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Wonder Woman Costume For Women

Updated on September 12, 2014

I Want to be Superhero in High Heels!

Wonder Woman has been my role model for many years. Her costume is perfect outfit for many women. Let's face it - mini dress in red and blue with matching boots, bracelets and tiara on the top - it is unbeatable!

I have been reading about the adventures of this princess of Amazons since I remember. Did you know her character is one of the longest continuous runs among all comic books? I suppose only Superman can match her powers but he's not nearly as cute as she is!

Image Source CC BY 2.0

Check your knowledge!

Her real name is:

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Deluxe Version

As I can see the colors of American flag with a touch of gold and silver dominate the photo. The strapless mini dress is available in sizes from extra small to large and the name of maker (Rubie's company) guaranties the high quality. This is my first choice for this attractive role for this year's Halloween.

Hero costume

Yes or No?

I think that female hero costumes will be very successful this Halloween. Super heroes are becoming more and more popular. With all their masculinity we need some sort of balance. Though WW was created for girls, market research shows almost 90 percent of male readers love her too!

Some of the female heroes belong to groups, others fly solo. Comic books and pulp magazines are full of female superheroes but Wonder Woman is the first widely known and most successful of all.

Last but not least: all Amazons have power and eternal youth and she is their princess.

T-Shirt with cape

It doesn't take much to transform to female super hero! I don't like unnecessary complications. This T-shirt made me feel like a super hero the same moment I put it on.

DC Comics Wonder Woman T-Shirt With Cape And Headband, Red, Medium Costume
DC Comics Wonder Woman T-Shirt With Cape And Headband, Red, Medium Costume

If I decide to be even more convincing, there are of course so many accessories available!


Apparel - ... with Corset

This officially daring outfit is not for sensitive ones. The main piece is of course a corset with perfect support on all the right places which thanks to spandex helps to shape your body better than any gym.

As you can see it comes with gauntlets, belt, skirt but without high heels or garter.

Secret Wishes Womens DC Comics Wonder Woman Corset Costume, Red/White/Blue, Medium
Secret Wishes Womens DC Comics Wonder Woman Corset Costume, Red/White/Blue, Medium

Beware: suitable only for air-conditioned places with a lot of refreshing drinks available!


Another poll about the dress...

Which one do you think I should choose?

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Let's put on some makeup

This make-up tutorial is truly helpful. In just ten minutes I can become Princess Diana of Themyscira.

Wonder Woman Halloween Tutorial

It can be funny too...

I found this photo on Flickr and I really have to share it with you - I think it's hilarious. We can see that men can wear female hero costume too and that this outfit can be funny too.

Another option is going out with friends as group costume - just imagine group of attractive girls.

Image Source CC BY 2.0

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