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Worst Christmas Gifts I Received Over The Years

Updated on July 16, 2012

It was a rainy day, then. The skies are gloomy and grey as the rain clouds flock over Manila. On the contrary, the mood of my day was happy and a little excited knowing the fact, that it was a very special day. Yes, it was our Christmas party that I cannot contain the joy of getting something in our exchange gift program. Since such Christmas gift giving programs back in the early 90’s were done through random picking, lucky you were to get the gifts from your filthy rich classmates and unfortunate you were to get those from kids whose parents with bad taste. Sadly, my fate went to the second one.

Back in first grade, I will never ever forget the gift that I got for our Christmas party. I have to admit, I was really disappointed for having packs of corn bits for Christmas. From then on, my unlucky streak seems to be transferred from one year to another. Up until now, I never really liked what I get from exchange gifts and from Secret Santas, though, I appreciate the effort.

In this hub, I would like to share the bittersweet experiences in receiving those totally crazy gifts that since first grade. I don’t say that I hate these things, but I want people to know that if they would look for gifts for such kind of events whether it is for school for corporate, they should consider a few points before picking something from gift stores. Indeed, the intention of this hub is to tell people what should and what should not be given in Christmas parties.

Second Grade (Christmas 1997)

Cheap Chocolate Candies

I have nothing against chocolate candies. In fact, I wholeheartedly appreciate such gift back in second grade. I guess, it is because I was a kid back then. However, I realized that giving away food such as candies wouldn’t be a really good idea especially if you placed it inside a dingy box of a wall clock. But seriously, cheap chocolate candies might melt (especially here in the Philippines where it’s hot) inside the box and it would be really messy.

But if you insist, I suggest placing it in a decent box or container so your gift would look presentable. You may also customize your chocolate candies and let Google show you how. This way, you are able to infuse uniqueness on the sweet chocolate-y goodness of your Christmas gift. More than that, it would be sweeter if you give it straight from the heart. Remember to bust the “melts in your mouth, not in your hand”. Instead of this use, “melts in your heart, not in your mouth”.


Scented Candle

Third Grade (Christmas 1998)

Sorry, I guess, this one is one of my most hated gifts ever. I just don’t see any relevance of having candles for Christmas. For me giving candles is like playing safe. I felt like the kid who got my name didn’t know me that much and resorting for the gift that is very common is his parent’s option. What do you think a boy from third grade would do in a scented candle? Again, whoever gave it to back in third grade, I appreciate the effort.

Moral of the story, do not give something that is totally useless to a person. If you picked your baby and you don’t know them that much, you may always do a little research. Asking some of his/her close friends wouldn’t hurt, right? Moreover, there is nothing wrong with keen observation. Look at them from head to toe and see the things that he/she has on his/her work station. Flexing your muscle a little bit is not that bad, right?

Old Teddy Bear

First Year High School (Christmas 2001)

When I entered high school, I thought people would be more rationale in picking their gifts for their babies. Unfortunately, I was so wrong. I got an old teddy bear wrapped in newspaper with hints of homemade glue. It was so disgusting because my Secret Santa didn’t even use his brain. What would a guy do with an old teddy bear? Worst thing about the gift it how it was wrapped. Instead of the usual gift wrapper, he used old newspaper and sealed it with white glue. It was annoying and I ended up with a sad face as I put the poor teddy bear to where it should be—the trash bin.

I might be brutal with having a retiring teddy bear as Christmas gift to trash. Well, for sure some people who react the same way as I did. I don’t know what the intension of my Secret Santa for giving me such crap but whatever it was, it wasn’t funny at all. Thus, if you were to give gifts for Christmas, try to use your head. If you extremely hate the person, just try to be humane for once. After all, the spirit of Christmas is all about giving. Therefore, always make sure that you give gifts with all your heart and do not expect that much.


Women’s Shirt

First Job (Christmas 2009)

In my first job as a customer service representative for IBM back in 2009, I was expecting that gifts for Christmas parties would be better since we have the money to spend. For some reason, my Secret Santa gave me a pair of neon colored women’s t-shirt in the name of vengeance. I was so frustrated because I can never ever wear these shirts. Hence, I just gave it to my mom. Well, I guess, it’s a blessing in disguise – to my mom.

I think being selfless is the core values of Christmas. I was really upset in getting body fit women’s t-shirt from my Secret Santa in our corporate party. Since my mom was able to use those, I am happy. Just don’t plant grudge on your heart if you get women’s shirt despite the fact that you’re a guy. Again, as what I keep on saying over and over, appreciate. Just be thankful for the blessing that you had for the entire year.

