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~ " Love That Spoke Her Name " ~

Updated on February 10, 2014

© An Original. (Chapters 1 to 12).

Chapter One - The Day The World Trembled

A brief, silent moon, diffused playful, pale al fresco beams, revealing the vacant space of her missing place.The acrid odour of romantic tallow flickered tacit approval as it skipped,and danced its slow-motion upon the dusky features of this painted lady, exuding electric auras across a lover’s table as she perched upon her Queen Anne seat that eve; an evening that was soon to announce the first day of the rest of her life.

Her face; so bright. Beauty shone upon the candle and the candle ceased to exist. He searched those eyes, she bore her soul; he kissed her lips,to make her whole.The universe faded in that golden moment, as it took its place as a jot in forever’s scroll; there was only her….

Her Prince scraped the ground with bended knee,extended his arm,and took her graceful hand,to promise:-

“Chinks of shifting sparkle,

Doth pierce the lonely heights;

Mirrors of your dazzling ring

I’m holding here tonight.

That distant star, that seems so far,

I’ve captured, mounted, sworn for two;

Gold circle caresses heavenly jewels,

Of love, that burns for only you.”

“Swear love this night

For I am yours;

Reveal your heart,

Swing wide the doors.

Our worlds collide,

Melt into one,

I dress this finger,

Your ring, upon.”

Her crooked smile exploded into full curve,as though two strongmen had lifted each corner,with desperate strains,revealing pearled marbles of sweet alignment,that sought,in turn,to lift flushed,ruby cheeks,that relayed their new-found revelation to the crystal gems of those secretive eyes.

“ Forever! “,she melted.

Chapter Two - Ten Years' Gone ....

The chill, February winds whistled unearthly sounds,like falsetto spectres, as an indifferent town readied itself, once again, to bid goodnight to the evening shadows.

“Why should I be sane without her?”,he mused.

Those haunting,dark thoughts,surreptitiously inked their invisible poison,through a ready quill,poised,like a laced dagger,that dripped its liquid tumult,soaking into vellum parchment,blotting,like blackened blood.

Unceremoniously,he screwed his ignoble gloom into a tight ball,and tossed it in the waste basket.There was no way that death could overwrite that memorable day,when his Princess cast a simpering glance,that pierced his defences,and her life began to melt onto page one of the anthology of his dreams;the time her heart glistened like a ruby,but more precious than its shining desire;the moment her eyes sparkled,like twin suns in the heights of July.Now,the questions came;

“Does she still think of me?”,he wondered;

“Did she believe I was a devil,when I watched over her as an angel?”;

“If we met again,would she still respond,in kind,to feathered,gentle caresses,that made her tingle with delight,and drove her wild with frenzied excitement?”;

“Could she look into my eyes,as I lovingly stared into hers,and not want to kiss me?”

Questions!questions!questions!,seeking answers,that had craftily decided to hibernate,without permission,for the duration of this forbidding winter.

These passing fancies grew wings,as soon as they were born,then impudently flew away.No.She was gone,and his emptiness,now like a concert stadium,after the players,and audience have gone home,and the janitor had turned out the lights.Alone.

On the other side of the city,a different story was unfolding.The other half of his life was busying herself,wrestling with confusion,living with the consequences of her short-sightedness. Although she was surrounded by a hundred different souls at every turn,she was more alone than him.

The usual fare of broken love songs blared from a borrowed radio,regaling their timeless tunes of lost,forgotten,abused,and unrequited affections,which did nothing to cheer her ailing heart.But she still believed in love.She knew,with certainty,that it was the future;it was her abuse of it,that had tarnished its image.Perhaps shallow,and meaningless was what she desired.Perhaps it was what she now deserved.

“If this is so”,she concluded,”Then he must find another.”

Meanwhile,her scorned lover glanced into the the bathroom mirror,and mourned his demeanour.He excelled in every part of life,but she wanted him not.He was sorry that he could not have been more attentive to her,as he thought she deserved,instead of what he now realized was simple over care-taking,which she had costrued as controlling behaviour.;a lesser man may have cursed the sky for allowing this charade to continue,though this would change nothing.He wanted to be her desire,so badly,so they could fall in love again.He recalled her presence,when she used to lay her head upon his sculpted chest,as it beat its pulsating drum to the rhythm of love,as they laughed like children,whilst excitedly talking about their future dreams,late into the night.

“ If only she had waited one more week! “,he lamented.

“ If…If…If…! ”,he kept turning over,at this tragedy,now shockingly aware,that she was a sleeper,and not a keeper.

