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Witch Costume Wardrobe

Updated on July 26, 2017

The Witch Wardrobe ~ What Costumes The Best Dressed Witches Are Wearing This Halloween

Need A Witch Costume For Halloween? Well, let's check my witch wardrobe and see what you need to dress up like me - The Halloween Kitchen Witch! Did you know that the month of October is called The Season Of The Witch?

As far as I'm concerned, there's no better costume for women than one of the beautiful Witch Halloween Costumes you can find online or if you are a handy little Witch you can make your own homemade costume.

Just take a look at all these different parts of a Witch's costume, gather some of your own clothing that is similar and before you know it, you will have the clothes you need for your own costume. Do it with a spell if you can or make it by hand from clothes you already have. No matter how you get your costume, there's not a more fun costume idea than dressing up as a Witch For Halloween!

Parts Of A Witch Costume

What's a Witch costume made up of? Well, here's what you will need:

  • A Hat
  • A Broom
  • A Skirt - Long Or Short, It's Up To You
  • A Ruffled Blouse
  • A Scarf To Use As A Belt
  • Stocking Or Striped Socks
  • Some Bewitching Shoes
  • A Cloak Or Cape

The picture is from Amazon and you can buy it right here.

Sally and Gillian Owens from Practical Magic are both good witch costume ideas for you
Sally and Gillian Owens from Practical Magic are both good witch costume ideas for you

What Costumes Are In A Witch's Wardrobe?

What Are The Most Fashionable Witches Wearing This Halloween?

Witch costumes for Halloween aren't the old and ugly hag costumes they used to be. You can find beautiful and sexy witch outfits that fit with the magic only a witch knows. Why be scary and old when you can be gorgeous? Here are some red hot sexy witch costumes for women that you are going to love. Everyone knows a witch wears a skirt and a blouse or a dress. Make it a short costume or a long one, witches look great in either style.

Those Are Some Nice Witch Costume Ideas

And We're Not Done Yet - Here Are More Witch Outfits To Choose From

Be- Witch -ING is the phrase that comes to mind whenever I see a sexy witch dress. What words would you use to describe these fun women's costume ideas?

The Gothic Witch Halloween Costume

What The Dress Up Witch Is Wearing This Season

Good witch or bad witch? It doesn't matter, because with these wonderful women's costume ideas you are going to be the most interesting witch at the party. Dress up and have fun this year on Halloween in one of these witchy women costume ideas.

Are You A Good Witch Or A Bad Witch?

Quote From Glinda, The Good Witch Of The North, From The Wizard Of Oz.

For The Seriously Sexy Witch At Halloween

Do You Need Some Seriously Sexy Witch Clothes?

And I do mean Seriously Sexy! Here are some very sexy dresses for the witch who has somewhere special to go! And ladies, you don't have to be a witch to wear these dresses, they work for anyone!

If you want to have all eyes on you at this year's Halloween party, check out these lovely women's costume ideas. They are not your traditional witch costumes, and it just goes to show you the secrest we witches have in our wardrobe!

Purple Witch Capes

Capes Are Always In A Witch's Wardrobe

No witch's wardrobe is complete without a long cloak to look mysterious in. The full length cloak is the one I like the best, and I like to use red and purple, or black. I find the color purple is a magical color and when you pair it with black it's totally mysterious as well. If you want a fantastic and wild witch look this year, make sure a black cloak with a purple lining is on your costume list.

A Witch Costume For Halloween


This velvet purple cloak is the ideal witch coat on a cool Halloween, it would also match a Renaissance style costume or a vampire costume.

Black Witch Capes For Halloween - A Must Have Basic For Every Witch

Every witch needs a basic black cape, it's part of a sexy witch costume and of course, it can be worn everyday. The cloak is an accessory that gives any costume an aura of mystery, and that is just what the witch ordered on Halloween.

Little Adventures Deluxe Velvet Adult Cloak Cape with Lined Hood (Black)
Little Adventures Deluxe Velvet Adult Cloak Cape with Lined Hood (Black)

If you want to look the part of a witch, you will need a cloak to hide the evil inside you this year at Halloween.


Who's Your Favorite?

Which Witch Is Your Favorite?

See results

Colorful Witch Capes

Every Witch Should Have Some Colorful Capes In Her Wardrobe

Women, and Witches, always seem more mysterious and more powerful in a cape and if that cape has a hood, it's even better. I think witches need more color in their clothing, don't you? Not sure? Well, take a look at these capes and let me know what you think. This red cape looks pretty hot, don't you agree?

Red is hot and if you are a witch wearing this red cape, you are going to look pretty hot yourself.

