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How to Throw the Ultimate Willy Wonka Birthday Party

Updated on March 16, 2014

Throwing an Amazing Willy Wonka Birthday Party is easy, but takes a bit of planning.

This is a comprehensive Willy Wonka Birthday Party Planning Guide - THE WEBSITE THAT STARTED IT ALL! - Over 11,000 visitors - Everyone got freebies from to do their parties - and the freebies are here for you too ! - complete with invitations, Wonka Bars, the Contract, Games, Party Supplies, Coloring Pages, Cakes, Pictures, Music, Soundtracks, Golden Tickets, Lickable Wallpaper, Trivia, Wonka Decorations, Thank You Notes, Prizes, Pinatas, Wonka Candy of all kinds. You name it, and it is here!

Last year, I held a Wonka birthday party for my two kids. We had the best birthday party ever! A Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory party! It took a bit of planning, but the end result was completely worth it. We went all out with the invitations, games, decorations, cakes, thank you cards - everything!

I've included here all the things we did at our party with some tips we discovered. Whether you go Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (Gene Wilder Version), or Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (Jonny Depp Version) these ideas would work. It's your choice. Almost everything here can go either way. We went with the Gene Wilder version. The kids like it better, and it just seems so much happier.

Which version is better? - Which Wonka movie do you like the best?

Depp has recently been racking up more votes - For the first 800 votes or so, he stayed around 20 percent, but now we are well over 3000 votes, and he is consistently about 25% - Share your thoughts and lets see if Gene can maintain over 3/4th the vote ! PLEASE VOTE !!!

Gene Wilder or Jonny Depp ?

See results

Wonka Party Invitations The Golden Ticket !

Wonka Birthday Invitations
Wonka Birthday Invitations

Wonka Party Invitations

Custom Wonka Bars with Golden Tickets

The invitation is the first contact the kids will have with the party. An amazing party invitation can get the kids excited long before the big event, and give them a glimpse of what they're in for. It is also the time to make sure that the kids have seen the movie. After all, if they haven't watched the movie, them much of the party won't make sense to them.

The concept of the invitation comes straight from Wonka himself. Wonka invited the children to the factory with a golden ticket inside a Wonka Bar. That's exactly what you can reproduce for your invitation.

Learn about how to make your own Wonka bar invitation, how to set up your template, and what materials work best to make it as authentic as possible.

How to make a Wonka Bar and Golden Ticket Invitation
CLICK HERE for a ton more on the Wonka Bar & The GOLDEN TICKET including PRINTABLE RESOURCES!

I've Got A Golden Ticket!

I've Got A Golden Ticket!
I've Got A Golden Ticket!

Supplies Needed

What You'll Need to Make Wonka Bars with Golden Tickets

1. Wonka Chocolate Bars (or other chocolate bars if substituting) - see links on this page for purchase online - yes there is a place you can get chocolate bars that look like WONKA bars ! (see below)

2. Silver Foil (***I recommend using the cheapest stuff you can find - check the dollar store - as it is thinner and more delicate - it is too thin to work well in the kitchen, but makes for an AWESOME liner on these chocolate bars, and has great effect when opening - plus it is cheap!)

3. Glossy Photo Paper for Printing outer wrapper with Wonka logo on it

4. Regular Straight Edge Scissors

5. Golden Colored paper - see link on this page for the best "golden ticket" paper I can find - it has a little luster to it and shines a little.

6. Fancy Edge Scissors - like the scrapbooking type (optional)

7. Glue Stick.

Instructions to printing Wrappers and Golden Tickets

1. Print out Color Copies of the "WONKA" bar art for outside wrapper - I have included a perfect fit format for the traditional WONKA bar that you can print from here. (Gene Wilder version and Jonny Depp version both included here) I suggest using Glossy paper.

2. Trim as needed with regular scissors.

3. Print out the "GOLDEN TICKET" - See the "golden ticket" orange box for all my GOLDEN TICKET info - I have included there both replica (for reference and link for purchase from someone that makes them) as well as a free printable template (made by my sister) that uses the wording from the movie adapted for a birthday party - simply change the time date and location to include your party info. Print on Gold Colored Paper.(see link for my suggestion of gold paper in that Golden ticket info section as well.)

4. Trim with Fancy Edge Scissors for a nice effect, or can use straight edge if you don't have these scissors available. - Make sure that the Golden ticket is slightly smaller than the WONKA bar outer cover so it does not stick out on final product.


I chose to take my edited template and my ready to print outer wrapper image (both made by my sister - thanks kerri) to Staples for professional printout on glossy paper provided by them, and golden paper provided by me (see link in golden ticket section)

Golden Tickets

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory  Golden Ticket - FrontWilly Wonka & The Chocolate Factory  Golden Ticket - BackCharlie & The Chocolate Factory  Golden Ticket - FrontCharlie & The Chocolate Factory  Golden Ticket - Back
Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory  Golden Ticket - Front
Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory Golden Ticket - Front
Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory  Golden Ticket - Back
Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory Golden Ticket - Back
Charlie & The Chocolate Factory  Golden Ticket - Front
Charlie & The Chocolate Factory Golden Ticket - Front
Charlie & The Chocolate Factory  Golden Ticket - Back
Charlie & The Chocolate Factory Golden Ticket - Back

Instructions for assembling the Wonka Bars

1. Unwrap the authentic Wonka Bar (or other chocolate bar) from its factory packaging.

2. Cut a piece of cheap thin aluminum foil to fit bar with about one inch on both ends of bar (DIMENSIONS)

3. Fold foil over top to bottom first. Then fold each corner in like triangle (as if wrapping Christmas gift) and in.

4. Set aside silver wrapped chocolate.

5. Place face down one Glossy paper WONKA Bar cover.

6. Place on top of this one Golden ticket (make sure it is slightly smaller than the glossy cover, and it is not sticking out.

7. Place the silver wrapped chocolate bar on top

8. Wrap the golden ticket around the chocolate bar

9. Wrap the outer wrapper around the Golden Ticket and sliver wrapped chocolate bar

10. Seal the outer wrapper to itself with a glue stick. Be sure to pull it snug and also that the golden ticket is not viewable at all.

Charlie Bucket finds a golden ticket
Charlie Bucket finds a golden ticket

Presentation of Invitation

- We presented our invitations (Wonka Bars with Golden Tickets including the Invitation Information) in a Greeting Card Envelope with silver lining (purchased near cardstock in most stores - or through link on this site)

- In the envelope we had :

1. The newly formed authentic Wonka Bar with essential info lucky Golden Ticket

2. A copy of the Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory movie (Gene Wilder or Jonny Depp - your call - we loved the Gene Wilder version much better, but I have included both bar cover arts here to meet your needs)

3. A note that simply said - "Watch the Movie First !!!" (so of course it is clear that they will open the chocolate at end of movie (or middle of movie) and get the invitation to the party info.

We used the envelope to disguise the chocolate and movie during school hours and also put a note on outside of envelope that said "to the parents of : child's name" so that the candy and movie were revealed at school and opened early etc... to ruin the surprise and experience with movie... We had the teacher put in the take home folders at school to be discrete... Worked GREAT !

GOOD LUCK ON YOUR INVITATIONS - It was my favorite part !!!

I've Got A Golden Ticke!!

Click here for all the information that you want or need on the Golden Ticket!

and all FREE!

(If link does not working-email and I will email to you)

Free Printable Golden Ticket

Free Printable Template

Personalizable Golden Tickets

Replica Golden Tikcets

Pictures of Golden Ticket

Golden Ticket Photos

Great Golden Ticket Paper

Print your own Golden Tickets

Golden Ticket Invitations

Wonka Golden Tickets

I've Got a Golden Ticket - Lyrics and Ringtone

I've Got a Golden Ticket Song

Greetings to you - The Lucky finder of this GOLDEN TICKET !

Greetings to you - The Lucky finder of this GOLDEN TICKET !
Greetings to you - The Lucky finder of this GOLDEN TICKET !

Wonka Bars

The Original Wonka Bar

Looks Great in Invitation - Very WONKA even when unwrapped !

This bar seems to be discontinued at all vendors that I can find right now ... if you find it, let me know !

