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X-men Costume Ideas and Inspiration

Updated on March 16, 2015


X-Men is a popular comic book series from Marvel Comics with a slew of well known superheroes and villains which generate great ideas for Halloween costumes and other costume party events.

They are also a big part of cosplay and its adherents, who draw from the subject matter to wear at Comic-Con and other similar extravaganzas.

Among the more popular characters are Wolverine, Rogue, Professor Xavier, Magneto, Mystique, Cyclops, Colossus, Nightcrawler, Jean Grey, Beast, Angel, Storm and Ice Man.

If you're not a follower of the X-Men series through the years, or even if you are, it's sometimes overwhelming to attempt to remember the enormous number of X-Men, as well as their many enemies, who in some cases, became X-Men themselves over time.

Even so, just a quick perusal of major characters provides fantastic costume ideas, and many of them are terrific looking and show well when wearing them.

X-Men Costume Designs

One very positive of choosing an X-Men costume theme is it is a compelling choice when wanting to dress up in a specific theme as a family, or when a group of friends want to go out as the X-Men team.

Again, the wide variety of X-Men and X-Men villains available to choose from offers more than enough costume options for just about any size group.

Because a lot of X-Men fans choose to add a little bit of their own interpretation to a costume of their favorite team member, or villains of the series, it's hard to describe exactly how X-Men costumes should and do look.

And there are also disparities between some of the comic book looks of the heroes and villains and those presented in the film.

But as long as you keep the main element that defines the look of the particular X-Men character, it should be no problem being identified as who it is you're portraying.

If I had to choose the most popular material used in an X-Men costume, it's almost assuredly latex, although there are others as well.

Group X-Men Costuming

Since the X-Men are such a great group costuming idea, we're not going to look too much at individual costumes of the characters, but rather mostly at group pictures of costumes, so you can get as many ideas as you can from the wide variety of X-Men heroes and villains; both for individuals and groups.

Let's take a look at some of the many X-Men costumes worn by fans of the series.

Group X-Men Costumes

We'll start off the X-Men costume gallery with several groups costuming as the X-Men. Just these photos will give the majority of you enough ideas to work from.

There are some X-Men heroes, villains, and relative newcomers among all of those included below.

As you can see, there are a plethora of costume colors, hair colors and styles, designs and even skin colors, depending on which characters are represented. And it's always fun to include accessories to complete the unique persona, and in some cases - weaponry of the X-Men characters and villains.

All this variety is what makes dressing up like X-Men related characters so fun.

X-Men Homemade Costumes


Handmade, Homemade X-Men Costumes

There are some of the X-Men member costumes you can buy if you want to go that route, as you can see above, but there are those that prefer to design their own X-Men costume, especially if they can't find a costume to buy of the character they want to dress as.

Either way, designing X-Men costumes, as with other characters, can be a lot of fun, and if going as a group together, it's something you could also do together to help one another out before the big day.

The number of characters that could be chosen are numerous, and so almost impossible to show how to make them on your own.

What needs to be done first is to decide on a costume, and then find some type of pattern to make the X-Men costume you desire.

If possible, find a friend of family member that is crafty and let them give you an assist. Or as mentioned, do it together as a group, making it part of the overall experience. Just be sure to have some people on hand that can help you in the process.

But overall, it's not overly difficult, and just looking at most of the costumes in this article shows they were made by hand, and all that has to be done is to copy what those here did. It's almost for certain that the character you want to dress up as is in this article, and if not, get an image of the character, enlarge it, and take some of the designs you see in these photos and adapt them to your own character's costume.

In many cases you will need some face or body paint, a basic body costume, and some additions to make the costume. And in other cases you need to have a little skill to put together the costumes you see here.

Now let's look at a few individual X-Men character costumes to generate some ideas on how to make them.

Making X-Men Costumes

The following individual X-Men costumes are those that could be relatively easily made without much skill needed, but still looking good.

You can see that every costume simply needs a few parts and you have a great look. For example, the first one with Storm only needs a platinum wig, latex suit, black boots and gloves, and a white cape.

Go down the photo list of X-Men characters and you can see how it would be pretty easy to accomplish the task.

This wouldn't be hard with Wolverine either, whom I didn't include a photo of below, but only needs a white t-shirt, the right hair style, and of course some cool claws to complete the look. It depends upon which specific wolverine look you want to have.


X-Men Costume Ideas

X-Men will remain popular for a long time, and it's an ever-evolving series, which is incorporating new characters into the storyline on a consistent basis.

But whether drawing from the older or newer characters, X-Men costumes are always awesome to look at, and attract a lot of attention, no matter what type of party you go to. It's almost like there has to be a group of X-Men somewhere to make a costume party complete, whether it's a Halloween party or another type.

And as you can see from the above photos, whether you buy an X-Men costume or make one, they're just really cool to wear, and especially fun for a group outing.


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