On the other hand, if you were to give gifts, just take note some points before heading to the gift stores. First, make sure that you will give something useful. Second, gifts should be in line with your receiver’s personality. Third, it should be appropriate. Fourth, customize it to gain personal touch. It doesn’t matter what kind of gift you give or how much it is worth. Keep in mind that it is the thought that counts.

More than that, if you were to receive gifts, just be thankful. Learn how to appreciate. Don’t forget to smile and say “thank you”. Know how you can give back and learn how to give without expecting something in return.


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    • rob_allen profile image

      rob_allen 6 years ago from MNL, PH

      @Rosemay50 - I agree! That was a really insane gift idea. I think people should also consider the things that you do and dont do so they wont end up giving something that is totally useless :)

    • Rosemay50 profile image

      Rosemary Sadler 6 years ago from Hawkes Bay - NewZealand

      Funny hub

      I think the worst I ver got was 3 pink golf balls, great for someone who has never played golf. What was I supposed to do with them. Lol

    • rob_allen profile image

      rob_allen 6 years ago from MNL, PH

      @Dan - Oh God! that's crazy! I have to agree key chains are lousy gifts but I always end up promoting such thing in the name of my job! :))

    • Outbound Dan profile image

      Dan Human 6 years ago from Niagara Falls, NY

      Great entertaining hub!

      My worst Christmas present was an ornate wooden key chain that spelled out "David." Though key chains are a pretty lousy gifts anyway, it helps when they get your name right.

    • rob_allen profile image

      rob_allen 6 years ago from MNL, PH

      @laurathegentleman- haha, yeah, i think so, candles are ideal gifts for those you don't really know. I am guilty of that! Well, in my secret santas case back then, i think its his mom who bought the gift. We're kids and we dont have the money and the power to spend :)

    • laurathegentleman profile image

      laurathegentleman 6 years ago from Chapel Hill, NC

      I suppose they were just too lazy to go out and get me a present - it's probably along the lines of your candle gift - that awkward secret santa when they don't know what to get you! :)

    • rob_allen profile image

      rob_allen 6 years ago from MNL, PH

      @laurathegentleman - hey! that was so crazy! how come your secret santa gave you a bottle with half the shampoo content! :))

    • laurathegentleman profile image

      laurathegentleman 6 years ago from Chapel Hill, NC

      This is hilarious! Hmm... I think my worst gift ever was when I got a half-used bottle of shampoo from a Secret Santa gift exchange in seventh grade. Someone was too cheap to even spring for a FULL bottle of Dollar-store shampoo, haha.

    • rob_allen profile image

      rob_allen 6 years ago from MNL, PH

      @drajithkumar thank you for dropping by! :))

    • drajithkumar profile image

      drajithkumar 6 years ago from Kerala, India

      beautiful presentation, voting up

    • rob_allen profile image

      rob_allen 6 years ago from MNL, PH

      @imkd -thank you for voting it up!

      @Daisy Mariposa -hey daisy! did you take the gift? :)

      @TajSingh - just edited it out. It was meant for revenge! ")

      @twilanelson - thank you, hey, its been a while! :)

      @The-BestMouseTrap - whoa! thank you for your comment. really appreciate it :)

    • The-BestMouseTrap profile image

      Pam Valentine 6 years ago from The Heartland, USA

      Good message and funny too. Here's what I was reminded of when I read your hub.

      something useful: yup, it was

      receiver’s personality: Crusher? Mangler? Efficient?

      appropriate: he thought so-then

      it is the thought that counts: he was hoping I'd be thinking that.

      Now, you wanna know what it was? A garbage disposal! Third year married present from hubby. Been married 30 years now, he learned that day WHAT NOT to get me! 10 years ago I got binoculars, had no need for them then-but he did. Last year a rifle: Now that I can use!

    • twilanelson profile image

      Twila Nelson 6 years ago from Carmichael, California

      I hear bittersweet in this Hub. It is a wonderful Hub that is funny and also I love your thoughtful messages of learning to be thankful, giving back and to give without expecting something in return. Absolutely wonderful for this time of year. Thank you!

    • profile image

      TajSingh 6 years ago from United Kingdom

      Hi Rob. I like reading your hub. It's entertaining. It would have been interesting if you had the chance to ask your Secret Santa why he/she gave you women's shirt.

    • Daisy Mariposa profile image

      Daisy Mariposa 6 years ago from Orange County (Southern California)

      My sister gave me a framed reproduction of abstract art from the Philadephia Exposition of Modern Art. Seeing my expression wince, she said "Hey, I'll take that if you don't want it!"

    • imkd profile image

      imkd 6 years ago

      so funny... voted up