That tiny word hid a multitude of torment.

Other men had used her,for her body,and she would accept her humiliation.Although she was pretty,her figure had never preoccupied him;it was her he had fallen in love with,at a time when she hardly knew him,and had misjudged the man,

“ Stop the world,I wanna get off! “,some people cry.

But she was his world,and he never wanted to leave.

Chapter Three - Speech & Soliloquy

“ I think I’ll try the pink one this time “,she blurted to the exasperated shop assistant,who purposefully checked her watch for the fourth time,in two minutes.

“ It should match my slate-grey cardigan for next Saturdays’ function at ‘El Dorado’s “,she ignorantly continued,as the assistant smirked to the security guard,who rolled his tired eyes,as he threw the second bolt on the entrance door.

Although she was perceived as a little bit ditzy by her family,and work colleagues,she was actually a highly intelligent,sensitive soul,with a beautiful heart,but she had always ‘dumbed-down’ for her audience,in order not to alienate them,and also,to protect the delicate flower,that was her.No one had ever attempted to peel back those petals,to discover the woman within,except him,although she tried everything she could to erase him from her mind;but it was futile.He knew her;right to the core.He had unlocked her heart,three months after meeting his Queen,even though he had tried hard not to,because he knew the secret;no one else had even come close.

“ Why do I keep running away from myself ? “,she thought,whilst gracefully ambling from the boutique,towards her steel chariot,which frankly,had seen better days.

“ Nobody has ever loved me like him,and I discarded all that he was;and for what? I short-changed myself.I swapped a diamond for a mere stone!;what was I thinking? “.

Uncontrollable thoughts swept through her guilty mind,like a flash flood,then proceeded to charge her heart.She had fallen into a tearful,repentant mood that day.It still raced at the thought of him,and she desperately knew that she wouldn’t be able to bear the strain much longer.She was still in love.

“ Another groundhog day “,he humoured to himself,as he walked home from work,with almost Stoical aplomb.But he didn’t mind.It was the best way for him to fortuitously move forward with his life;he wasn’t going to go down,because he knew that,although he enjoyed the company of some good friends,none were qualified,or had the tools,to pick him up,or rebuild,after the recent hurricane,that was her.

He fumbled a key into the back door,and wondered why the hell he kept coming home,when there was nothing to come home to.Nevertheless,he arrived,all the same,and slammed the door,rattling the hinges.

“ What the actual f*!% is going on with my life?”,he breathed to the ether,as he collapsed into his favourite chair,feeling like a cork,tossed upon the crest of an ocean wave.He was determined not to resign himself to drink,or drugs;no-his wastrel father had uttered to him only two pieces of useful wisdom in his whole life: “Always face the oncoming traffic! “,he had once spoken.He was adamant that he would face life,head on,with fists raised,if need be,and absorb the full reality of what its’ journey contained.

“ Come on;I’m ready for you “,he silently laughed to himself.He was the sanest person he knew,but this dance with the rational offered no comfort.He felt like dying,but loved life too much.Depressed,he slumped on his bed,and spied an almost full,silvery-turquoise moon,beckoning him,through the half-opened curtains;

“ That’s her moon “,he sulked, “ And no one elses! “,he barked,fighting back a strained tear,as he fell into a fitful sleep,amidst the backdrop of a ringing telephone.

Chapter Four - Your World

Sinking deeper into a swirling maelstrom of esoteric dreams,poignant words revealed themselves to him,but reserved for her,which he keenly scribed with the stylus of his mind:-

" A firm shoulder shall serve as your pillow,strong arms,your blanket.My shadow will shelter you from the ice-whipped storm,my soothing voice,your lullaby,gentle,like a floating butterfly,slow-dancing inside your pretty head.

The moonlight,and kisses shall cover you,as make-up,and my fingers shall be your comb.The earth will serve as our bed,a crackling fire your comfort,with the starry canvas as our never-ending ceiling.

My back,your transportation,my mind,your entertainment;my heart,your bathing pool,and my love,the only currency you'll ever need.My labours,words,and music shall be your food and drink,finer than the best wine,which I offer as you recline;distilled,just for you,and my presence,you may call your home,whenever you feel alone.

Gone,shall be the days of just a flicker of fleeting rays,winking behind a brooding cloud. Celestial hands will peel away the grey veneer,as stratospheric colours explode onto your body,injecting new life and hope into a tired spirit.

