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Zippo Lighters: A Collector's Dream

Updated on February 19, 2014

Zippo Lighters: A Collector's Dream

Looking for the perfect gift for your grandfather, father or elder brother? Do they use lighters? If they do, then you cannot go far wrong with what amounts to an American Institution. Zippo Lighters have become one of the iconic symbols of what it means to be an American. Made to 'just work', since 1932, they to me, are superb pieces of miniature engineering, that really has not been surpassed.

When you purchase a 'Zippo', you are purchasing a piece of American history. However, Zippo may be an American success story but they are known now, worldwide, as symbols of excellence and longevity. So, treat yourself, or a member of your family to a 'Zippo'. The ultimate lighter you can purchase, as far as I am concerned.

Zippo Lighters

A Collector's Dream

Zippo Lighters, for me, are one of the major iconic symbols of the U.S.A. And since 1932, they have been the epitome of American society. This lens gives you a choice of Zippo Lighters for you to choose from and purchase.

And no, you don't have to be a smoker to appreciate the love, attention and care that has gone into the making of these beautiful legendary metallic art. You can be sure that each Zippo Lighter you purchase, will also bring you Zippo's famous 'Lifetime Guarantee'.

Zippo Lighters have now become collectors items, and there are many of them that are now classed as 'vintage collectibles' [over 50 years of age.] And you do not have to ask questions why they are such desirable pieces to collect.

Zippo Lighters - A Collector's Dream

Zippo Lighters, for me and many lovers of Zippo, stand for American engineering at its best. They may be small, but they have packed a punch from 1932 up to the present day. If you are looking to purchase a 'Zippo' for yourself or a member of your family, you cannot go wrong with the selection here on this lens.

Each 'Zippo' comes with the famous 'Lifetime Guarantee' and many come within their own gift box too. If you want a little piece of American history in the palm of your hand, then 'Zippo' could be just the thing for you, or your loved one. However, all Zippo Lighters come WITHOUT the fuel. So this must be purchased separately.

Zippo Crown Stamp Lighter
Zippo Crown Stamp Lighter

I am purchasing this lighter soon. Absolutely beautiful piece of artwork here.

All the 'Zippos' I have featured on this lens are quality, but this one is top of the range.

On closer inspection of the artwork on the body, you can see how it has been buffeted, to give a kind of 3D effect.

Chrome all over, as you would expect from Zippo, and this comes inside its own gift bag, with 'Zippo's 'Lifetime Guarantee'.

Quality item, and a beautiful piece that anyone would be proud to own.

zippo Lighter Fluid, 12 oz.
zippo Lighter Fluid, 12 oz.

When you are purchasing 'quality', then go for supporting products that will prolong the life of what you have purchased.

Zippo Lighter Fluid is what any self-respecting Zippo fan should be using. Never use inferior fluid for your Zippo.

Zippo Spade Card Pocket Lighter, Black Ice
Zippo Spade Card Pocket Lighter, Black Ice

Beautiful 'Zippo' this one. With Ace of Spades design on the front.

This lighter comes with a LIMITED LIFETIME GUARANTEE..

What I love about all 'Zippos', is the care and attention that has gone into the creation and design of them.

And this one is no exception. Absolutely beautiful quality here.


Zippo Lighters

Zippo Lighters, for me, represents all that is good in America. You are not just purchasing any old lighter. No. You are purchasing a 'ZIPPO'. When you buy a 'Zippo', you are, in fact, keeping alive a little piece of American history right there in your hands.

'Zippo' may be American in nature, but they have now become world famous. And they really do represent how a company should be run. And they have never wavered from that, since 1932. When you are buying a lighter...



Zippo Scroll Pocket Lighter, Satin Chrome
Zippo Scroll Pocket Lighter, Satin Chrome

I have to tell you that I love this lighter. it is simple in design, but with a very classical style. It is just beautiful to look at.

To me, it just looks very elegant in the hand.

The beauty with all Zippo Lighters is the fact that they can be purchased as collectibles, whether you smoke or not. This one is no exception.

Comes with that world-famous click, when you open and close the lid. And you also get the world-famous 'Lifetime Guarantee'.

Purchase Zippo Fuel separately.

Zippo (20855) - Timberwolves, Brushed Chrome
Zippo (20855) - Timberwolves, Brushed Chrome

Stunning looking 'Zippo' this is.

With that world-famous clicking sound when you open and close the lid, this 'Z'ippo' comes with the usual 'Lifetime Guarantee'.

This means that the 'Zippo', will be repaired and returned to you in top-quality condition for free. This is another one I shall be adding to my collection in the very near future.

As with all 'Zippos', you will have to purchase Zippo Fuel separately.

Zippo Zipper Pocket Lighter, Black Ice
Zippo Zipper Pocket Lighter, Black Ice

The zipper design displayed on the front of this 'Zippo' is displayed on the front only. So beware of that if you want to purchase. Also, this Zippo is black. And in fact, it is black with a glossy finish. I am featuring this 'Zippo' though, because I actually love it. Close up it is actually stunning to look at.

The 'Zippo' is very very shiny indeed, again, which is something I love.

One other thing to watch out for, because of the shiny finish to this lighter, and with it being black, is that it can pick up fingerprints very easily.

Come with the world famous 'Lifetime Guarantee, that 'Zippo' offers all their customers. Zippo Fuel must be purchased separately.

Zippo Harley-Davidson Eagle/Logo Emblem Lighter Pocket Lighter
Zippo Harley-Davidson Eagle/Logo Emblem Lighter Pocket Lighter

Harley Davidson Eagle Emblem being displayed here on the front of this wonderful 'Zippo'.

As with all 'Zippos' if this should ever fail, it is repaired, free of charge.

If it cannot be repaired it is replaced with a new 'Zippo'. So, you get the famous 'Lifetime Guarantee' that 'Zippo' offers all their customers.

This 'Zippo' is an 'officially-licensed' 'Zippo'. One thing to note with this particular 'Zippo' is that the eagle-emblem, seems to be glued on, to the body of the lighter - instead of engraved. So take note of this if you purchase. This did not bother me, as I purchased this 'Zippo' to add to my collection.

However, as I stated, just be aware that the emblem is glued on, and not engraved..

Zippo Fluid is purchased separately.

Zippo Lighter Pouch with Clip, Black
Zippo Lighter Pouch with Clip, Black

The Zippo Lighter Pouch with Clip is wonderful for keeping your 'Zippo' safe and secure.

Made from real leather, the material is strong and holds your 'Zippo' tight. So there is no danger of your 'Zippo' slipping out. Again, another quality product from 'Zippo'.


Do Zippo Lighters represent all that is good in America? I think so. I believe they were designed at a time when people needed things to 'just work', nothing more, nothing less.

And that mantra holds true even today. How many times have we purchased a product that has broken down no sooner it's in our hands? Too many times that has happened. Yet 'Zippo' are the benchmark from which every other company should adhere too. Customer care, is second to none, the design of their product is quite simply, beautiful. And, above all, Zippo Lighters 'just work'.

Zippo Lighters - A Collector's Dream

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    • wleon63 profile image

      wleon63 5 years ago

      @TheGutterMonkey: They certainly are my friend. I have loved 'Zippo' for many years myself. They are the Rolls Royce of lighters. Lol. Thank you for reading and commenting. Also, thank you for for 'liking' my lens. I truly appreciate it.

    • TheGutterMonkey profile image

      The Gutter Monkey 5 years ago

      I've been carrying around a Zippo lighter ever since high school. I accept nothing less! lol

      Seriously, they're the best lighters in the world.