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Yo-Yo Valentine's Sayings and Gifts for Kids

Updated on February 3, 2013

Valentines Sayings for Kids: Yo-Yo Themes

If your kids are much like mine, then there are mixed feelings about Valentine's Day! Sure, anytime there's a celebration it can be fun. However, the theme of love and romance is definitely a debatable source of celebration for my boys. They'll accept gifts and tokens, of course, and they love candies. They enjoy picking out Valentine's Day cards and writing their names on them, sealing with stickers to give to other family members and friends. Nevertheless, the day isn't all that cool in the eyes of my boys. I like to pick out trinkets that don't make them feel to gushy inside!

Now, couple this with my love for puns, and Valentine's Day is the perfect opportunity to look for more boy-friendly sayings and tokens. One of my fave items for boys and girls is a yo-yo. The kids have recently renewed their interest. I've had to lay down the law about where to use yo-yos as some of the kids like the lighting near the living room window! At Christmas, I tracked down some great novelty yo-yos that were less dangerous for my windows. You'll find similar choices shown below.

If you put your creative juices to work, you can come up with fun sayings for just about any Valentine's Day novelty gift. Just pun around a bit. Below, you'll find a few idea for packaging and punning with yo-yo gifts at Valentine's Day. If you want more variety, think about an assortment of novelties like those featured in the photo at left.

Image Credit for Valentines Trinkets: Amazon

Yo Yo Sayings Ideas for Valentines Day

Making a Yo Yo Valentine's Day Connection for Students

I taught middle school math for several years, and love to think up fun activities for special days. Try a yo yo competition with a statistics tie-in! I'll provide more suggestions at the end of the lens!


Simple sayings are great! YO!

Metallic Yo-Yo Valentine's Gifts and Sayings


These are really simple and cute. I ordered similar yo-yos at Christmas, but with a snowflake pattern. No, your kiddos probably won't win a big yo-yoing contest with one of these, but they also are unlikely to bust a window. Phew! Use small cellophane packaging to wrap these up or look for miniature favor boxes to hold them. They are great for your kids to take in liu of candies as V-day party favors. Excellent choice for middle school and high school students who are too cool for fluffy toys.



Cute and fun, based on the action of the yo-yo, perfect humor for youngsters!

Affordable Yo-Yo Favors for Valentines Day

1.25"Mini Valentine Yoyo Case Pack 204
1.25"Mini Valentine Yoyo Case Pack 204

These are simple plastic yo-yos with sticker decals for decor. You can include them in favor bags for a V-day party. You can package them in favor boxes or cellophane wrap.


Explore Valentine Favor Boxes for Yo Yos and treats

Your youngsters can make their gifts and tokens for friends, relatives and classmates more interesting and unique by decorating Valentine favor boxes. You can use stickers and markers to place a yo yo Valentines saying for kids on each box, and you can use sides of the boxes to place to and from information.


Use the string of the yo yo to create some cute sayings!

You've Got Me Wrapped Around Your Finger....Be My Valentine!

You can have a lot of fun with yo yo Valentines Day sayings for kids!

Red Yo Yo Gifts and Sayings for Valentines Day

Razor Pocket Pros Yo-Yo Red
Razor Pocket Pros Yo-Yo Red

If you need a moderately priced yo-yo for a youngster, then this is an excellent choice in red. A great learning tool, you can select an affordable yo-yo to provide a child with the opportunity to explore and learn.


Find more red yo yo choices for Valentine's Day Gifts

Through all the Ups and Downs, You are my favorite Valentine!

Encourage your older children with trick guides and books for their yo-yo gifts

More on Middle School Math Activities with Yo-Yos for Valentines Day (or for any time!)

Middle school students are tricky when you try to provide fun activities. If you give an inch, they'll take a mile in terms of discipline. Take time to structure your activity so that it's fun but organized. There are many directions you can go, so think about how much time you have to devote to the activity and what you want to accomplish.

My objective, for example, would be that students would be able to work cooperatively to gather and record data, making graphs to visually depict their results. Class results would be assimilated and students would be able to take that data home to create their own graphs of overall information.

I would challenge my students to make estimates in advance with some of the following types of questions:

How many times will your yo yo go up in a minute?How many times will your yo yo go down in a minute?How many round trips will your yo yo make per minute?Will longer periods of yo-yoing improve your per minute rate of round trips? Why or why not?Will the size or weight of the yo yo impact your results?Provide a short practice time for students who may not be comfortable with yo yo workYou can structure this activity so that all students have a standard size yo yo. Whether you use cheap or small yo yos or whether every student uses a regular Duncan model, you can look for a deal on affordable yo yos. See if parents are willing to contribute or if a store is willing to donate. Do a class fundraiser to fund the yo yo purchase, and keep your class set for future years.You can have students who own yo yos bring their own, in which case there might be variations in results. Ask students if weight and design affect their yo yo ability.Add a Measurement EmphasisIf you see a relevance in a measurement focus, you may want to extend your study for a couple of days. You might also decide to send home measurement questions as homework. Have each student weigh his or her yo yo. Have each student determine the length of the string and the distance a yo yo travels one way on his or her string.Use the individual and class results to create questions such as these:What is the combined weight of the class's yo yos?What is the average weight per yo yo?What is the total distance traveled by your yo yo in a minute? (Use the greatest number of round trips recorded in a minute.)What is the combined distance traveled by all students' yo yos in a minute? (Use the greatest number of round trips in a minute from each student.)How many round trips would your yo yo need to take to reach the front of the school? To cross the room? To travel from Los Angeles, CA, to Washington DC? To travel to the moon? To reach the sun?You get the idea. You can get creative, or you can spark creativity in your students to put together some ideas! I love making math relevant by taking fun things and turning them into a source of computation, comparison and statistics gathering. Graphs are great tools. Writing on Squidoo and other places online, I find that a graph provides a quick overview of how I'm doing. I think there will be a lot of value for today's math students in being able to deal with stats in the future. Work it in where you can! This can also be adapted as a homeschool investigation!If you are an educator who loves to share your creative lesson planning ideas, by the way, then be sure to consider sharing your own ideas here at Squidoo, where you can publish and earn. It's a great source of side income for me, and there are lots of wonderful educational lenses on the site. Sign up here!

What's your favorite yo-yo Valentine's Saying for Kids?

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    • Redneck Lady Luck profile image

      Lorelei Cohen 5 years ago from Canada

      We all had yo yo's when I was young. I could never get mine to do much of anything but my brothers were sure great with the yo yo.

    • RedShoesGirl profile image

      RedShoesGirl 5 years ago

      OMG. When I was a kid I had a yoyo and I was addicted for nearly three months. Great lens!

    • profile image

      Short_n_Sweet 5 years ago

      The sayings seems so appropriate to yo-yo!! Love them

    • profile image

      getmoreinfo 5 years ago

      These Yo-Yo Valentine's Gifts are great.