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Wooden Advent Calendars 2013 - Ho ho!

Updated on April 18, 2013

Wood Advent Calendars for the 2013 Christmas Countdown

A selection of wooden advent calendars to choose from. This Christmas collection includes wooden advent calendars to suit a variety of budgets. Lots of the calendars have little boxes or drawers that you can place small gifts in.

You'll find advent calendars by Kurt Adler, Villeroy & Boch and lots more.

Wooden calendars can be used year after year, creating a lovely tradition for your family. They look beautiful on display and make the build up to Christmas memorable.

I'll be adding new calendars for 2013 as they become available.

Image: Kurt Adler 17-Inch by 14-1/2-Inch by 1-1/2-Inch Wooden Nutcracker Suite Advent Calendar Set

With Ornaments

Wooden Advent Calendars with Ornaments

Kurt Adler J1161 Wooden 24 Days Train Advent Calendar Tablepiece with 24 Wooden Ornaments, 9-Inch
Kurt Adler J1161 Wooden 24 Days Train Advent Calendar Tablepiece with 24 Wooden Ornaments, 9-Inch

This Kurt Adler advent train is one of my favorite wooden advent calendars. Each wooden compartment contains a mini Christmas ornament that can be used to decorate the train so it gets more and more festive as Christmas approaches.

Kurt Adler Wooden Snowman with Tree Advent Calendar
Kurt Adler Wooden Snowman with Tree Advent Calendar

You'll definitely know Christmas is coming with this Jolly snowman and his Christmas tree to fill with traditional ornaments.

I love the snowman's broom and the snow on the Christmas tree - very nice touches.

Christmas Tree Advent Calendar - Crafted all wood
Christmas Tree Advent Calendar - Crafted all wood

This Christmas Tree Advent calendar on top of a chest is a good value wooden advent calendar. It keeps the cost down by using little wooden doors instead of drawers. The wooden Christmas tree has little hooks for the included wooden ornaments that you hide behind the doors.

It gets good reviews though someone did have to loosen the wire hooks and someone else had to glue a door handle back on. At this price, it's not going to be quite as good as the more expensive wooden advent calendars. But it's a great option if your budget is limited.


With Magnets

Kurt Adler 17-Inch by 14-1/2-Inch by 1-1/2-Inch Wooden Nutcracker Suite Advent Calendar Set

@ Amazon


This Nutcracker Suite wooden advent calendar has a lovely traditional feel to it. It has a Nutcracker Suite scene in the middle and in each of the little drawers is a magnetic character or accessory to add to the scene. By Christmas Eve the ballet will be ready.

Kurt Adler Wooden Nativity Advent Calendar with 24 Magnetic Figures

@ Amazon


Kurt Adler makes lovely wooden advent calendars and this Nativity Scene is a classic. Build up the nativity scene over 24 days in anticipation of Christmas day itself.

Without Gifts

To put your own gifts in

Byers Choice Christmas Tree Wooden Advent Calendar

@ Amazon


This is a lovely brightly colored Christmas tree advent calendar. It makes me feel festive just looking at it. A reviewer mentions that the spaces behind the little doors are different sizes so you can fit different little treats inside.

Obviously you could choose candy or chocolate. But craft supplies are another fun idea if you want to avoid the sugar.


Wood Advent Tree w/ 24 Storage Drawers -Ready to Paint Unfinished

@ Amazon


Feeling creative? This blank advent calendar in the shape of a Christmas tree is ready to decorate. You can craft your own unique advent calendar as a gift or to keep.

Note that this calendar gets a negative review from someone who painted the drawers all over and then couldn't fit them back in the slots. Just paint the fronts of the drawers and you should be fine.

Works of Ahhh Christmas Tree Advent Calendar

This wooden advent calendar craft kit is rather lovely! When I saw it I thought it would be much more expensive than it is. (Click the picture for a price check, it was under $20 last time I checked.)

This lovely set comes with a wooden chest with 24 drawers. There's a wooden Christmas tree to decorate and 25 wooden ornaments. You also get paint pots and brushes and 100 stickers to decorate the calendar with.

The makes a lovely gift for a crafty child or adult to get into the Christmas mood early and create a family Christmas tradition for years to come.


Advent Calendar Box

@ Amazon


This gorgeous shaker wooden calendar is intended to be hung on a wall to create a Christmas tradition and an heirloom to pass down through the generations.

There are 24 wooden doors decorated with little stars behind which you can pop a little treat. And then in an unusual, but excellent touch, you can place a larger gift for Christmas day behind the big wooden door with Santa and his sleigh on.

Dimensions: 17" wide x 1 1/2" depth x 14 1/2" tall.

Wooden Advent Calendars on eBay

You can find some lovely wooden advent calendars on eBay.

13.5" Wooden Santa Claus Train Scene Advent Christmas Calendar

@ Amazon


The lovely Christmas chest with Santa driving a Christmas train on top makes great centerpiece for a room. The deep red and green colors make it feel nostalgic.

You'll have fun finding little gifts to pop into the drawers.

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Wooden Advent Calendars 2013

Do you remember a wooden advent calendar from your childhood. Are you starting a tradition with your children or grandchildren? Or do you want a wooden advent calendar for yourself?

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