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Zapata Flyboarding

Updated on May 9, 2013

The Perfect Father's Day Gift for an Adventurous Dad!

I first learned about the Zapata Flyboarding on BBC Click. It looked amazing, and all the men in the room were well impressed! Now as men are often difficult to buy for, why not treat your Dad this Father's day to something that he will really enjoy - let him fly like Iron Man!

My boyfriend said that he would love to have a go at Zapata Flyboading - I'm not so sure about it myself though! My Dad would probably love it - I am just scared that I will have to accompany him!

Images - Zapata Official from:

What is Zapata Flyboarding?

Zapata Flyboarding is a new water sport created by Franky Zapata, a French Jet Ski champion. Water shoots out of your feet to make you fly! The Flyboard can send you shooting up to 10 meters into the air like Iron Man, or fire you through the water like a human torpedo! Perfect for any adrenaline loving boyfriend or husband this Valentines day!

To do this, you need to wear a flyboarding suit. The device works by being powered from a jet-ski engine that shoots water out of your feet, and is balanced by two wrist stabilisers.

The Zapata Flyboard Demo in Belgrade

Would you want to have a go at Zapata Flyboarding?

Would you be brave enough for Zapata Flyboarding?

Zapata Racing Official

Zapata Racing Official
Zapata Racing Official

Zapata Flyboarding as the next Competitive Sport?

Zapata Flyboarding is great for the amateur and professional alike. Frankie Zapata has been jet ski-ing since he was around 7 years old, so no wonder he's a pro! You can see the scope for flyboarding to become the next competitive sport, as you can do tricks such as backflips, and fly in and out of the water like a dolphin!

Swim like a Dolphin on Zapata Flyboard

Back Flips on the Zapata Flyboard

Where I can you go Zapata Flyboarding? How much does it cost?

Currently, you can go for Flyboarding sessions in the USA, UK, Central America, Canada, South America and the Carribean.

In the UK, you can go Zapata Flyboarding in Dumfries, Peterborough, Farnborough, Tattershall, Rushden, Loch Lomond, Bristol and London.

The cost of Zapata Flyboarding is around £60.00-£90.00 for a one to two hour session. To buy, the basic kit costs around £4200.00 and a jet-ski will also be required to power it.

Would you try Zapata Flyboarding?

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    • imagelist lm profile image

      imagelist lm 4 years ago

      Nice lens...

    • profile image

      Flyboardeast 5 years ago

      IF you want to try it anywere in east Canada go check out Flyboard Québec on facebook or the web page

    • RadaFrancis LM profile image

      RadaFrancis LM 5 years ago

      That looks AWESOME!

    • profile image

      AlleyCatLane 5 years ago

      Looks like great fun for risktakers. Not for me and my old bones.

    • kindoak profile image

      kindoak 5 years ago

      I would love to try this. I suspect you need to be pretty fit though and I would probably break something. :)