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WWE Plush Figures

Updated on November 1, 2012

Top WWE Plush Toys for Kids

If you are looking for a Christmas present for your kid that loves wrestling, then you have come to the right place. A lot of kids love the WWE show on the television and probably they all have a certain wrestler that they adore! It is no mystery that boys love to play out brawling. In this website we will present you some of the best WWE Plush Figures.

These WWE Brawlin' Buddies are a great gift for all kids and even older! Get yourself into WWE mode with characters like Randy Orton, Rey Mysterio, John Cena or Sheamus! These WWE Figures are really amazing toys, since they feature over 10 sounds, voices and phrases that wrestlers actually use! The best thing though is that they are extremely soft and cuddly!

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Did you know?

Plush figures are also known as plush toys, plushies, stuffed animals, soft toys and cuddly toys! They are usually sewn from a textile and filled with a soft material.

Find here Best selling Plush Toys - WWE Plush Toys are great for boys, but maybe girls would want different Plush Toy

Playskool Sesame Street Lol Elmo
Playskool Sesame Street Lol Elmo

Product snippet:

You will have a lot of fun when making this laughing Elmo laugh out loud! Press his feet, or tickle his tummy or press either of his feet again. Remember - the more you tickle Elmo, the more he will shake and roll with laughter!


Most popular Plush Characters..

..are definitely sock monkeys, Elmo from the Sesame Street television show and Furby, a robotic talking plush toy!

WWE Brawlin' Buddies Randy Orton Plush Figure

Randy Orton became the youngest person ever to hold the title in WWE history, he was only 24 years old! If your kid is a Randy Orton fan, than this is the right present for him! This 16" figure features the Randy Orton's signature style. Your kid will be able to create great WWE fights with John Cena or Sheamus with Orton's legendary inverted headlock back-breaker or a choke-hold with Randy real voice!

WWE Brawlin' Buddies Rey Mysterio Plush Figure

Rey Mysterio is a Mexican American professional wrestler with the Lucha Libre high flying style as his trademark. Boys will be able to stage stunts with this Rey Mysterio figure and crash their toys! And did you know that Mysterio was only 12 years old when making his first debut in Mexico?

WWE Brawlin' Buddies Rey Mysterio Plush Figure (Colors may vary)
WWE Brawlin' Buddies Rey Mysterio Plush Figure (Colors may vary)


"..My son absolutely loves these guys! he is constantly playing with them and can't wait to get all the others. If your children watch wrestling...they will love them too!.."


WWE Brawlin' Buddies John Cena Plush Figure

John Cena is a true WWE wrestling star! Back in 2000s he held the title for 380 days which makes him the longest-reigning WWE Champion! This WWE Plush character got the highest reviews on Amazon! Your kid will be able to perform John Cena's signature moves such as Attitude Adjustment and STF on other WWE wrestlers!

WWE Brawlin' Buddies John Cena Plush Figure (Colors may vary)
WWE Brawlin' Buddies John Cena Plush Figure (Colors may vary)


"..I bought this for my stepson as a get-well gift. He fell in love with it from the moment I took it out of the packaging. Every time he smacks it, Cena makes a noise and my son giggles. It is priceless, and love seeing him happy. Would highly recommend for any age child, especially if they like noisy toys..."


WWE Brawlin' Buddies Sheamus Plush Figure

Sheamus is a great WWE wrestler! He weights 267 lbs and is 6'4" tall which makes him the warrior in the ring! Interesting thing about him is that for example he was working the personal security for U2 singer Bono. He made an impact as soon as he entered the WWE Arena by saying:" Not land, sea or any other obstacle can stop The Celtic Warrior." Your kid will be able to perform his special signature moves on other WWE fighters, like Brogue Kick, Cloverleaf, White Noise and the Irish Curse Backbreaker!

Great video review for WWE Plush Toy - This time from a kid!!

Did you know?

German Steiff company made the first commercial about stuffed toys back in 1880!

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