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Zebra Heart Valentines Gifts

Updated on November 6, 2014

Zebra Valentines Heart Gifts and Supplies: Zebra Prints are perfect for V-Day!

I love the fun of zebra print gifts and products. I think there's a part of every girl that loves the fun of zebra motifs. My oldest daughter is generally reserved about fashion, but she pointed out a set of zebra jammies that caught her eye. They were decorated with hearts, and she said she'd like a pair. Go figure!

There are tons of cute zebra print gift ideas out there, and the motif has really taken flight as creative designers add colorful changes to the basic black and white. Purple zebra prints, pink zebra prints, lime green zebra prints, and more abound. The clock shown here is a great example of combining concepts of hearts and zebra stripes in a decorative time piece, perfect for a tween or teen bedroom, but also great for a fun-filled area with an eclectic decor! Following are some more fun zebra gifts for Valentine needs.

Wild About You Plush Zebra and Vase - Zebra with a Heart

If you need a unique way to present flowers and know that she loves zebras, then this cute choice will be a fun token of affection on the big day! Your zebra sends the message clearly, "Wild about you!" Clever colors are perfect for V-Day, and she'll have a great reminder long after the flowers fade!

Zebra Print Valentine's Mailbox - Zebra Heart Motif for Fun!

zebra heart valentines
zebra heart valentines

If you have tween or teen daughters, then you may already recognize that a zebra print heart in hot pink shades is lots of fun and very trendy. Of course, it's not limited to enjoyment by teens. Use it to decorate your desk at work or a counter in an office building. This is a fun idea for party centerpieces that focus on zebra prints and Valentine's Day. You can use it as a gift card holder at a Valentines wedding reception or shower, too. Your options are only really limited by your own creative interests.

Zebra Valentines Decor

There's nothing like a garden flag or banner to deck your yard out in the zebra theme for Valentines Day. Featured here are several motifs that include colorful interpretations of the popular zebra print. Use these to decorate for a party, wedding reception or just because.

Animal Print Valentines Cards for Kids - Zebra print Valentine cards are fun for girls to give to classmates and friends...

Girls Pink Animal Print Valentine Card Assortment, 20 Pack
Girls Pink Animal Print Valentine Card Assortment, 20 Pack

If you have a tween daughter who wants something fun for school Valentine's observances, this is a great route to go. Animal prints are lively and energetic, just like those pre-teen kids are on many days.


Make Your Own or Pre-Purchase Zebra Valentines?

There are those who are well-organized, planning far enough in advance to create their own fancy or jungle-themed V-day cards with ease. There are also those who live a busy life with minimal time for creative pursuits. In either case, zebra graphics can be fun for boys or girls to receive, and the theme can be perfect for classroom Valentine's cards. Can't find the zebra card you want for someone special? Make it yourself with just a bit of time.

Make Your Own Zebra Valentine Cards with Zebra Scrapbooking Paper and Supplies

Whether you are looking for Pink Zebra Paper for creating your own heart shaped cards, Zebra Stencils for embellishing a card that you've already made, or Zebra Alphabet Stickers for adding a striped message to a card, there are tons of great scrapbooking supplies in zebra motifs, prints and themes to consider.

Make Zebra Chocolate Pops for Valentines Day

Make N' Mold Dress My Cupcake Zebra Heart and Star Pop Candy Mold
Make N' Mold Dress My Cupcake Zebra Heart and Star Pop Candy Mold

These melt and pour molds from Dress My Cupcake are fantastic for enabling your kids to make their own zebra print Valentines gifts in colors of their choices. Really, I think that we will have a blast with this project for Valentine's Day in our own home because we really enjoy the ease of melt and pour chocolate projects and the fun of color coordinating. You can track down melts in varied colors, so you can make these zebra print hearts and stars in virtually any color combination. Look out, purple!


Candy Melts are available in many colors...

You can think about red and green zebra stripes, purple and pink, orange and blue, or any other combination. As long as you can find the melts, you are set for some serious creative Valentines fun. This is a fantastic v-day activity for tweens and teenagers. Pick out some cellophane bags for wrapping.

Tech Cases in Zebra Heart Decor

Silver Zebra Leopard Pink Heart Rhinestone Diamond Crystal Faceplate Hard Skin Case Cover for LG Optimus Elite LS696 VM696
Silver Zebra Leopard Pink Heart Rhinestone Diamond Crystal Faceplate Hard Skin Case Cover for LG Optimus Elite LS696 VM696

This is a great option for kids who need fun decor for their phones or iPods. Of course, a wild and crazy parent might just enjoy the zebra and heart motif too.


Zebra Valentine Charm Bracelet Ideas - Add a variety of fun and thematic beads to a Pandora style bracelet...

There are so many fun charms available, and the snake style bracelet used for Pandora, Chamilia, Biagi beads and more is perfect for providing an opportunity to display faves and rearrange at will on a whim. Below are a few fantastic zebra heart themed beads to consider adding to her existing charm bracelet. You can also use Valentines Day to begin a fun new tradition of giving symbolic and fun beads...start right here with a great bracelet!

Zebras and Hearts, Oh, My! - Zebra Heart Beads and Charms

These are some wonderful options for adding a zebra emphasis to a charm bracelet. The variations, of course, are endless because there are so many zebra charms and jewelry options available.

Zebra Heart Jewelry Ideas

Of course, the ingenuity and creativity of designers and artists is always exciting, and finding the latest options is fun. There are some great concepts in zebra jewelry, including realistic zebras, whimsical charms and striped motifs on watches and wristbands. Check out some of the latest choices right here!

Do you love zebra prints?

I'm a fan of zebra print products. They are lots of fun. Of course, my children might have been wide-eyed if they saw the animal print suit I used to wear in my middle school teaching days. A combination of leopard spot and zebra striped sections, it was a bold combination! Those were the days!

When it comes to zebra prints and products...

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Will you be sending your Valentine a Zebra, Heart, or Some Combination of the Two?

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