saying I don't have much time I just wanted to see how you're doing. You can use the line I gotta go I'll call you later. A few minutes to listen to each other, to care and to share goes a long, long way.

A Toast For The New Year!

Wishing you a year filled with happy days, successful ways and pleasing achievement!


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