Sometimes the Wonka Bars are easier to find than others (they discontinue and re-continue at times). Here are the links to the ONLY places you can get them ! They have been discontinued by Wonka and these are the last remaining vendors that have them in stock. (The wonka bars pictured above) This bar is nice because it has the Wonka image on the actual chocolate, which of course remains with your new custom wrap, and still looks very Wonka Like. It is also the bar that my Movie Style Wrappers are currently formatted to fit !

Links below are for online stores where to purchase the traditional wonka bar. As of 11/27/11 - they are in stock at the first vendor below, but out of stock for second vendor below.

As of 11/27/11 - they in stock at :

"The Candy Warehouse"

Willy Wonka Chocolate Bars - ORIGINAL: 18CT Box

As of 12/27/11 - this vendor was out of stock

"A Candy Store"

Wonka Bars - 18ct

Candy Warehouse is the vendor that I got mine from. That is where the image above is linked to - They are reliable, and ship fast - and prices are great. They also seem to have them in stock at times that the other places don't!

The Wonka Original Bars Look Great! I want to Get them - But Where Can I Buy Real Wonka Bars?

The Exceptionals can also be used if you cannot locate the orig bars ... - the picture of the new "Wonka Exceptionals : Scrumdiddlyumptious"- is the one above. They also have a Chocolate Waterffall (that is white chocolate and milk chocolate swireled) and a Doomed Dark Chocolate (which is milk chocolate with disks of Dark Chocolate on each square) - All taste great - but I prefer the Scrumdiddlyumptious for the image.... and it was mentioned in BOTH movies ...

-They are usually found in Walmart and Target stores, and prices vary between 2.25 and 3.75 each. Please see below section for more info on the Wonka Exceptionals.(which are, by the way yummy - all 3 flavors !) I do intend to format my image for the outer-wrapper to also fit these bars, so if you do decide to go with the exceptionals, let me know and I will see if I have that done yet ...


Where Can I Buy Wonka Bars ?

Are You Searching for A Place To Buy Wonka Bars For Your Party?

Where Can I Buy Wonka Bars?

You Are In Luck ! - You can buy Wonka Bars Here !

No, they are no longer making regular Wonka bars.

Yes, Wonka does sell The Wonka Exceptionals (but they are often $3.00+ each ...)

Why not consider custom poured Chocolate Wonka Bars ?

There is a local handmade chocolate store that is now pouring chocolate into Wonka Bar mold and selling them.

They will ship to anywhere !

They currently are charging $1.00 each plus actual shipping costs.

If interested - call them and get shipping charges, and place order. They are a small, family owned business located in Historic Bennington Vermont. They do order by phone and ship via UPS and USPS. I have used them many times for chocolate and other candy needs with great success ! (including a bunch when planning MY Wonka Party!)

The name of their store is : Vermont Confectionery

The Phone Number is : 802-447-2610

The Contact Name is : Jill

Their Website is :

They are a little business, and not set up for online purchases at this time, but they do take phone orders and ship many orders daily.

I took a photo of one of the Wonka Bars that they poured - It is pictured here. My camera is crappy, and does not do it justice - but it is all I had to show. This pic was taken with the bar sitting on a piece of tissue paper that it was wrapped in, sitting on my kitchen counter.

It is great when the chocolate bar invitation is opened, and it says WONKA on the actual chocolate bar - makes the experience seem a little more authentic !

This is the Wonka Concert Bar - I believe it is the same as the traditional one in different package ... I haven't purchased it though... And the price looks a bit high ... but if you can't find the regular ones, you can give it a try ...

The scissors for cutting the Wonka Golden Ticket Paper are also here.


Sometimes Ebay has listed WILLY WONKA'S CANDY FACTORY KIT - this is a great little kit that has molds for the wonka chocolate bar - as well as some of the characters (can be made into pops etc.) and the long scrumptididlious ..

They are not always up there, but often there is one or 2. They came out in 1971 so they are vintage, but they make great bars for the invitations. You are looking at a bit more work, but if you don't need 100 of them, they might be worth the extra work to make your own bars ! (your kid might also LOVE to help = and get psyched for the party !)

You could also use them DURING the party as an activity ... be creative.

There might be none on ebay right now, but this section of the website will automatically pull out any auctions that are up at this time. Good Luck !

NEW for 2010 ! - Real Golden Tickets can be found NOW in Wonka Bars - New Wonka Exceptional Bars - With New Golden Tickets !!!

There are new Golden Tickets floating around in the newly released Wonka Exceptionals Bars. These are sadly not for a tour of the factory with Willy himself, nor are they good for a lifetime supply of chocolate - but they are good for some other great prizes - Would still be way cool to find a REAL GOLDEN TICKET in a REAL WONKA BAR !


These are found at many (but not all) Walmart and Target Locations - They are also available in bags of miniatures - each bag contains only one variety, currently there are not variety bags to try all 3.


The full size bars are approx $2.00 and the bag of minatures is just under $3.00.

The links below provide further information about each bar, as well as provide easy way to order economically online.

There is also a link with info on the New Golden Tickets ! - Good Luck - If you find a golden ticket - be sure to leave me a comment - i would LOVE to hear about it !!!


~Beyond The Wonka Bar~


It is a Willy Wonka Party - so it is all about the Candy !!!

When and How will the Candy Be Given Out???


Loot Bags:

Upon arrival the kids should be given an empty gift bag with their name on it (can be decorated by birthday kid etc...) it will eventually be their loot bag - filled with Wonka Candy - by end of the party ! KIDS WILL HAVE FULL LOOT BAGS when they leave - for sure !!!

Game Participation Reward :

During the party - ALL Kids earn a small (Halloween size) piece of Willy Wonka Brand candy for each and every game participated in. - this keeps their interest in each game (and fills the bags) so everyone takes a full bag of Wonka Treats home at the end of the day !

Game Prizes :

Winner of each game gets a large (such as movie box size) piece of candy in addition to (or in lieu of) the small one - they can choose it from a variety that is available which was purchased and placed in a special Wonka Prize Container (get as creative as you want - but all you need is a bag or box.- we used a plastic container that the Wonka Laffy Taffy came in - because we had it, and because it had Wonka W on the top. You could also use a Golden Colored gift bag ... or a Wonka Type Hat etc... Whatever will do just fine. )

Clean Up and Clear Out - End of the party fun! :

To help fill the bags, clean up a bit, and rid your home of all that sugar ... Kids may also get to take the edible decorations off the trees and walls at end of party.

Gift Time :

Everlasting Gobstoppers should be used at gift time - see GIFT TIME section below

Candy Store :

((We did had an idea, but didn't do it - of giving out "Wonka bucks" to game winners or participants and having a 'candy store' at the end that they could buy stuff from, like the kids at the start of the movie, to avoid so much candy throughout the party - But we opted against it thinking that the party was based on the candy and it should be there - and we also thought this might be a little hectic with the aged kids we had, but it was an idea so I wanted to share it ...It might work with older kids or adults, but our birthday kids were 4 and 7 - and we loved flowing candy throughout the party and not a lineup at the end ... ))


For Game Prizes - I recommend getting small sized candies to issue out one per child for each game (we did 5 games - one for each kid at factory )- so you would need 25 pieces for 5 kids and 5 games

For Game Winners - I recommend a box of of full sized candy, or movie size box for the winner. So depending on number of games- you should have at least one per game for the winner, and maybe a few extra for the chance you may have to call a TIE at the end of the game ...

EVERLASTING GOBSTOPPERS ! - I also recommend getting a box of Everlasting Gobstoppers for every kid and issuing sometime during party since it was such a focus in the movie (at least the 1970s version) -see GIFT TIME section for our idea - which worked great ! Even if you don't choose to do this at gift time, find a way to work the Gobstoppers in, in another special way! These are available in movie size boxes as well as the traditional smaller boxes. They are now available as a chewy version and an orig. version. The chewy is in a purple box, and the orig is in the yellow box - just a tip in case your kids are young enough for choking risk (of which I would not recommend this party at all ...)

Candy is also used in some decorations (see above - trees, wallpaper, streamers etc...)

(There are more, but wanted to let you get started here)

 Pixy Stix

Bottle Caps

Fun Dip

Laffy Taffy


Nerds RopeChewy Nerds


Everlasting Gobstoppers


Chewy SweeTarts (large 4 in a pack)

Tart N Tiny (not easy to find anymore)

(Blue words are links with pictures of each candy - each can be purchased at that link, or at the page linked to the huge Wonka Bar below - and may also be found locally, just not usually as easily or on one place. )

Non-Wonka Candy with that Funky Wonka Feel - These are candies that are not made by Wonka, but look his style !