I'll ask a glorious Angel to command the gliding doves,to dab your saline drops with their silken wing tips.No more tears of liquid blue;no more fears,forever,for you. "

He was abruptly snapped out of his reverie by a resounding bell tone;passing a cursory glance at the clock revealed that he'd only been asleep for about half an hour; rubbing blurry eyes,he groggily made his way to the telephone,only half awake,as he attempted to make some semblance of this recent encounter with a dazed,subconscious episode of significance.

Chapter Five - Black Wednesday

Fumbling for the chiming handset,he composed himself;

" 819723 Haimes speaking ".

The line was poor,crackling like a fried egg,as a tinny,ear-piercing voice,calmly conversed at the other end;

" Mr Haimes?,Husband of Desiree Haimes? "

" Yes ",he pensively answered,now full of apprehension.

" This is Dr. Hunter.Sir;I'm afraid I have some bad news.Mrs Haimes was involved in a serious road traffic accident,and has been rushed to Chase Farm Hospital I.C.U. ".

No sooner had the doctor uttered the last word,than the swinging receiver dangled from side to side on its spaghetti cord,and he was out the door,quick as a flash,leapt into his car,and tore up the road towards his life.

Ignoring the cursing throng,he jumped the lights,and was soon at the hospital,where his damaged prize was now waiting.With the engine still thundering,he ran towards the reception,flustered,not knowing what he was going to be facing.

" I.C.U.! ",he shouted,as a staff nurse jabbed her finger in the general direction.Pelting up the stairs,he found his way to the shift desk:

" Desiree Haimes!How is she? ",he blasted.

" Now please calm down,sir;are you a relative? "

" I'm her husband,dammit! Now where is she? "

" Sir;please try to remain calm.Your spouse is in a serious condition.She has experienced a severe trauma,several broken appendages,concussion,and a contusion to the brain,but we are hopeful that she will pull through ".

The charge nurse ushered him outside the room which she now occupied.

" It's important that you don't unnecessarily strain her,Mr. Haimes;she is still very weak ".

" O.K. ",he conceded.

Bracing himself,he took a long,deep breath,then turned the handle.

A cacophony of electronic pips,and beeps,greeted his ears,as he walked toward her bedside.

" It's been so long since she's seen me,or we've even talked ",he said to himself; " I don't even know if she'll still remember me,especially in this state ",he continued.

He knelt by her side,and the sight of her filled him with sadness,and joy,simultaneously;a strange cocktail of emotions he didn't yet want to understand.Pouring a glass of water,he dipped his fingers into the glass,on the tray,and moistened her parched lips.Her motionless lids slowly opened;

" Chick Pea,is that you? ",she breathed,in a laboured voice.His heart nearly leapt out of his chest,as she still remembered his secret name.He took her hand,and held it firmly.

" I'm here for you doll face,and I ain't going anywhere! ",he purposefully mouthed,as her monitor bleeped a little faster.

" We're going to mend your broken wings,Angel;just you see if we don't ! ",he lovingly spoke,in a tone which she found pleasing.

" I'm a wreck! ",she gurgled,as she fought back tears,though one crept out,and escaped,as a salted stream meandered across her crimsoned cheek.

Searching her emerald eyes,he felt something he had never felt for her before;it was almost unexplainable.It seemed to transcend the love he knew,but how was that possible?

" It must be a new language of love I'm learning ",he happily considered.It was indescribable.

" I forgive you for everything,my darling! ",and he meant it. " I'm still in love with you ",he uttered,as he pressed her expectant lips with his own.

" Don't ever leave me,Chick Pea! ";and she cried,like she had never done,since she was a baby.

" On my mother's eyes! ",he swore,as she relaxed into a peaceful,unadulterated sleep.

Chapter Six - Valentine

The pristine,clinical odour of disinfectant struck her delicate nostrils,as the porter slowly wheeled her into the claustrophobic room she had called home for the past few weeks,She was now beginning to suffer from cabin fever,and wanted to leave this sanitized mausoleum,as soon as she was well enough.

She shuffled her shapely form from her mobile sedan,and transferred to a more comfortable chair,by the bed,whilst the television blared out the latest music video:

" Classy lady in a limousine;

Rebel-rousing,like a Jimmy Dean;

Nicotine,on the silver screen;

Slow seduction,from a magazine ".......

She checked her look in the mirror,duck-faced,and clicked an eyelid:

" You still got it babe! ",she giggled to herself.

A familiar face,sidled up to the door,smiling through the glass;

" Come in honey ",she beamed.

Her pride and joy walked in,and playfully kissed her on the nose and forehead;

" I've missed you! ",he retorted,as he whipped out a bouquet of red roses from behind his back,like an amateur magician.

