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Wonder Woman Party Supplies

Updated on March 8, 2014

Wonder Woman Birthday Party Ideas

Searching for wonder woman party supplies and party ideas... No need to stress this page will save your day.

If your little girl wants a party that shows the world just what a super hero she really is, then you can do no better than a Wonder Woman party. There is no denying that Wonder Woman is all about girl power and showing that even girls can go out there and really kick some butt.

Even though Wonder Woman has been around for years, it can be difficult to come up with enough supplies to throw a party. But never fear, here you will get step by step instructions to throwing the perfect Wonder Woman party and you wont even need an invisible plane to do it.

Wonder Woman Photo invites from FanCuts etsy store
Wonder Woman Photo invites from FanCuts etsy store

Wonder woman Party Invitations

Wonder woman party Invitations are going to be the first thing you'll have to find a solution for. There are not many options available but I have found a nice selection on Etsy.

An invite worth highlighting available from Etsy that completely blows away the competition puts your child's head on Wonder Woman's body and lets her be the super hero.

When picking the invitations for the party it's worth taking the time to think about whether you want the invitations to be cute and sweet or a little on the sexier side, as you will notice some more artsy designs which will perhaps be more suitable for older fans of Wonder woman.

Artfire also has a great option for a cute little girl's party and you can get it completely customized to your party.

Wonder Woman lifesize cutout
Wonder Woman lifesize cutout

Wonder Woman Party Decorations

The next step is going to be turning your home into a superhero hideout. The Wonder Woman logo is going to be the first objective, after all what is a superhero hideout without a little branding? You can easily get some large poster board and then either hand draw or trace out the Wonder Woman logo. A little red and yellow paint finishes the look; you can even cut it out for extra fun. If you are wary about hand drawing the logo you can purchase a tracer from a local craft store. These are very affordable and you will find 100 ways to use it after you buy it, all it does is enlarge any picture you have so you can trace it out.

Another idea would be to blast out the cheesy comic book sound effects, why? Because it's fun, that's why. So you can go online and find speech bubble and action silhouettes and then put your own words on them. You can use cardstock and print them out or you can go back to the tracer and make them even bigger on poster board. Setting the Mood had the great idea of using these speech bubbles as placemats which looks just fantastic and fun. Then you definitely don't want to forget about the red, blue and yellow streamers and accessories!

Wonder Woman Wall Decals

Wonder Woman Wall Decal 34 x 77in
Wonder Woman Wall Decal 34 x 77in

Wonder woman wall decals would add plenty of color and make your party area look just that little bit more alive. There's also something special about seeing your favorite superhero featured in such detail as if they were there with you. This featured decal set comes with one large wonder woman decal, 2 smaller ones and logos.They tend to be good quality and are easy to peel, adjust and remove of walls without an damage. After the party this can be used in the birthday girls bedroom as an added birthday gift.


Wonder Woman Party Food Ideas

Next comes the food, there are plenty of great ideas that you can use to incorporate the Wonder Woman colors and theme into your party. The Sister's Caf has the great idea for patriotic strawberries in which you dip the strawberries in white chocolate and then blue sprinkles. With a little yellow food coloring into the white chocolate (or you can even use butterscotch) you can create red, yellow and blue strawberries that are sure to be a hit.

Another great idea would be to get some yellow licorice and tie them into knots to recreate Wonder Woman's trademark lasso. After that all you need to do is fill the table with some color themed treats or your little super hero's favorite foods and you will be all set!

Wonder Woman edible cake topper
Wonder Woman edible cake topper

Wonder Woman Cake Ideas

Next up is the cake and this is a cake that you might want to have made because some of the professional cakes for Wonder Woman are absolutely stunning.

However, has a great edible Wonder Woman cake topper that looks just like a page from a comic book. It is certain to put a smile on any fan's face. The best part is that you can just add it onto a store bought cake or a cake that you make yourself.

If you have some skills with baking and with cake decorating then you might want to check out Bronnie Bakes. She was nice enough to post videos of how to make your own Wonder Woman cake and the end result is amazing. No guarantees that your cake will turn out the same but it may be worth the effort if you want to try your hand at it

Wonder Woman Party Favors

For some Wonder Woman party favors you must head over to Zakka Life. There you will find adorable template to turn regular lollipops into superhero lollipops. These lollipops just cannot be beat and they are absolutely adorable. Another idea is to make wrist cuffs to go with the rest of the superhero costume that the girls will make at the party. Lola Nova Blog has a great tutorial on how to make wrist cuffs out of felt. Since you will not have the girl's wrists to measure you can use Velcro to make sure that they can fit any size.

Wonder Woman Stikys Pack of 10
Wonder Woman Stikys Pack of 10

stickers are a must when it comes to party favors and so this set of 10 Wonder woman stickers would be great for party bags.

Licenses Products DC Comics Originals Wonder Women Assorted Artworks 1.25" Button Set, 4-Piece
Licenses Products DC Comics Originals Wonder Women Assorted Artworks 1.25" Button Set, 4-Piece

Wonder woman buttons would make good keepsake favors. Guest can use them to accesorize their school backpacks or even clothes. The designs also look awesome.

Wonder woman coloring pages
Wonder woman coloring pages

Wonder Woman Party Games and Activities

Now you need some ideas for what to do with a party full of little feminine superheroes. A favorite idea is to buy some superheroes masks and plenty of little craft supplies like glitter, paints, stickers, pom poms and beads. Then let each child create their own superhero mask so that they can save the day.

If you want to get even more "Super" then you can go to First Palette and they have great tiara printables that you can use. It is a good idea to print these on cardstock so that they are bit more sturdy. You can either just print the traditional Wonder Woman design or you can print the blank ones and let the girls go to town decorating their own tiara.

You can also print off some Wonder Woman coloring pages for your little super heroes to color in. Simple yes, fun very. In fact you could use these coloring pages as part of your decorations, it could be your daughters own unique touch to her party.

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