Willy Wonka clearly has a feel to it - Some candies may not be made by Wonka, but still look like they belong ! - These are funky styles of candies that may add a flair to your party and make it feel even MORE like Wonka !

Swirly Pops

You can purchase a very large one (3 lbs) - comes wrapped clear with no writing on wrapper (great so you don't have to remove wrapper for display) - (pictured here with the guy with the pop rocks shirt) at the Candy Warehouse through this link (click pop) :

Smaller ones also available from Old Time Candy - they come in 6.5"/10oz ($6.49), 5.25" ($3.49), 4" ($2.39), 3" ($1.79). (click pop)

Movies and Music

Wonka Movies and Soundtracks

Here are links to both movies and their soundtracks - there is also a short soundtrack for the Jonny Depp movie called the "soundtrack sampler", but it is more $ than the full soundtrack, and it has less on it It is also available on amazon.

We used some of the odd sounds during our party that appeared in the movie in addition to the oompa loompa songs and Candyman etc... So I definitely suggest getting a soundtrack in addition to a movie.

We included a copy of the movie for each child with the invitation.

Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory, Special 25th Anniversary Edition
Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory, Special 25th Anniversary Edition

This is full soundtrack for Gene Wilder Version - includes all the Oompa Loompa Songs as well as Candy Man, Sorry Charlie, etc... Also has lots of WAY COOL odd factory sounds that came in handy during party for Wonka Effect ...

Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory (Blu-ray Book Packaging)
Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory (Blu-ray Book Packaging)

Blue Ray Version of Gene Wilder movie - We just had the regular, but I wanted to include it if you have Blue Ray

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory [HD DVD]
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory [HD DVD]

Jonny Depp Version of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - A must if that is the version you are going with for the movie - we gave a copy to each kid with wonka bar invitation so they saw it before the party.

Charlie & The Chocolate Factory
Charlie & The Chocolate Factory

If going with Jonny Depp movie theme, you will likely want this for sounds ... (I did Gene Wilder version, so not familiar with it, but i do know it has all the new Oompa Loompa songs and the Welcome Willy Song (that was way cool - we used that even with the Gene Wilder party)

Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory (Widescreen Special Edition)
Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory (Widescreen Special Edition)

This is the one that I had - We burned copies of it for each kid and requested that they watch it before opening their chocolate which contained the Golden Ticket with party info ... Gave GREAT effect and the kids are still talking about that ! (kinda a party before the party at their own homes !)


Willy Wonka Dance Remixes - For a Willy Wonka Sweet 16 Party - The Music is More Important Than the Games

The music sets the mood for the party, and can really make it or break it - Traditional Wonka Music from the Movie can be found on the above soundtracks, but this link gives you more of a Teen Friendly dance version.

These Willy Wonka dance remixes incorporate the official wonka music into a more dance party type music. (perfect for a sweet 16 party or for an after show party ! -such as school play) They go over great with the Teens! There are 4 tracks that can be purchased for 99 cents each through this link. You can preview them to the left. Be sure to click on the actual play arrow, not at the bottom of pic. (That just takes you to the vendor site) - If you want to purchase, click the link below and it will take you to the proper product page ... no searching required.)

Check it out!

Buy a Willy Wonka Remix

Blue Ray and Regular DVD set - With Lots of Extras - A Scrumdiddlyumptious Limited Edition (Mine is #16,535 of 100,000)

This is a great set that would work as a perfect present. You could also purchase it ahead of the party and use parts of it for party prep. You could give parts of it as present ... Be creative - There is a lot in the box. I got it for Christmas (2 yrs after party !) and Love it !

Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory (Three-Disc 40th Anniversary Collector's Edition Blu-ray/DVD Combo)
Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory (Three-Disc 40th Anniversary Collector's Edition Blu-ray/DVD Combo)

This set includes 3 DVDs - (1 Blue Ray, 1 Regular DVD, and an All New Bonus Interview and Featurette DVD.) There is also "Delectable Colectibles!" in the box. A Retro Tin with Scratch N Sniff Pincils and Scented Erasers. The tin looks like a huge Wonka Bar from the Movie (brown and orange - like the template I made for our party and give away on this site) - the Eraser has same design, and the pencils are Assorted/Wonka designs. The There are 14 p ieces of Wonka Production Correspondence, a small copy of The contract - as it hung on the wall in the movie - and a 144 page book "Pure Imagination" that is written by the film's Director Mel Stuart.

The Blue-Ray is the Classic 1271 Movie done in 1080p Hi Def on Blue Ray.

Includes the documentary "Pure Imagination" : "The Story of Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory"

Commentary with the Wonka Kids and Gene Wilder

4 Sing-Along Songs on DVD

Vintage 1971 Featurette Theatrical Trailer.

The The All New Interview and FeaturetteDVD includes

Mel Stuart's "Wonkavision" : Interview with Movie Director

A World of Pure Imagination ": Recently discovered archival Featurette including and interview with original author Roald Dahl



Decorations and Ideas

Wonka Party Décor

We called the room that the party was happening in "The Chocolate Room".

CANDY TREES - infamously remembered from the movie - candy trees provide easy decorating, and then the candy is given to the kids on their way out - just let them go crazy like the kids did in the movie ...

We used Indoor Trees - we borrowed 3 from family members homes, and covered them with various types of candy - each tree a different kind of candy. (Our party was inside due to the time of year, if yours is outside, you can surely use real trees!) These are the three trees that we did, but you can cover yours with any type of candy you have. I do suggest using one type of candy on each tree though, so it looks like the tree actually grows that type of candy.

1. Wonka Candy Cane Tree (the candy canes were actually made by Wonka fall/winter 2009 - and were very colorful and perfect - we got both the Sweet Tart ones that were random colors swirled, and everlasting gobstopper ones that were solid colors, looked great together on tree - our party was in November so they were easy to find, and we reused the leftovers at Christmas on gifts. - included is a LINK to get them online)

2. Sweet Tart Tree - we hung packets of sweet tarts to the tree

3. Gummy Bear Tree - The movie had those huge gummy bears on trees that were so memorable. You can print out pics of gummy bears and attach a small pack of gummy bears to them, as - we had this idea, but we ended up getting the gummy bear light strings and putting that on the tree along with individual packs of gummy bears.

Candy Standees

The Candy Standees feature green, red and purple swirl lollipops and red, orange and blue gumdrops. Each of the freestanding candy cardboard cutouts is 4' high x 2" wide. Each candy standee set includes two lollipop standees and two gumdrop standees. Decorate for the holidays or create your own version of Candy Land with these fun and affordable decorations. Assembly required.

Candy Standees Set/4

Oversided Candy Replicas & Light-Up Decorations

There are a ton out there if you look around, such as Candy Canes (Christmas decorations), Large Lollypops, Swirly Balloons (look like hard candies), Gummy Bear Light Strings. Get creative - anything candy will work.

We ended up finding a lot of decorations that lit up which made for a cool looking room (many were Christmas lights of some kind) - Our party was inside, but an outside party would look way cool if light up stuff was used too !

We used most of our light up stuff on our Candy Trees - fiber optic lollipop walkway lights - we put these in bottom pot of one tree, and light up Christmas candy cane decorations were stuck in bottom pot of another tree. We wound different colored Rope lights up all the tree trunks for cool effect (then the trees were decorated with candy that the kids got to take at the end)

We also used other light up decorations such as Gummy Bear Outdoor string light set and huge outdoor plastic light up candy corns etc. - there are a bunch of light up candy decorations out there, you just got to look around - they looked cool to have it all lit up wild. Ask around to your friends, chances are people you know will let you borrow these things ... Even if you don't have light up stuff, just go for oversized candy stuff - we didn't plan on the lights, but that was what we found, and it worked out great !

If you got more than a good budget - or just someone that really knows balloons

Check out this party - they used balloons like you have never seen before - I totally love those balloon Oompa Loompas !

They clearly rented a hall, and have a balloon chocolate river, balloon pops, and oh yes - those balloon oompa loompas - if I knew this mommy - I would tell her : "I WANT A BALLOON OOMPA LOOMPA DADDY - I WANT A BALLOON OOMPA LOOMPA NOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Great Source for Oversized Wonka Candy Props/Decorations

This ebay seller has a TON of great decorations - click on any one and then search her stuff ! Would be awesome for a Wonka Party or even for a school play !

