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Witch Plus Size Costumes

Updated on September 12, 2014

Witch Plus Size Costumes for Spellbinding Halloween Fun

Witch Plus Size Costumes

Witch costumes are a favorite for Halloween. They can be spooky or gothic or both and are the perfect choice for the more curvy woman looking to spice up the Halloween party. These costumes look great and some can really show off your curves if you are looking for a more adult look.

Curvy women will love how they look in these exciting witch costumes. They really accentuate your figure and will make for a festive occasion at your party or for some good old fashioned trick-or-treating with the kids or greeting the neighborhood spooks at the door. You can go with a traditional witch costume o spice things up with one that is lower cut in the front or short on the legs. Of course footwear will always make the difference in how you want to present yourself. Sky high heels for sex appeal or a lower heel or boot for more practical occasions.

So this Halloween choose a sexy witch plus costume for an enchanting evening! You can click the link above or scroll down to see all the latest costume options for plus-sized witch costumes.

Starry Night Witch Plus Costume
Starry Night Witch Plus Costume

Starry Night Witch Plus Costume

This is a great looking witch costume. The mini dress is really sexy. Low cut and short it has plenty of sex appeal. You will definitely get their attention in this Starry Night plus-size witch costume. Perfect for showing off the legs.

This type of costume features a figure hugging tube style dress with cutting-edge reversible sequins that can be changed from black to silver. The skirt is a cute tutu tulle with star printed detail that comes with a matching separate jacket. Also included is a witch hat with sheer veil and a silver star wand. Add a pair of strappy high heel sandals to this costume and you will have a complete sexy witch costume for your Halloween party.

Sexy Witch Costume

The sexy witch may have evil intentions but you cannot deny her beauty. This is a gorgeous costume that is alluring and kind of menacing. It is a bold and eye-catching costume with plenty of visual appeal.

You can have the entire kingdom of your Halloween party under your spell in this sexy and beautiful costume.

Includes a a sexy little mini dress and pointy hat. You can add a pair of stiletto boots ot the outfit to give it a more gothic look. Or if you want a sex kitten look then this mini dress and its length just screams for a hot pair of sky high heels. Of course keeping it more practical and less alluring you could always add a pair of flats while keeping the sex appeal of the length.

Scarlet Witch Plus Costume
Scarlet Witch Plus Costume

Scarlet Witch Plus Costume

This is a divine witch costume for your next Halloween party. A nice figure hugging costume with an interesting slit up the side to give a hint of sex appeal. Perfect if you want to show a little leg out of the side split.

You will love the slinky black dress of this Scarlet Witch ensemble. It is very sexy and you find it easy to cast an enchanting spell.

You will love the belt with red ribbon detail and matching cape with chain along with the unforgettable black hat with red band.

Sexy Wicked Witch Plus Costume
Sexy Wicked Witch Plus Costume

Sexy Wicked Witch Plus Costume

You will be the fairest one of the all at the Halloween ball in this sexy witch costume! This mini dress witch costume is low cut and short, showing off your curves in all the nice places. This costume is a little lower in the front which will cast their spell around your bosom.

You will leave them spellbound as you cast your sexy spells over the Halloween party in this sexy witch costume.

Includes a sexy off the shoulder black pin-striped corset style dress with a green peplum overskirt, a matching green cape, and a classic black witch hat.

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    • squidsarah profile image

      squidsarah 5 years ago

      For obvious reasons I guess Witches are always popular at Halloween but these costumes are great anyway

    • costumediva profile image

      costumediva 5 years ago

      I think witch is a great costumes, especially with so many fun outfits to choose from.

    • profile image

      halloweenprops 5 years ago

      Great selection for plus ladies!

    • chelseamarsden profile image

      chelseamarsden 6 years ago

      Witches can look beautiful too with the right costume.

    • Lisa Remmick profile image

      Lisa Remmick 6 years ago

      Beautiful costumes for this year. Can't wait for Halloween!