Witch Hats

No Self Respecting Witch Goes Out Without Her Hat

Here are some beautiful witch hats, and every witch has at least one of these in her wardrobe closet. If you are just looking for hats you need to see my Squidoo lens that's dedicated to hats, just Witch Hats! . Are you looking to be a mysterious magical witch? This hat will help you to achieve that look this year, it's a far cry from the traditional black witch hat we all are familiar with.

Feathers are sexy and mysterious, imagine how wicked the witch who wears this hat is!

Every Witch Has A Broom In Her Wardrobe

The Witches Broom For Halloween And All Year Long

A broom is how a witch gets around, and that makes it something very important. If you need a ride on Halloween, these brooms really won't get you far. But if you are looking for a witch costume accessory, a broom is a great one to have.

Don't Forget Your Broom!

Are You A Kitchen Witch?

The Kitchen Witch Needs An Apron To Keep Her Costume Clean

If you are a kitchen witch and plan to be cooking and serving friends and family on Halloween you will need an apron, and there are several witch-y apron styles for you to choose from. Put on a witch themed apron and show everyone your magical kitchen and hostess talents.

This witch sure can cook - just like Samantha, by wiggling her nose.

Witch Makeup Tutorial Part 1

Witch Makeup Tutorial Part 2

Beautiful Witch Makeup Tutorial For Halloween

Halloween Witch Movies

What's more fun than getting ready for Halloween with some witch movies? I love to prepare for that special night when I don my most festive witch costume by watching witch films all week long. Here are some of my favorite films for you to choose from. I've put Practical Magic here but you can also find Hocus Pocus, The Worst Witch, The Good Witch, The Witches of Oz, and many more great Halloween movie ideas here.

The picture of the two women below is Sally and Gillian Owens from Practical Magic. Both are good witches, well, Gillian does get into a bit of trouble sometimes. If you haven't seen Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman in this movie, rent it. It's a good one.

Practical Magic (Keep Case Packaging)
Practical Magic (Keep Case Packaging)

This is my personal favorite when it comes to witch movies.


Witch Socks And Stockings

Stockings are a big part of a witch costume. I love the striped stockings, but you can find some sexy black lace ones too. It all depends on the style costume you want to wear. Find thigh high stockings, tights, panty hose and more to go with your witch costume.

Witch Shoes For Halloween - Witch Halloween Costume Shoes

I have a thing for shoes, tall ones, short ones, sexy ones, sturdy ones, you name a shoe, and I like it. That's why I put my favorite shoes first on this list. One great thing about witch shoes are you can find them in all sorts of colors and styles. Just click on the link and type witch shoes in the search box, you will find way more styles than you thought were available. And there's lots of colors available too.

Make Your Own Witch Costume - How To Put Together A Homemade Witch Costume

You can see many examples of witch costumes and accessories on this page. Get yourself a cute skirt and blouse, a funky, striped pair of socks or some spidery stockings, witch shoes with a pointed toe, a pointy witch hat, carry a broom and don't forget your cape - that's how you put together a homemade witch outfit to wear on Halloween. Look at the costumes you like and try to add the trims and colors you like in those costumes. Black lace, spidery fabric, big faux flowers, will all help to make your costume easy to make and fun to wear.

If you know how to sew, here are some witch costume patterns to help you create a great costume for Halloween.

Here is the witch, Bellatrix Lastrange, with Lord Voldemort and the Death Eaters from Harry Potter
Here is the witch, Bellatrix Lastrange, with Lord Voldemort and the Death Eaters from Harry Potter

You can put together a Bellatrix Lastrange costume by first looking in your closet. You will need a black dress, black shoes and stockings, a leather vest or corset, and a wand. This is a bad girl and if that's the mood you are in on Halloween, this just might be the perfect costume for you.

007 DR Lace Gothic Renaissance Dress Gown (XL/1X, Black)
007 DR Lace Gothic Renaissance Dress Gown (XL/1X, Black)

This black dress is exactly what Bellatrix Lastrange would wear if she were the one going out for Halloween this year. It's a wonderful dress for this Death Eater who serves Lord Voldemort.


Which Style Witch Should You Dress Up As On Halloween?

There are so many different witch costume styles you can choose to wear on Halloween. Be a modern witch like Hermione Granger or Sally Owens, a sexy witch like Jillian Owens, a gothic witch like Bellatrix Lastrange, or which ever witch you want! It is an iconic Halloween costume theme that's not going away anytime soon.

Whatever style you decide on, this is a great Halloween costume. It's fun to put together, fun to wear, and it's fun to feel the magic!

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