The ones pictured below are groupings that she sells, but can get smaller lots or individual items cheaper. Just wanted to give you an idea of all her stuff in one shot !

Candy Wrapping Paper

Wrap your walls and your presents

We wrapped the photos on our walls with candy wrapping paper. We were able to find a few different candy wrapping papers. We used one that was a candy cane stripe and a second that had hard candy all over it. It did a great jon of imply adding a little more "candy" and camouflaging the non-wonka looking items in the room.

Also great to wrap your presents in Candy Wrapping Paper - makes the presents part of the party !

Everyone Remembers the Huge Gummy Bears (on the tree)

Dress up a tree (indoor tree is fine) or outdoor tree if outdoor party !

Lickable Wallpaper

Another must ...

Two options here - #1 takes more time, effort, and money- but is way cool ... (we ended up doing #2, cause as you can see - I went all out on most everything else and didn't have time...)

1. Purchase some wallpaper pieces that have fruit on them - like a bathroom pattern etc... and then melt some Jolly Ranchers in the microwave until it becomes liquid. Paint different flavors on similar colors on wallpaper so that they will have a taste. "The Snausberries taste like Snausberries"!

2. Purchase candy dots ! - Tape them up on the wall with names on them so that everyone knows which one they can "lick".

Look How Much Kids Love Licking the Wallpaper!!!

Look How Much Kids Love Licking the Wallpaper!!!
Look How Much Kids Love Licking the Wallpaper!!!
Gumball machine & candy corn
Gumball machine & candy corn

Other Ideas for Willy Wonka Decorations

  • Streamers with candy taped to them - hanging traditionally or on walls - use light candy such as sweet tarts
  • Lolly pop strips in window as curtain (get enough for all kids to get one at end)
  • Gum Balls in strips from dollar store - taped around the perimeter of TV
  • Gum Drops or other small candy - on fishing line hanging from ceiling
  • Candy shaped Christmas ornaments hanging from ceiling
  • Large swirly balloons that look like big hard candies (can also use punching balloons for this effect, but the kids sometimes get crazy with those)
  • Old fashioned Gumball Machine
  • Giant hard candies - Tie cellophane around colorful cheap plastic balls and hang from a tree. Great to show people where the house is (as opposed to just balloons).
  • Lollypop centerpieces - fill a container of small candies, and stick in some large traditional lollipops into it.
  • Lollipop Topiary - with step by step directions
  • Candy garland - made from strung gummy bears, gum drops, licorice, and anything else you find cheap.

Oompa Loompas

Willy Wonka Party Photos - Oompa Loompa Face Cut-out
Willy Wonka Party Photos - Oompa Loompa Face Cut-out

Oompa Loompa Face Cut Out

Photo Opp

We had an oompa loompa with face cut out and had all the kids stick head through and got great pics.

Have someone take pics of each kid with the Willy Wonka at the party as well as with face in the Oompa Loompa face cut out. We found it was a good idea to take these photos both both upon entrance to the party so we didn't miss anyone.

These photos are great to include with the Thank You Cards so the kids have something to remember the party by.

Willy Wonka and Oompa Loompa Cardboard Cutouts

Here are some cardboard cutouts - Willy Wonka Cardboard Cutout / wonka Standee

Oompa Loompa Standee / cardboard cutout - lifesize

Cardboard cutouts with faces cut out for pictures with kids

(these were not available when I did my party - believe me I hunted - but I guess when someone saw how popular this party could be - either from this website or wherever else ... they seem to have made them :O) - so here are the links !



If your having a Wonka Party, the host needs to be Wonka - you need a Wonka !!!

A simple hat and a purple outfit will get the job done !

Currently on sale for $5.00 !! (even though it says $12 here ...)

Guest Arrival Activities

Activities to initiate party, and entertain while guests arrive

Willy Wonka Party Guest Arrival and Party Start


The leader of the party (was Mom at this one) was dressed up as Willy Wonka - in Purple with Hat etc... Willy should be in costume, available to greet guests, be available for pics, and hopefully be the one leading the party ... as Willy Wonka gave the tour of factory etc...

Gene Wilder style Willy Wonka Costume

Johnny Depp style Willy Wonka Costume


As in the movie, there was a "contract" that was written on a poster board in big letters, getting smaller and smaller ... It was mainly a bunch of "We are here to wish >>> a very happy birthday on this the ... day of .... We, by our presence here today hope that ... has the best party ... .... ...." Mainly it was a bunch of happy birthday gibberish that went on and on and got smaller and smaller - but it was cool, and got the guests knowing that they were in for the full Wonka experience (that was why we gave the copy of the movie and asked that it was watched first ... )

Upon arrival to the party, all guests were asked to hand in their golden ticket (if they brought it as many did) and to step up and sign contract - it had spots at bottom like in movie to have the kids sign. - Everyone loved this, and the birthday boy got to keep it at the end of the party...


Upon signing the "contract" the kids were given an empty gift bag with their name on it (can be decorated by birthday kid etc...) it would eventually be filled with Wonka Candy by end of the party ! - CHECK OUT THE "CANDY CANDY CANDY" SECTION FOR MORE SPECIFICS ...


After being greeted by Wonka himself, handing in golden ticket, and signing contract, The guest were issued their empty loot bag (see CANDY section) and then guided through the HSAW AKNOW - (WONKA WASH spelled backwards) into the "chocolate room"- that was simply streamers that covered the doorway that entered the decorated room (the room the party was in) - FYI - the Wonka Wash was the thing that the foaming contraption went through to get clean. It was just a cute touch that kinda kept the room a surprise until entrance.


After walking through the Wonka Wash - the guests enter the world of Willy Wonka - The heart of the factory - The Chocolate Room.

This room should include all the decorations in the decoration section (or whatever other exciting decorations you have) but also have a table or area set up with independent activities to keep the kids busy till all kids have arrived

INDEPENDENT ACTIVITIES - (also see Games and Activity section)

Candy and Wonka Coloring pages

Table and supplies for making Candy necklaces

Music from Soundtrack playing

Movie Playing

Exploration time (kids can explore the room, decorations, chocolate fountain, lickable wallpaper etc... if you want these things to be independent activities, they can also be directed activities too...)


We planned our games around the five kids in the movie. We had one game for each kid in the movie. - Kids will get candy at end of every game to put in Loot Bags

Chocolate Waterfall

Chocolate Waterfall - a must-have for a Wonka Party

We didn't do a real waterfall, but we got the same effect with a chocolate fondue fountain. The kids loved dipping yummies into waterfall like churning chocolate ! It made a nice center attraction at party. (Adults loved this too).

Tips :

We put a Rainbow colored vinyl tablecloth for under the chocolate waterfall area to catch any drippings, but really didn't need it. (You might like to protect your floor though, just in case...)

Provide skewers and items to dip such as fruit (because for goodness sake there is enough sugar at this party already) like strawberries (this was the fav), pound cake pieces, mini marshmallows, etc... for dipping. Just a couple options are enough.

Instruct on no double dipping !!!

Outdoor parties could also fill a garden fountain with brown colored water, and label it with a sign "Chocolate waterfall".

Awesome Chocolate Fountain - Wider - more like Chocolate Waterfall !

A little more expensive($99), but for a bigger event or adult, not kids party - it may be worth it - better quality than the little ones

This fountain is cool because you can run two different flavors at the same time - you might want just a ton of regular chocolate for this party, but your next might be a baby shower and you might want pink and blue !!! (think ahead)

Koolatron WTF-43E Double Tower Chocolate Fountain

Want a Taller Chocolate Fountain for less than 50 bucks?

This one appears a bit taller and is priced with the typical fountains (around 50.00)

Nostalgia Electrics CFF-986 3-Tier Chocolate Fountain

Willy Wonka Birthday Cake

The cake is so important !!!

Our Willy Wonka cake was simple but cool looking. I made a square cake, and a second smaller square cake. I then cut the smaller one in half and stacked it so that there was a tall "wall" in the back. I frosted it so that it looked like the rock wall where the waterfall was located in the chocolate room in the movie. I had a chocolate pudding chocolate waterfall falling over this wall.

I added a gummy bear tree (directions below). This made the cake awesome, I think. And, I finished it off with some traditional looking simple lollipops, a few hard candies, and a candy walkway - check out my picture.


