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Women Cosplay Costumes that aren't too Revealing

Updated on July 31, 2013

Women Costumes that aren't too Sexy

So you wanna go to a cosplay or Halloween party and you wanna dress up as a really cool female anime character or comic book character. But you look at lists of female characters on the net and what do you see? Outfits that are just way too revealing for comfort!

Have you felt this frustration as well? Look no further, here's a list of characters and costume ideas that are more conservative, but still awesome and kick-a**! These are costumes that aren't too short (or bare in so many areas!) and aren't too skintight either.

What is Cosplay?

Cosplay is short for costume play. People dress up as popular anime, manga, video game, or comic book characters. This is generally of a Japanese origin but international superhero costumes are also accepted!

The Usual (Revealing) Suspects - Think these are way too revealing? Scroll below for my alternative ideas!

The Usual (Revealing) Suspects - Think these are way too revealing? Scroll below for my alternative ideas!
The Usual (Revealing) Suspects - Think these are way too revealing? Scroll below for my alternative ideas!

Costume for Alice from Resident Evil - Milla Jovovich

You would think that anything supermodel Milla Jovovich wears would be skimpy or too uncomfortable to wear for non models, but this ensemble she's known for in the Resident Evil: Apocalypse movie in which she plays Alice is actually considerably conservative. You get to wear a pair of comfortable pants and although she wears a midriff top, she wears net-like clothing over it, making it less revealing.

And you get to carry some guns. Way cool.

* Cheat Tip: In the picture, one of the pant legs is actually ripped up, but you can choose not to do so OR rip less of the pants up.

Angelina Lycra Fishnet Long Sleeves Top, Black, #9199BLK
Angelina Lycra Fishnet Long Sleeves Top, Black, #9199BLK

I would suggest cutting the sleeves out so it's more accurate


Costume for Jubilee from the X-men - X-men Heroine Costume

Jubilee is a lesser known X-men character, mainly because she has never been featured in an X-men live action movie... yet. Her getup is very cute and spunky but her mutant powers are less than phenomenal. Her ability is to "generate bright bursts of explosive energy from her fingertips" which simply means she's as useful as the Fourth of July fireworks display.In any case, her outfit as mutant Jubilee rocks and is distinctive among X-men fans!

If you're coming as Jubilee, eat bubblegum and get ready to blow some bubbles.

Her palette is blue+pink+yellow. She wears, from head to toe:

- pink shades

- pink circle earrings

- X-men logo on a pink shirt

- blue rubber gloves

- black belt

- blue shorts

- blue boots

Kamiya Kaoru Costume - From Rurouni Kenshin / Samurai X

Kamiya Kaoru is the female protagonist of the hit anime, Rurouni Kenshin (known in many countries as Samurai X). She is usually dressed in a traditional yukata but don't let her gentle outward appearance fool you - she's got a temper and knows how to handle a kendo (wooden weapon)!

Another distinct feature is her pink ponytail, which is made from a piece of pink cloth then tied together into a ribbon. You can just get a bigger piece of fabric and do a bit of DIY and cut it up (I promise you it will be simple). If you're going to the costume party with your boyfriend or husband, why not let him dress up as Kenshin? Awww :X

Kimono Yukata (Y085b) Blue & Flowers + Obi Belt
Kimono Yukata (Y085b) Blue & Flowers + Obi Belt

This is the real deal and the colors and feminine pattern of this yukata match one of Kaoru's most memorable outfits (ie. the picture to your right)

Kendo Bamboo Shinai Practice Sword
Kendo Bamboo Shinai Practice Sword

Armed with her kendo stick, Kaoru can be pretty fierce!

Samurai: Wooden Slipper-L Size 10
Samurai: Wooden Slipper-L Size 10

This truly brings you costume back to the olden Japense period


Letter Bee Costume - Girls Cosplaying as Guys

Here's an interesting and not-so-conventional option: try dressing up as Lag Seeing from Letter Bee, the protagonist who happens to be a boy. Yup, he's a dude. This is actually pretty common practice - girls dressing up as guys, especially male anime characters because they are usually given feminine physical features anyway. I picked this male anime character among a lot of others because his outfit is very elaborate and open to very cute interpretations! Lag Seeing's role is a messenger / postman so be sure to bring some postal envelopes with you!

Key pieces: white hair, newsboy cap/hat, military-themed top, brown gloves, messenger bag, capri pants

Note: Although he wears a newsboy cap, it seems like there's a hole at the back for the hair to pop out of. You can DIY a nice newsboy cap to do so or you can just go the easy route and buy yourself a visor.

Final Fantasy Rinoa Costume - From Final Fantasy 8

Dress up as the woman who captured main guy Squall's heart - Rinoa! She is a very feminine character but her outfit has a casual, laid-back feel to it.

Some important elements to dressing up as Rinoa: long sleek black hair, a blue sleeveless long cardigan, blue arm warmers, a black top, a short blue skirt, short tights, and boots. Finally, use a simple black elastic fabric to tie a ribbon around your left arm.

* Cheat Tip: In the picture, you might find her tights wee short, but you can wear something a bit longer for your comfort. Just make sure it's above the knee

PattyBoutik Women's Drape Front Asym Hem Light Cardigan (Medium Blue L)
PattyBoutik Women's Drape Front Asym Hem Light Cardigan (Medium Blue L)

I suggest cutting the sleeves out for a more accurate look!


Which tickles your fancy?

Which female character costume did you like the best?

See results

"Reveal" your Opinion about Female Halloween Costumes - Speak your Mind!

What do you guys think about the state of female Halloween costumes, especially for anime, video game, and comic book characters? Do you, like me, find it hard to find something wearable and comfortable?

Do you think most female costumes are way too revealing for comfort?

Female Characters with more Conservative Outfits

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AliceJubileeKaoruLag SeeingRinoa
Lag Seeing
Lag Seeing

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      Nightcat 5 years ago

      Awesome ideas. I'd love to see a retro style Samus Aran costume some day. Blessed! :)