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Zombie, Ghost, or Vampire? Marie Antoinette Halloween Costumes

Updated on October 6, 2014

Two hundred years ago a doomed, innocent Queen lost her head to the guillotine of France. Yet every Halloween her ghost walks again at costume parties around the world - and the even more terrifying zombie or vampire Marie Antoinette!

I'm fascinated with the tragic, romantic history of the last Queen of France. She's a great inspiration for scary costumes, especially combined with today's fashions in horror.

So which version of the Undead Queen should I choose this year? The pale, trailing ghost; the bloody zombie; or the deathly, alluring vampire? A change of accessories changes the style, and there are some great videos to help me learn how to make up as an ethereal vision of terror.

Ghastly, Ghostly Marie

Marie Antoinette's ghost is all in white and palest grey, with just a touch of red at her neck or lips. Beautiful and sad, she drifts about the world mourning her fate.

InCharacter Costumes Corpse Countess Costume, White, X-Large
InCharacter Costumes Corpse Countess Costume, White, X-Large

Luxurious tattered brocade dress in pale, pale grey to waft you into the afterlife.


Zombie Marie Antoinette

Looks like history got it wrong - the doomed Queen never made it to the guillotine. Marie returns from the dead darker, bloodier, and with a shorter skirt for convenient lurching.

Paper Magic Group Marie Antoinette, Black, Large
Paper Magic Group Marie Antoinette, Black, Large

Zombie Marie has a velcroed bloody neck slash, and trailing cobwebs.


Which Marie will you be?

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Vampire Marie Antoinette

Marie is back, and her executioners will rue the day! Strong, stylin' , that just a hint of white fang?

InCharacter Costumes Women's Vampiress Of Versailles Costume, Black/Burgundy, Large
InCharacter Costumes Women's Vampiress Of Versailles Costume, Black/Burgundy, Large

Vampire Marie wears a gorgeous black and burgundy gown over a full petticoat, and featuring a stiff choker collar with a skull cameo. Sweet!

Scarecrow Small Deluxe Custom Fangs
Scarecrow Small Deluxe Custom Fangs

Understated fangs fit over your canine teeth to make them just a bit longer and pointier. Cool effect!


Scary Marie Antoinette Makeup

Dolls are just plain scary! Learn how to complete the effect with paint and powder.

© 2013 Valerie Proctor Davis


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