Make a regular square or rectangle whatever cake - mine was slightly larger than the usual size - 12x12 square.

I also made a smaller one that was like 6x6 or8x8 or something.

Take the smaller cake, and cut it in 2 pieces and stacked them to make the Chocolate waterfall - need the height. ) You would want one bottom piece to be a bit wider than the top, to make it stable, but not too much bigger. Mine was about 4 inches wide on top piece and maybe 5 on bottom piece.) and the length is not as important, it doesn't have to go the full length of the cake ... mine didn't. (see pic)

The Bottom is frosted first - Green for Grass (can also use coconut in frosting if you like that, for texture, but ours is just butter cream frosting) - (if going for the newer movie, can use eatable Easter egg grass - that looks more like the grass in the Jonny Depp movie, but not the Gene Wilder version)

The 2 smaller pieces of cake are positioned to butt up with the corner of the cake, and stacked with slightly narrower piece at the top, and then frosted gray to look like the wall of the chocolate room.

Chocolate pudding (previously made and chilled as described on box - Jello Instant Pudding Mix) - is then placed at the bottom of the new wall and going around like the river did (it turned and went into tunnel, I just had it go around the wall - effective). After the river is made, add the waterfall (see pic)

CANDY CANES - I added 2 Wonka Brand Candy Canes (could use any, but if you can get the Wonka brands, they are just the colors you want - Wonka has Sweet Tart flavored ones and Gobstopper Flavored ones, The gobstopper ones are solid colors, but the Sweet Tart ones are like the ones above (We used them on both the cake, and we had an indoor tree that we also used them to decorate as part of the room for the party. - I suggest purchasing a couple boxes of these at Christmas time !!!)


Look for the simplest ones you can find - simple circles on white sticks - I got these at Vermont Confectionery (A candy store in Bennington VT) but you can likely find them anywhere if you look. Be sure to remove any wrappers first ! - use about 3 in bold colors.


Look for circles - in the movie there was swirly balloons and balls that looked like candy. Small candies that are round and swirly work good - be creative.

THE GUMMY BEAR TREE - A must ! This really makes it perfect I think. Again at Christmas time, keep your eye out for "bare tree" in the village section - mine was 2.49 at Walmart - These trees should have no leaves and usually come kinda crystal finish to look like snow, but they look like sugar to me ! - All you need to do is (before it is on the cake) take REAL gummy bears, and a sharp tool, such as a Skewer, and poke holes (I found poke right through all the way) - you need to poke the holes first or else they fall back off tree. Add the brightest colored gummy bears you have, and then add the tree last to your cake. You could also make a tree out of some pipe cleaners if you can't find a bare tree.

We decorated shortly before the party, but I would not say to put tree on the night before as it might sag or fall ... I also suggest adding the waterfall chocolate the day of or not too long before, so it doesn't sag either ...

Amazing Willy Wonka Birthday Cakes - These cakes were at other parties - but I love them all !

The above cake was the one that I made, but I wanted to share with you many more ideas as I came across MANY that were awesome !

Willy Wonka Cake

Willy Wonka Birthday Cake with Gummy Bear Tree and chocolate waterfall
Willy Wonka Birthday Cake with Gummy Bear Tree and chocolate waterfall

Wonka Cake Supplies - Decorations for your Wonka Cake

You have seen many examples of a Wacky Wonka Cake - Here are some things that may come in handy when you make YOUR Wonka Cake - Get Creative !!!

Lemax Village Landscaping Collection 6" Snow Crystal Tree #74652
Lemax Village Landscaping Collection 6" Snow Crystal Tree #74652

This is an example of a tree (I looked for most affordable link in the spring) - if you are looking closer to Christmas - you can find them everywhere - walmart, dollar store etc... This one is about 5.00 - mine was about 3.00 in November.

Candy Sucker Lollipop Assortment (144 pc)
Candy Sucker Lollipop Assortment (144 pc)

These are great on the cake - or anywhere in party ! Classic Lolly Pops


Gift Time

Gift Time !

Organizing the Gift Chaos

Opening the gifts can be a hectic time at any kids party. To fix this and keep ALL the kids interested, we had a box full of movie sized Everlasting Gobstoppers boxes. Each was marked with a child's name that was attending party.

The birthday boy pulled out a box of gobstoppers, and traded it for the present. This kept the kids attention during present opening time, waiting for their gobstoppers. It also prevented that moment when all the kids shout "open mine" leaving the birthday girl stressed and confused.

It also served to make the gobstoppers more special than the other candies, since it was a big part of movie.

So, I guess this method was a win-win-win-win.

Regrouping The Kids

A party like this requires the leader to be able to focus the crowd of kids. Getting their attention can be tricky, especially for someone who doesn't have much experience working with groups of kids.

For this party, try a tin whistle. In the movie, Willy Wonka used one to call the Oompa Loompas (click here to watch the 8 second video). Regrouping after a game will be a little easier with this:

Thank Your Guests

Other Awesome Wonka Parties - Just in case you didn't get your fill here ...

This is a collection of links to other people's wild Willy Wonka Parties ! Hope yours turns out as cool as mine and these guys' parties did !!!

Willy Wonka Thank You Cards

It is important that kids learn to send Thank You notes, and that it becomes a habit for them. Making the card fit into the party's theme is a great way to get them excited to do them.

  • Make similar to the "contract" poster above, but put on computer typed with big to small letters like in movie contract - saying "Thank you so much for coming to my party, your being there made the day so much better ... etc... etc... yada yada yada " and have the birthday kid sign the bottom.
  • I have a printable postcard that was formatted by my sister that is way cool - we used it for thank you - it has Gene Wilder, the Boat, and a big "THANK YOU" written on it in WONKA font!
  • We included an "oompa loompa whistle" (cheap slide whistles from party store) and "exploding candy for your enemies" (pop rocks) - both labeled as such - attached to the Thank you cards....
  • You can always add photos from the party - like the kids in the oompa loompa face cut out or with Willy Wonka ...

I have some stuff I can send you to get you started !

Email me at if your interested in any of this.

I can send you a file that will include (perfectly formatted to fit chocolate bar) outer wrapper and Golden ticket. I will also include a printable Thank You Gene Wilder Postcard (great printed on card stock). The Wording for Guest Contract Birthday Card Poster, Printable Thank You Contract (can be printed on back of Thank You Post card, Printable Coloring Pages, and Wonka Trivia Questions

For all of this - send an email to but be sure to include "Willy Wonka Party Printouts" in the memo section - as well as the email that you would want it sent to - so I know. Anyone that would like to paypal me anything I would surely accept to this address, but I do not require payment. I just love sharing the work I did for my party to help make yours better !

Other items that I have left over and can mail you at small cost (will have to send me an email about interest in these) :

Willy Wonka Golden Ticket Gold Paper - I bought 100 sheets, you can get 2 golden tickets off one page easily. It was a bit expensive, so I saved the rest and can sell you just the number of sheets you need. THIS IS THE PERFECT GOLDEN TICKET PAPER ! It has a shiny luster - but can be used in regular printers -FYI - I had Staples print the golden tickets on this paper for regular copy price (like 5 cents) and also had Staples print the outer wrapper - we used glossy paper and color copy from staples - this cost more like 80 cents. (2 per sheet for both of these)

Oompa Loompa Poster (cut out face for kids to stick head out) - I have mine - it was done on foam board, - My brother drew it, He will likely do it again to sell to you - can do it on large paper pr regular poster board and roll to send, or put on foam board like mine - email with interest, and I will contact him for cost etc.

I can also sell mine as I don't need it anymore.

We also have formatted stickers/labels for burned copies of the movie (I don't do anything burned movies). We can likely print and send you them in sticker form to put right on movies for a small cost, or I can add the image in with the email of images above (for no additional cost) - if you want this, be sure to let me know.

Other Wonka Parties

Games And Activities

Willy Wonka Party Games
Willy Wonka Party Games

Willy Wonka Party Games

Game Ideas for a Willy Wonka Birthday Party

The Willy Wonka games are what will keep the party going. These activities are your chance to make the not just look amazing, but to be really fun for the kids.

The movie has so much in it that it is almost custom made for birthday parties. For our Wonka Party, we had a game for each of the children that won a Golden Ticket and went on the tour of the factory. The extreme and wildly different personalities of the kids lent to some great games.

