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Zebra Graduation Party Supplies

Updated on January 5, 2017

Zebra Graduation Party Theme Supplies For 2012

Host a Zebra Graduation Party with these fun party supplies. Your graduate has worked so hard and now, finally, it's graduation a party with a fun theme like the Zebra and find the party supplies, party favors, party decorations and graduation party cake ideas you need to celebrate this special occasion.

Zebra party supplies are very hot this year! You can find birthday party supplies, baby shower supplies, and graduation party supplies with a Zebra print pattern on them. On this page, I've focused on the graduation party theme and I hope you find what you are looking for here.

Zebra Graduation Party Supplies

Zebra Party Supplies For Your Graduation Party

Zebra party supplies come in a pre-packed box filled with enough Zebra themed supplies to host a party for up to 16 guests. You can also find a pack with supplies for up to 8 guests or you can buy your Zebra party supplies in individual packages. Take a look to see the plates, cups, napkins, and tablecloth with a fun Zebra stripe.

Zebra Graduation Party Standard Pack for 16 Party Accessory
Zebra Graduation Party Standard Pack for 16 Party Accessory

This pack has supplies enough for up to 16 party guests.


Pink and black Zebra pattern dinner plates for a birthday or graduation party, a shower, or any other party you might be having. Every party needs some paper cups, and I've found cups with a Zebra pattern that are just what you need. The ones shown are pink and black.

Zebra Graduation Party Decorations

Some Fun Zebra Facts

Here's a picture of a Plains Zebra,  Equus quagga,  I found on Wikipedia.  It shows the beautiful striped pattern we see on the party supplies on this page.  The Zebra is a fine looking animal.  This image is being used under the GNU Free Documentati
Here's a picture of a Plains Zebra, Equus quagga, I found on Wikipedia. It shows the beautiful striped pattern we see on the party supplies on this page. The Zebra is a fine looking animal. This image is being used under the GNU Free Documentati

I figured it would be fun to find out some interesting facts about the Zebra. Many of us have never seen a real Zebra other than on TV.

Did You Know:

1. Zebras are found living in the wild on only one continent, Africa

2. Zebras can tell each other apart by their stripes because each zebra's stripes are unique, like humane finger prints

3. Zebras belong to the equidae family as do horses, donkeys and asses

4. They take turns sleeping so that one is always on guard

5. The leader of the group will ensure they never roam far from water, as a regular drink is essential for zebras

6. Their black and white stripes make them hard to see in the grass; for their main predator, the lion, is color blind

7. When they form a group, their stripes make it impossible for a predator to single one zebra out

8. When they run in a group, the stripes give a dizzying display - confusing and discouraging predators

9. They stay in family groups, the oldest mare is the leader and the rest follow her in order of seniority with their foals behind them

10. A new mother will keep the baby zebra away from all the other zebras, even a member of the family, until her baby knows her by sight, sound and smell- this takes about three days

11. When they are about two or three years old, male foals leave their family to join a group of only male zebras until they are able to lead a family

12. They run in a zig zag manner to put off their predators

13. Pedestrian crossings were named after the zebra-zebra crossing

14. A baby zebra can run an hour after it is born

15. The Romans used zebras, or hippotigris as they were known in ancient Rome, to pull carts in festivals and circuses

16. A project to bring back the Quagga, an extinct subspecies of the Plains Zebra, is being implemented in south Africa

Zebra Graduation Party Invitations

Find some unique Zebra themed graduation party invitations to invite all your friends and family to the graduation party you're planning! The personalized invitations are really nice, and very different. You can add a photo to make your invitations a keepsake that everyone will want to hold on to as a momento of this exciting day.

Zebra Graduation Party Decorations

Find Zebra Graduation Party Decorations

Start your party planning out with these colorful and fun party decorations that have a graduation theme in the Zebra party pattern! It's a fun theme to use, the decorations are colorful and they will get everyone into a party mood so you can honor that special graduate this year.

Zebra Party Decorations - Perfect For A Graduation Party

Decorate your party room with these fun one will forget the unique theme of your graduation party for a long time to come.

Graduation Party Decorations

Combine your Zebra party supplies with some of these black and white style graduation party accessories. The min Graduation Rubber Duckies would make fun party favors and the Mortarboard Card Collection box is a good place for all the cards your graduate is sure to get.

Zebra Graduation Party Favors

Zebra Party Balloons

Zebra Graduation Balloons

What a great way to decorate for your Zebra themed graduation party. Balloons are easy to decorate with and they make a big statement. Just look at these fun balloon ideas.

Zebra Graduation Party Candy

Zebra Graduation Candy Ideas

These Disney Minnie Mouse Zebra Print Gourmet Chocolate Oreo Cookies Are A Fabulous Party Favor Idea, so are the Zebra print butter mints, and the candy wrappers with a Zebra print! It's fun to add these tasty treats to a party favor bag or put them in a candy dish for your guests to take whenever they want. I want the Minnie Cookies, the buttermints and the candy bar!

Zebra Graduation Cupcakes

Zebra Graduation Cake Ideas

Zebra Graduation Party Comments - Share Your Ideas With Us!

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    • HalloweenRecipes profile image

      HalloweenRecipes 4 years ago

      @anonymous: Thanks Tipi for stopping by! The zebra party theme is so very popular right now.

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      I like the zebra theme for a party, very cute stuff you have here. :)