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Personalised Gifts for the Guys

Updated on July 9, 2017

Men love unique personalised gifts, and if you have ever presented a man with a gift that has his name etched or inscribed on, you will notice that it never fails to make them smile warmly.

Men are the easiest of the genders to give gifts and are usually highly appreciative of the gesture. It doesn’t matter what you give, there is always that amusement, pleasure or approval.

But because men are a little less demanding than women, they tend to overlook their men's simple needs.

Personalised gifts for men can be unique if chosen with careful thought, especially if your aim is to make a statement or send a signal.

These kinds of gifts must become some memento of sorts, and must be fantastic enough to create a huge impact to the recipient.

Gifts for Men Should be Just as Special

Make your gift to him a special one that shows him that you chose it carefully because you care enough to know and appreciate his passion. Make it more personal by creating his very own personalised gift.

  • Does he love fishing or snorkeling?
  • Is he a soccer or football fan?
  • Does he enjoy horse racing?
  • Is he a car racing fan?
  • What does he take pleasure in doing in his spare time?

Or is he really quite happy to please?

These are just a few ideas that can get you thinking. So, for example, getting the perfect Christmas gifts for the guys, unusual presents for dads, personalised gifts for men or romantic gifts for husbands’ just demands thinking out of the box to try finding out about any passion they may have.

Whether it is an engraved gift, a personalised bottle of champagne, calendar, phone covers, posters with quotes, personalised glassware, or a simple mug with their name on you should consider getting him a personalised present.

Unique Gifts for Him

If you are a daughter, mother, sister; married, or single with a number of male friends or colleagues; or if you want to present your male employees with great gifts, you can have whatever you give any of them personalised.

Here are some good examples of great gift ideas. If they receive any of these, they’ll definitely be "over the moon".

A Football Book
A Football Book | Source

Football enthusiasts may claim to know everything about their beloved team, but there are facts and articles they’ve never heard or read about - 100 Yards of Glory: The Greatest Moments in NFL History

1. Football Book

A football fan will just love this gift. It contains authentic reproductions (from scans of original newspapers of over a century) of all the important historical new reports, thrilling match reports, boardroom dramas, transfer speculations, and significant stories regarding his favourite football team.

It is bound with premium quality leatherette which gives it a good hardback and comes in actual tabloid size.

The handcrafted football book is personalised with the name of any man you wish to give. The name is embossed on the front cover with gold.

Personal details and greetings are printed on a Certificate Label affixed to the front page but there is no choice of layout for the inside cover certificate.

The Football Book is not written by an author, nor does it resemble a textbook of things that happened back in history.

It is written in the format and language of the time by sports reporters who witnessed the games and events as they unfolded in informative and entertaining newspaper style.

Gift Idea For Him
Gift Idea For Him

2. Personalized T-shirts

T-shirts have always been a favourite of most boys and men, and they are, and always will remain trendy or functional for both young and old.

Personalised t-shirts can come with cool, simple, humorous, fun, racy, rock 'n roll, or even western (cowboys) themes.

They can also come in a faded vintage look picture with inspirational or romantic quotes,

Ideas abound as to your choice of designs.

For example, if he enjoys fishing, his tees gift can be personalised by having his name printed on, including a black and white photo of his great fishing expedition, where he made his 'great' catch.

Browse through old magazines; search online where you will find a wide array of shots you can legally use.

For example, if he is a soccer fan, go online to find a picture of the greatest soccer player of the 20th century.

Alternatively, you can simply dig through old photographs, use pictures, graphic illustrations or old comic characters to get your desired image printed on sweatshirts, tee shirts, hoodies, long sleeved or sleeveless t-shirt gifts.


3. Personalised Pocket Watches

A pocket watch is a gift that's anything but common. They are fine and skilfully engraved watches that are timeless keepsakes a man will cherish through the years.

Reminiscent of a bygone era, these vintage inspired handsome pieces can aptly be described as "classics reincarnated" timepieces that were commonly worn between the 16th and mid 20th century.

Though the use of pocket watches went out of fashion after the First World War, a time when wearing wristwatches became trendy; their rarity today is making them more appealing as unique accessories that have style, character, refinement and personality.

Giving a man who is special a gift as this means you are presenting him with a distinguished and distinctive present, something that, ……..who knows……; can be elevated to heirloom status especially with that engraved message from you that will always mean something special to him.

Personalise pocket watches, as these make perfect presents for him for Christmas, Father's Day, birthdays, corporate occasions and "just because I love you" gifts.

4. Your Romantic Message to Him In A Bottle

Oh, what a delightful romantic gift for your loved one. This is simply an exquisite keepsake that is most certainly "on point".

Stranded, By Message In A Bottle is a unique gift in that you can write your personal message to him on a scroll placed in a glass bottle that stands 30cm (12") tall and packaged in a fine wooden crate.

Your special message to him will be written on paper with real burnt edges, sitting on a bed of sand and seashells.

It’s the kind of gift that an articulate and modest man will appreciate and want to keep "forever".

It is impressive and makes a perfect present for any celebration or occasion; Christmas, St. Valentine's Day, birthdays, anniversaries, etc...

This is not your regular small screw-top sauce type bottles or mere imitations you'll find everywhere. The gift bottles and crate boxes are full sized pieces and of the best quality.


5. Phone Covers Made Personally for Him

Give him a unique gift that he can carry around with him always, wherever he may go.

A personalised amazing phone cover for his Blackberry, Android, iPhone, or other types of smartphones will put an appreciative smile on his face and he will remember and cherish the gift you gave him every single day when he makes or answers his calls.

If you know a man who has everything and you are in a dilemma as to what to present him, this is a great gift idea. It is one of the best gift ideas for dads, brothers and granddads, and they are very affordable too.

It can be personalised with his personal photo, or yours for that matter (to remind him constantly of you!), or it can carry an image of a great time you had together on one of you travels.

Great features include:

  • Superior quality, hard-wearing, and long-lasting PVC case
  • State of the art, cutting edge thermal printing with visibly vibrant prints
  • Has a very high gloss appearance

From the simple uploading and editing of the picture online to the speed of delivery, this is the perfect gift you can be sure they will use every day.

...Or You Can Make One Youself


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© 2009 viryabo

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    • keira7 profile image

      keira7 7 years ago

      Hello Viryabo, I always have problem finding gift ideas for my son and husband, and its true what you say about "women tend to look simple needs" This is a great hub thanks Viryabo for the info. Take care God Bless.

    • viryabo profile image

      viryabo 7 years ago

      Hi keira, thanks for your visit and your nice comments. So glad you find this informative.


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