(Click here for all Willy Wonka game ideas)

Click on the child to see the game we played for their character. I've added some alternative ideas as well:




Violet Beauregard


Mike TV Games

Mike Teavee Games

Mike Teevee was all about television....and shooting. He was seen in the movie watching TV and shooting back at the screen.

  • You can do Food Break and serve Banquet TV dinners (they are approx $1.00 at most grocery stores) and can pass as a meal for the party ... They cook fast in microwave ... We thought of this, but opted for the game below - and we didn't actually serve a full meal - just cake.
  • TV Shooting

    We put the movie on the TV in the living room where the party was, on the "menu" screen, and had the kids take turns "shooting" Wonka with nerf gun - each kid got one bullet with his name on it. The kids LOVED this game ... and the winner got the big prize, everyone else gets a small one for trying. If you'd rather they didn't shoot at your TV, you can make a TV on a foam backed poster board and have them shoot for that.

Nerf Guns

You want a simple gun with one shot, not a repeating gun - the kids would just go too crazy with that.

You also want to make sure that they are suction bullets ! (Nerf makes some that just bounce off target.)

Verruca Salt Games

Verruca Salt Games

Verruca wanted everything, and it was her insistence on a golden egg that led to her exit from the factory.

  • Educated Egg Detector

    Before the party, blow up gold colored balloons and insert into them papers that say either "Good Egg" or "Bad Egg". Get a large cardboard box and cut front out - make it look like the Educated Egg Detector. Have the kids all take turns going in it and breaking their golden egg to find out if they are a 'good egg' or a 'bad egg'. If you want to speed it up, you can also do same game without the box - just handing out the golden colored balloons. If you want only one winner, you can put only one "good" or "bad" egg that you consider winner for the big prize, everyone else gets a small one for trying. For prizes here we used licorice. The good eggs got red licorice, the bad eggs got black. Be sure to get a pic of all kids holding up their "good egg" or "bad egg" sign - all in one group. This was the game we went with and it was my favorite at the party.

  • You could simply play "hot potato" with a golden colored egg (often found at Easter time) or a gold colored balloon.

These chocolate eggs are golden wrapped and printed WONKA's GOLDEN EGGS on every one. - They are $6.00 for a bag of 40! The wonka bars are available from the same site (save on shipping). They would make great prizes or great "thanks for playing" prizes for any Verruca Salt Game - also great in the loot bag ! Be creative ! - They are Perfect ! - Wish I saw them before my party !!!

Non-Candy Prizes

Okay, so there is admittedly a lot of candy at this party. If you'd like to try to make some of your prizes to be non-candy items, then a book would make a great prize. This is Roald Dahl's sequel to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Augustus Gloop Games

Augustus Gloop Game - Donut Eating

Augustus Gloop Game - Donut Eating
Augustus Gloop Game - Donut Eating

Augustus Gloop Games

All Augustus did was eat. Filling his belly was all he seemed to care about.

  • Augustus was pounding doughnuts at start of movie, so we did a traditional donut on the string eating contest - like is done at many Halloween parties. We did put down a disposable plastic tablecloth first, and had the donuts tied to a broomstick prior to party, so it was easy pull out and go ... and easy cleanup too ... The first one with doughnut gone, got the big prize, everyone else got a small one for trying.
  • Pretty much any food related game will do. Any eating contest will do.
  • Food related races could be fun too. You can put a photo of Augustus on buckets, and have the kids run across the room and pick up some kind of food on a spoon and carry it back and drop it into their Augustus. Whoever feeds their Augustus more in 1 minute wins.

Violet Beauregarde Games

Buy at AllPosters.comViolet's thing was chewing gum...and turning into blueberry.

  • Bubble Gum Bubble Blowing Contest

    Biggest Bubble Wins, it's a simple and fun game that will lead to a lot of laughs and some great photos.

  • "You're turning violet, Violet"

    Violet's addiction to bubblegum led her to turning into a blueberry. Have the kids split into teams, and each team with compete to turn one member "violet". They can use nothing but blue streamers and blue balloons (and maybe some tape). They'll cover the kid in blue balloons and wrap them like a mummy so she looks like a big blueberry. An impartial judge will choose a winning team.

  • Juicing Miss Beauregarde

    Nathan Barry describes this as an alternative to a Pinata. Miss Beauregarde is covered in blue balloons filled with goodies.

    This is what it looked like before the juicing commenced.

(photo by Pink Sherbet Photography used by CC 2.0)

Who is your favorite Golden Ticket winner?

Who was your favorite?

See results

Charlie Bucket Games

Charlie Bucket

Well this sounds crazy, but believe me, the 7 yr old boys LOVED it!


    We served up the 'fizzy lifting drink' and had a burping contest - best one burp won - and you bet we had a winner !!!

    For fizzy lifting drink we used Sparkling Water! We served it at table with a bubble machine blowing bubbles. The bubbles around them made the game feel special, and not just something they play at lunch. It was also a cool interactive decoration.

  • Newspaper throwing contest

    Charlie delivered newspapers. For a couple of weeks, keep your newspaper. Since they are so thick now, you could even split up the sections. Fold them like newspapers traditionally were folded. Have the kids throw their paper at a target. Perhaps a cardboard cutout of a mailbox hanging from the ceiling. If they hit the target, they get to go to the back of the line. If they miss, they are out. Last man standing in line wins.

    You could also have the kids try to throw their newspapers into a bucket as his name was Charlie Bucket.

  • Coloring Pages - have candy and wonka coloring pages - these are great for when first kids arriving - something to do.
  • Dipping - Chocolate Fondue Fountain
  • Lick-able Wallpaper
  • Stringing Candy Necklaces (can get regular candy necklaces and cut and have kids restring regular pieces onto new string ... Can also use a plastic canvas needle (larger and dull tip) with older kids and supply more crazy stuff like mini marshmallows and gummy bears etc...
  • Willy Wonka Movie Trivia - worked great as a filler while the cake was getting prepared (we gave out small pieces of candy for the ones that knew the answers. Be prepared with a lot if you do this, because many know the answers !

General Wonka Games and Activities

Other Willy Wonka Party Games and Activities

These were some other activities we did at the party. They were done more informally as they are less competitive.

Did you try any of these games? How did they go? Any tips?

Do you have any ideas for other Wonka Party games? If so, please do share !!!

Wonka Party Games Feedback

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      I loved the Willy Wonka movie!

    • bechand profile image

      bechand 3 years ago

      @CHERIAH: hope you got them in email ... if not let me know and i will send again

    • profile image

      2 years ago

      Can't wait to do this party. Thanks for all the ideas.

    • profile image

      Caroline 2 years ago

      love the ideas - going to do it with my girlguides - could you email me the files please cazcoleman at

    Great Candy Stores - Do You Like To Buy Local? Or Support the Mom and Pop Shops?

    If you want to help out the economy, and shop a mom and pop - check out these links ... The first is MY local chocolate store. They are GREAT. I also know that there are others in YOUR area just like them. Please feel free to leave their link in a comment on this page, and I will be sure to add it here. I LOVE VERMONT CONFECTIONERY - and am willing to help promote the little guys ! They usually have the BEST stuff !

    Local Candy Stores

    (send me your link to add here)

    Wonka Books

    More Random Wonka-ness

    Want Authentic Looking Everlasting Gobstoppers?

    You can make everlasting gobstoppers that look just like the movie. They are pretty easy to make using this product : Crayola Model Magic (that is what was used for the gobstoppers pictured on paper plate here!)

    It comes in tubs or packages.

    (It really does not matter how many pieces you have sticking out. But if you stop the video below, you will see that the movie had 4 pieces formed like a north southeast west, all on one plane. Then one sticking out the top, and that all sat upon a tripod like a camera stand. ) - I suggest 8 for this pattern, and up to 10 for the pictured below version. - many people use 9.

    So - Did You Like It?

    Share YOUR Party Ideas and Pictures !

    Please do send me any great pictures or ideas from YOUR party - I would love to keep this page very comprehensive, and a great resource for others. If you have any new ideas that I did not have, please send them along to - and I will be sure to add it to my page. If you would like, I will credit you with the idea as well on the page.

    If you have any great party pics - I would love those too ! This could be an even better page with everyone's input. You are spending a ton of prep for it as I did, why not show off your great efforts ! - pics of your games, cakes, decorations etc... We want them all :O)

    Homemade Everlasting Gobstoppers !
    Homemade Everlasting Gobstoppers !

