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Zebra Pillow Pet Gifts

Updated on July 27, 2012

Tweens, Teens and Girls love Zebra Pillow Pet Gifts...

Well...there may be a few that don't care for zebras, but given the trendy nature of zebra fashion this year, you can count of some of the tween and teen sector adoring the zebra Pillow Pet choices. This will be even more pronounced in the coming months as the selection expands. Jumbo Pillow Pets are just hitting the market, and as your tweens and teens see these oversized pillow pet figures, they are going to continue if they already love that theme. Who wouldn't love a body pillow sized pet? I want one!

My teens love pillow pet gifts, though they don't all love the same characters. My youngest, age 7, loves the ladybug while older youngsters love the unicorn and dogs. Zebra stripes fans, though, will find that all types of zebra selections for the series of products marketed by this company will work beautifully in a zebra themed bedroom decor. The zebras are also great choices for your nieces or for children of friends. Don't miss the chance to stock up as older versions decrease in price with the release of newer models and designs.

Pillow Pet Zebra Accessories

Slippers and blankets add to the fun of bedtime for girls that have a fascination with zebra fashion. Keep your eyes out for more innovations, as the company that creates these fun characters is quite innovative.

Zebras? Love them or not?

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Jumbo Zebra Pillow Pet Gifts...

While there are some sources, the Jumbo pillow pets are just hitting the market. I've yet to see them in stores, in fact, but my 7 year old is clamoring for those and slippers. Your tween will definitely love a body pillow sized zebra pillow for her zebra themed room decor. If she doesn't love zebras, however, there are plenty of other choices. My tween and teens are thinking about their faves in the pillow pet lineup too.

Follow the latest Jumbo Pillow Pets as they are released into the market.

Zebra Pillow Pets on Ebay

Another excellent resource for finding your zebra pet choices is eBay, and while you won't always find discounted pricing, you may find missing pieces for your pillow pet collection.

Do you love Zebra decor? Zebra pillow pet characters?

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