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Zombie Scary Halloween Theme Cakes

Updated on September 12, 2021
Pip Gerard profile image

I love being creative with a theme or visual subject. I focus on it and then search for matching or enhancing partners on the internet.

Yes... they're really zombies made out of cake! :)

Are you a big zombie fan? Here you'll find heaps of zombie fun party stuff. Whether you're here just to peruse, or whether you're looking for ideas for your own creations, I think what follows is some of the best creepy, scary, zombified parties ever!

I went looking for zombie cakes cause I have this fascination for zombies! Having tried recreating the make up effects myself I understand the skill involved with making a walking dead.

There's just something about zombies.

I admit to binge-ing on the The Walking Dead AMC TV show. It's truly a well made and entertaining show! Waiting each week for a new episode is a new kind of mental torture that I found myself indulging in.

So if you're intrigued by all things zombie then just keep scrolling down to see some truly freakazealous zombie cakes... a lot of zombified talent here!

NOTE - all cakes appearing on this page are used with written permission from their cake creator.

Unbelievably Cool LIFE size zombie cakes in wheel barrows!!

Bleeding Brain Blood Red Velvet Cupcakes!!

The brains are made of chocolate and the cupcakes are red velvet raspberry cakes. Icing is french vanilla cream cheese frosting. Talk about actual yummy brains!!

These are just so awesome. Perfect Zombie treat!

Now here's a brilliant and easy Zombie Idea... Edible Zombie Cookie Fingers!!!

Picture by M5 Cakes - click to visit blog.

Just make long butter cookies with green dye added. Mark in the finger marks prior to baking. Add jam for blood and plain, sliced almonds for the fingernails!! They look eerily perfectly creepily weird and wonderful.

Macabre, freaky fun Zombie Bride Cake. When the wedding day just doesn't hit the perfection expected.


This zombie bride cake is just so creatively well done! Just look at the details and the face! I've never seen a better 'face' cake before! Sarah has an incredible sculpting gift!

Cake Made by Sarah Ono Jones

Photography courtesy of Sarah Linginfelter

Sarah Ono Jones has a gift with Zombie Cakes!

Two Headed Zombie Cake
Two Headed Zombie Cake

Ever thought you'd see a Zombie Leprechaun Cake?

What about a zombie rabid dog cake then?

Photo's used with permission courtesy of Paul Joachim

Paul Joachim, the talented creator... not only made a huge 22 inch high and 48 inches long, standing dog made of cake... but it also moved!! Yes there were mechanics inside the cake to make it's jaw move and it's eyes glow red!!! Now that's taking cake to another level!! Amazing!

How to Make a Brain Dessert that bleeds when you cut into it.

Check out Sweetest Kitchen's Halloween Cupcake Recipe!

The cupcakes are frosted with a plain chocolate buttercream to make a big round top on the cupcakes

Finely crush 12 Oreo cookies (6 should be enough for only 12 cupcakes) Dip each cupcake top into the crushed Oreos to completely coat them.

Jamie worked out that Oreo Fudgees made perfect-shaped tombstones. She took the Fudgee sandwich cookies apart, scraped off the filling and stuck one side of the Fudgee into each cupcake, then stuck a zombie hand in front of the tombstones.

See heaps more of Jamie's cupcake's and recipes at her wonderful blog -

Cake Pop Eyeballs!!

LEGO Zombie Cake is an easy and fun option!! - If you've got zombie lego mini figures and a few weapons... just need a cake and something to use for blood

I would definitely say this wedding took an 'untraditional' route! :)

Bleeding Heart Bakery's Awesome Zombie Cakes! - Bleeding Heart Bakery is based in Chicago.

Plants vs. Zombies cake & cupcakes

Courtesy of M5 Cakes - click on images to view blog.

The really cool game via iphone, ipad and computer has been made into cake form by many fans!

Decapitated Zombie Barbie Cake - What a great horror alternative to the well known Barbie Birthday cakes

How to Make a Zombie Grave Pudding Cake

When Hello Kitty turns Zombie! Kitty wants Braains!

Horrifyingly Gruesome, Fun and Freaky Zombie Cakes!


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