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Getting Through The Christmas Day Blues

Updated on March 31, 2012

What can I do to get through another empty Christmas?

Today is December 25, 2010, My Christmas is really empty. I have no decorations on display. I am still in my pajamas, but I did take the time to wash up. For breakfast I finished off the pizza I bought last night along with a cup of coffee. I now in the processing of putting another hub on my hubpages.

I decided to get on my knees and say my morning prayer. I began with thanking the Lord for another day, week, month and also year of getting through life's ups and downs. I thanked the Lord for having a place to stay, because around 25th of August, I was living in a house with many discerning spirits. It is sad to say, I was unjustly remove from one relative's house and placed in another. This was not an improvement, because one was just as bad as the other. I couldn't enjoy the comforts of a bed, watching television or even feeling comfortable enough to cook a meal. But I continue to pray and ask the Lord for his guidance and patience, and he brought me through.

With the help of my relative prodding and making things as uncomfortable as possible, I decided to go to a shelter, but the one I was in had specific times which would not work with my schedule for work and getting my child back and forth to after school activities. So I ended up in a hotel for a couple of days and then lived in my car for at least a week. Each day I would go to a public restroom to wash up and dress, and eat at fast food restaurants or munch on lunchmeat and snacks. I finally found a place and I was able to furnish it with some of the things from my storage. My lease was a deposit with one month's rent free, so that was definitely a blessing.

As I look around my apartment, I am so grateful to remember and know how I made it this far. Only with the Lord's grace. I can wake up each day without being in anyone's way. I can go into the kitchen, and feel at ease that I can cook a meal and the smell of my food is not offensive. I don't have to worry about someone tampering with my food that is stored in a small area of the refrigerate. I can even take a bath or a shower instead of going days without washing up. I can sleep without someone coming in all hours of the night, slamming doors and turning the ceiling lights on.

When I review all the events that have taken placed before I was able to secure a home of my own, the feeling of being blue turns into feelings of gratitude and peace. Christmas Day is going to turn out ok. I am going to go into my kitchen and start our dinner now. I am going to turn on the television and watch my favorite shows. I am going to hug and kiss my family, and thank the Lord for a beautiful Christmas Day.


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