    Everlasting Gobstopper Machine

    Wanna quick peek at the machine and product in the movie?

    Let me know what you think about my party - or add ideas if you have them too !

    Please leave comments - I love hearing what people think !

    Comments? - It's party time!

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      • kerbev profile image

        kab 6 years ago from Upstate, NY

        A wonka party sounds wicked cool!

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        Janet2221 6 years ago

        Wonderful lens with so many Willy Wonka party ideas! Thank you for adding it to the Kid's Birthday Party Club. :)

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        myraggededge 6 years ago

        Great lens - I bet it will get more and more colourful over time. Blessed by a Squid angel in anticipation of more pics and perhaps some bright borders around the text :-)

      • TreasuresBrenda profile image

        Treasures By Brenda 6 years ago from Canada

        Lickable wall paper...that's a new one!

        We had a marvelous movie-themed birthday party when my children were younger although it would work for any age. I'm lensrolling your lens to my lens about our party.

        Wanted to say welcome to Squidoo. To make more friends, be sure to visit lots of lenses and leave relevant comments. Also, make sure to introduce yourself at SquidU, if you haven't already. It is a great forum filled with people willing to answer questions and share their experiences.

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        KimGiancaterino 6 years ago

        Now, this looks like a fun party. We had a chocolate fountain at my parents' anniversary party and everyone loved it. I'm featuring this on my "Pure Imagination" lens. (Can't get that song out of my head...)

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        tandemonimom lm 6 years ago

        This looks like a fabulous party!

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        Thanks - I'll keep this site bookmarked for the kids' next birthday parties!

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        Snozzle 6 years ago

        What a great lens, so much information - just wish my children were small again!

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        Janet2221 6 years ago

        This lens has been featured on the Kid's Birthday Party Club blog. :)

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        A great innovative and fun lens. Congratulations!

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        Original, imaginative, fun and *-*Blessed*-*. Now featured on Sprinkled with Stardust and also on the-formative-years

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        Surfie LM 6 years ago

        Holy smokes, this lens is awesome! Very thorough with so many great ideas. Makes me want to throw myself a Wonka party on my next birthday.

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        KennyCasanova 6 years ago

        What a fabulous idea!

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        Hi! Could you please enable your contact button or send me a mail using my contact button on my profile page? I would like to invite you inside Fresh Squid Ning community but need your mail address to send you an invitation. Thanks!

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        So many great ideas, love the birthday cake.

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        Love the lickable wallpaper!

      • profile image

        seegreen 6 years ago

        What clever ideas! When I was little we would have Charlie and the Chocolate Factory sleep-overs at my friends house and we would all camp out in the living room and drink hot-chocolate while watching the movie, it was so much fun.

      • TreasuresBrenda profile image

        Treasures By Brenda 6 years ago from Canada

        Very nicely done!

      • BuckHawkcenter profile image

        BuckHawkcenter 6 years ago

        Didn't realize there was so much to planning a Willie Wonka birthday party! Great information.

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        How Cool!

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        There is a lot of content and hard work reflected in this lens.

        Well done.

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        Great idea, love the lickable wallpaper. Thumbs up :)

      • BobbyBOOMBOOMBi profile image

        BobbyBOOMBOOMBi 6 years ago

        Please consider adding a bubble blowing contest as a game for these partys. You can warm them up by showing them pictures out our lens or website!

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        Congratulations! After completeing the August Get Cracking Cahllenge lensmaster KAB chose this terrific lens to award a purple star to!

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        What a Wonderful Wonka party resource...I love Willy Wonka (preferred Gene to Johnny!!). It really makes me wish my kids were still little so we could have a Wonka party 'cos they loved it too :) Blessed by a SquidAngel :)

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        pkmcr 6 years ago from Cheshire UK

        A Willy Wonka Birthday Party sounds like great fun and there are some great ideas here! Blessed by a passing Squid Angel :-)

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        I think I just found the theme to my 41st birthday!...the kids will love it! I'll love it! This is one tasty lens!

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        Wow! Load of information here! Extremely well done!

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        LisaDH 6 years ago

        I love the Gene Wilder version of the movie, but my kids love the Jonny Depp version. Great ideas here, particularly the lickable wallpaper. You must be a very cool mom to go to such lengths for a party! :-)

      • MirandaBrooks LM profile image

        MirandaBrooks LM 6 years ago

        awesome idea!

      • nickupton lm profile image

        nickupton lm 6 years ago

        A fantastic lens full of great information. I don't have any kids but maybe I will have a Willy Wonka party for my 40th!

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        JenOfChicago LM 6 years ago

        Sounds like a great party! Congrats on your purple star!

      • profile image

        Pizazzle 6 years ago

        Help Please! I am throwing my daughter a Willy Wonka Party. This lens is AMAZING!!! I have so many ideas but the hardest thing right now is getting the right template for the chocolate wrappers and golden tickets. I cannot link to the site that has the template. I am looking for the original look from the 1971 movie. The wrappers that are brown with pink and orange trim and the golden tickets that are scalloped trimmed. I know there are sites like etsy but I need 25 invitations and it's a bit pricey. If anyone knows someone that has a template I would geatly appreciate it.

      • bechand profile image

        bechand 6 years ago

        @Pizazzle: I have the wrapper cover you are looking for - formatted to fit. I also have a formatted golden ticket that I made... I can email you both, but you did not leave contact info here ... I hope you check back. It is all in an email ready to go ... you can email me at aol or leave your contact info for me - if you don't want your email to show up here- i can not publish the comment, but it will come to me ... through this page if you leave it with "reply" or like i said you can just email me on aol and then we can make contact ...

        you will have a GREAT party !!! I am sure ! (I printed all my own, and they looked quite professional, I will be sending the same images ... I also made the golden ticket editable now so you can add in your own party info, and I also have the orig. wording as well ... all info is in that one email ...)

      • profile image

        Pizazzle 6 years ago

        @bechand: I emailed you to your aol account too but I guess you didn't get it. My email address is I just joined swuidoo and trying to navigate through it. I'm just so excited to get started!

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        anonymous 6 years ago

        Wow, what an amazing lens. Lots of great work went into this one. Nicely done.

      • profile image

        anonymous 6 years ago

        @bechand: Hey I am planning this party for my 2 kids there birthday's are both in Dec 2010, I love the ideas it will help me put a lot! But the invitations I am kind of lost on my email address is I am planning this between the to birthday's! Ugh! and then it's Christmas, I think I want to pass out! I am a single mother but I really want them to enjoy! Please help me if you can, I am open for any suggestions! Thanks for sharing!

      • profile image

        anonymous 6 years ago

        I love Willy Wonka! Never thought of doing a birthday party theme like this, it looks like a lot of fun!

      • WebIsFun profile image

        WebIsFun 6 years ago

        Great idea!

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        anonymous 6 years ago

        Hi please contact me i am interested in all of your items for my daughters 10th birthday party. Thanks a bunch. excellent ideas!

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        jackieb99 6 years ago

        Such a good idea! I'd love to throw one of these parties.

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        catbehaviors 6 years ago

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        Blessed by a SquidAngel.

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        Elissa 6 years ago

        What a great idea! Would be a fun party for adults too. I especially love the kids licking the wallpaper. :)

      • profile image

        MelodySteiner 6 years ago

        Do you still have the Wonka bars available? Please contact me :)


      • profile image

        MelodySteiner 6 years ago

        Do you still have the Wonka bars available? Please contact me :)


      • Missmerfaery444 profile image

        Missmerfaery444 6 years ago

        This is an excellent example of how to make a great party theme lens! Lots of fab ideas and I love the "making a Golden Ticket invitation' section. Blessed by the Birthdays Neighborhood SquidAngel! Will be featured on

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        Blessed by a SquidAngel.

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        Wonderful lens, lots of great Wonka stuff here. Came to leave my Angel Blessings! Just a note, your pic for the original Wonka Bar seems to have disappeared!?!?

      • profile image

        anonymous 6 years ago

        I'm looking to use your Golden Ticket template... I, too, can not link to the Yellow Box about the golden tickets. I am hoping that the template can be customized a tiny bit? Our party is going to be in the afternoon - 2 PM and I want to be able to change that and obviously the date. Can you email me I would be so appreciative! I absolutely love your party ideas and will be doing some of them for our own party! So excited. Thanks! :-)

      • profile image

        anonymous 6 years ago

        This is great - it's always a challenge thinking up new ideas for parties!

      • Retro Loco profile image

        Vicki 6 years ago from USA

        I want a Willy Wonka birthday party!!!!!! I take that back. My birthday is next month, and I don't want to even think about my birthday!! I've had too many. This is such a fun lens and a great idea for a lens! ~Vicki~

      • profile image

        anonymous 6 years ago

        I'm trying to print off the free printable birthday invite for the Willy Wonka bars but unable to do so. Could you guide me through it?


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        Enjoyable Squidoo. Really love reading other thoughts abroad. Chris

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        Jeanette 5 years ago from Australia

        What a super resource of ideas for a perfect Wonka party!

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        anonymous 5 years ago

        LOVE all of your ideas!!! I am also trying to use your template for the invites, but am unable to open the link. Would you mind emailing me?

      • profile image

        anonymous 5 years ago

        I am also trying to download the template....could you email me also at Thanks!

      • profile image

        anonymous 5 years ago

        I too would like the template for the invites. If you could email that would be great. Great Ideas and looks like a fun party.

      • lemonsqueezy lm profile image

        lemonsqueezy lm 5 years ago

        Lickable wallpaper! Brilliant. I loved reading all of these ideas. it makes me want to have a Wonka party.

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        shandigp 5 years ago

        I especially love the two wallpaper ideas!

      • profile image

        ideadesigns 5 years ago

        This is the ultimate in Willy Wonka party ideas! Candy seems to be the highlight, the more the better! Lot's of purple and a black top hat too. Love it!

      • profile image

        anonymous 5 years ago

        Hi! I would really appreciate it if you could send me the "Willy Wonka Party Printouts" at Thanks. (:

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        WorldVisionary 5 years ago

        Such a great lens - an Angel blessing and a thumbs up for you.

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        Seeking Pearls 5 years ago from Pueblo West

        What a great party idea. It sounds like you had a wonderful time.

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        Great ideas for a Willy Wonka party!

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        Interesting party ideas. Thanks for visiting my lens and the answer to your question is no.

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        How wonderfully grand and congratulations on that exceptional lens rank, its Willy Wonka wonderful!

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        This is such a fun birthday theme idea!! I've never seen it before but it's brilliant! Great ideas :)

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        TeacherRenee 5 years ago

        This lens is to clever for words -- really fantastic! Thanks.

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        anonymous 5 years ago

        who doesn't love chocolate, nice lens, thanks for sharing

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        mountainstevo 5 years ago

        I love the idea of lick-able wall paper!

      • CherylsArt profile image

        Cheryl Paton 5 years ago from West Virginia

        Me too! Can I have a Willy Wonka Party!

      • profile image

        anonymous 5 years ago

        I am planning a Willy Wonka Party for my soon to be six year old I would really appreciate it if you would send me all the templates for invitations etc. Thank you so much GREAT IDEAS

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        anonymous 5 years ago

        This is so totally cool. Blessed and getting features on Cool People. I love it!

      • punkgrinder profile image

        punkgrinder 5 years ago

        Brilliant Lens, will definitely be trying some of these suggestions!

      • profile image

        anonymous 5 years ago

        im going for a night out dressed as a umpaa could any one tell me where i can get really big wonka lollies from i have looked all over

      • bechand profile image

        bechand 5 years ago

        @anonymous: You can get them at the candy warehouse - I added a link above - so scroll back up and look for the pictures of the huge pops - Hope you have a great night !

      • profile image

        anonymous 5 years ago

        Just stopped by to smile at this!

      • Scarlettohairy profile image

        Peggy Hazelwood 5 years ago from Desert Southwest, U.S.A.

        Great information here to get the party started!

      • profile image

        anonymous 5 years ago

        thanks this is great! There are some real good bits you mentioned which will really make this party the talk of the town! Those 2 stores have sold out so I found another place that sells wonka bars

      • ResearchAddict profile image

        ResearchAddict 5 years ago

        Fun ideas! Love the lickable wallpaper!

      • profile image

        anonymous 5 years ago

        This would be an amazing party!

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        Awesome lens! Really enjoyed it. Squid-liked :)

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        Stopping back with some fresh angel dust!

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        Great ideas and a beautiful lens. A very well deserved Purple star. Blessed.

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        Awesome ideas, what a fun party. Now I want to go make some lickable wallpaper!

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        DonD LM 5 years ago

        Now Im craving for chocolates. This an amazing idea. Excellent lense

      • TolovajWordsmith profile image

        Tolovaj Publishing House 5 years ago from Ljubljana

        I have not seen Depp's version yet, but Wilder's enchanted me as a kid and is still one of my favorite movies of all time. It is so powerful I haven't read Roald Dahl's book yet and I think this is the only of his books translated in Slovene I haven't...

      • BlueObsidian profile image

        Kimberly 5 years ago from Oregon

        These are great ideas! Maybe I'll have to have a Wonka themed 30th birthday. Thumbs up!

      • AlexTedford profile image

        AlexTedford 5 years ago

        Awesome lens! I am REALLY interested by this topic...also, if you wouldn't mind, I would really appreciate if you took the time to bless my lens: ...thanks! You are one of my favorite lensmasters!

      • goo2eyes lm profile image

        goo2eyes lm 5 years ago

        i saw willy wonka film with johnny depp and i thought that he's so weird but good acting he did. congrats to your purple star. actually, i have 2 (if animals could talk and love story) angel blessed.

      • TTMall profile image

        TTMall 5 years ago

        Great lens with excellent pictures. Thanks for sharing!

      • jordanmilesbask profile image

        jordanmilesbask 4 years ago

        wow, another great idea for party...I keep this in mind..thanks for sharing!

      • profile image

        anonymous 4 years ago


        This is so awesome. I think I'm going to persuade my little sister to have this party next year.

        Damn, I love Willy Wonka...

      • profile image

        Tolemac 4 years ago

        This is incredible. This is how a lens get over 200 Squid likes. Just a phenomenal amount of excellent information, perfectly laid out. I will most definitely be sharing this one with all my friends who are wanting new and really fun party ideas. =)

      • KReneeC profile image

        KReneeC 4 years ago

        This is, by far, the most creative idea for a kids bday party. I bet every child that attended your party will remember it for the rest of their lives. Superb job on the lens and I will have to throw a party like this for my kids when they're older!

      • SheilaMilne profile image

        SheilaMilne 4 years ago from Kent, UK

        This has to be the best fun ever! I wish my boys were still young enough.

      • profile image

        anonymous 4 years ago

        hi would it be possible to email me the 1971 versions of the wrapper and ticket templates? thanks! this is such a fab idea - have a few others to try will let you know how they work out and send you some pics!x

      • Gypzeerose profile image

        Rose Jones 4 years ago

        I can't believe this lens exists! I had pin the tail on the donkey at my birthday party. What a blast. I think I might insist on this for my own party. Blessed and sent out to my pals at Facebook.

      • JackieM293 profile image

        JackieM293 4 years ago

        Wow! Lickable wallpaper utterly awesome! J

      • Expat Mamasita profile image

        Expat Mamasita 4 years ago from Slovakia

        I hope I broke the no like spell!!!

      • bechand profile image

        bechand 4 years ago

        @Expat Mamasita: you sure did :O)

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        AnnounceItFavors 4 years ago

        Wow, awesome lens, we sometimes use the golden ticket as the party invitations, too fun!

      • profile image

        chickie99 4 years ago

        too much fun!!

      • profile image

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        Great lens, if you have time please check my new one, and if you have time please share it around :

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        Bartukas 3 years ago

        Great party ideas

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        Wymahn 3 years ago

        So much to tell about Willy Wonka! Great lens.

      • profile image

        CHERIAH 3 years ago

        Could you please send the links to me? Thank you in advance for your time and help in this matter! Cheri H.

      • bechand profile image

        bechand 3 years ago

        @CHERIAH: if not sent in email, let mt know and i will send again

      • profile image

        Turnup 3 years ago

        Would love to re-live my youth as one of your kids. Dang, you creative.

      • profile image

        HMB 2 months ago

        By any chance, do you know the size of the Wonka Bar from the place in VT? I was looking at labels on-line and I'm wondering which size label I would need? Thanks!

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