" For you,Princess ".

Her face lit up,like a thousand candelabra.He quickly nipped backed through the door,to retrieve a parcel he had parked upon the table,containing her favourite things;Belgian chocolates,Champagne,Yankee candles,bath salts,and finally,a large card;she felt so special.

" I'm so sorry you never received yours last year;it's been killing me ever since ",he sorrowfully spoke;and he meant it.

She was feeling much stronger,these days,so she proceeded to tear open the envelope herself,slowly,like a paper striptease,which revealed a sumptuous,velvet-embossed display,with golden hearts hanging from gold chains;her eyes eagerly read the words that lay within:

" There's not a day goes by,when I don't wonder how I found someone as beautiful as you,but all I need to know is that you're with me,to give me love and make my dreams come true.

On Valentine's Day,my message is quite simple:I love you more than words could ever say,and with you in my life,I know for certain that Valentine's comes every single day.

Sending you all my love,today,and always XXX P. "

"Come here,you! ",she gasped.

Chapter Seven - Forget-Me-Not

" You'll never squeeze all of those in that tiny thing ",he belly laughed,as his bride attempted to bundle a full wardrobe,into her miniscule vanity case.

" Here;let me help you ",he cackled,feeling more like her father,than her husband.

" I'll do it,bossy boots! ",she returned,with a sexy,sideways glance,cloaked with mock indignation,which he'd always found alluring.

" Don't say I didn't warn you! ",was his final contribution.

Today was the day that the consultant had given the all-clear for her to leave.Dr. Hunter,his colleagues,and the senior surgeon were extremely pleased with the rapid recovery she had made.

" You're indestructable,Mrs. Haimes! ",they had joked, " But we would prefer not to see you in here again.Farewell ".

She shook their hands,and pecked the nurses on the cheek in gratitude,for all of their conscientious care they had given her,over the last few months.

" Come on,treacle;the taxi's here! ",he fired.

Clasping her hand,he grabbed the case,and several carrier bags with the other,which contained all of the excess clothing and sundries she could not fit into her oversized handbag.

" Are you ready,Miss Tetris?",biting his bottom lip,stifling a giggle,as she huffed a harrumph in his general direction at his petty victory,as the driver loaded the boot,and the six-million dollar woman slid into the back seat,impatiently waiting for the off.

Although he had tried to alleviate her worries,with some light-hearted banter,he was,nonetheless,quite concerned for her,knowing that,several weeks ago,she would never have struggled with such a simple task,as loading a suitcase.

" I don't want to lose the old Desiree ",he thought.

The cabby glanced in his rear-view mirror; " Where to chief? "

" Fifty-five Oak Ridge please,squire,but not too fast ",he returned.

The windless night was beginning to draw in,as their chariot arrived at his apartment.He helped the driver unload,chaperoned his delicate patient indoors,and settled her down for the evening.

" You can take my bed tonight,beautiful;I'll crash on the settee ",he rattled,whilst fumbling for the power switch on the radio.

All of a sudden,she burst into tears,and buried her head in her hands,just as 'Baby Don't Cry' came on the DAB,as though the airwaves themselves were doffing a hat in sympathy,to the symphony of her unsure life.

" Hey,hey hey ",he quietly uttered,as he wrapped his arm across the back of her shoulders,like a giant band-aid.

He spoke nothing for a while,acutely aware that she had just clicked,that she wasn't firing on all four cylinders,after the suitcase debacle.

Reality hit him between the eyes.Apart from his God,and his Lord,his Desiree was the most precious person in his life,and he was in love with her.He knew,without being told,that she had now acquired an invisible disability,but he didn't care about that;he could only think of her.In fact,this made him love her all the more.

Drawing her head towards his chest,he began to lovingly stroke her hair,over,and over again:

" I'll make it all better ",he promised.

Chapter Eight - Foxy Lady

" Chick Pea;I think my head is poorly,and I want it to get better ",she folded,almost in resignation.

He'd already made his mind up beforehand,a week after she'd been taken into the hospital,that he would help retrain her memory and motor skills,if it became necessary,using mnemonics,and to improve her spatial awareness,with exercises that he had prepared for her to do.

Although he was no professional doctor,he had done well in his formal academia,and had taught himself a bible,and street education,which made him twice as smart as most of his contemporaries.

" Stick with me,kid ",he grinned, " And I'll turn you into Superwoman! ".

He had to hide his true emotions;he couldn't allow them to intefere with the mammoth task that lay ahead of them both.

" I love her to death,and it's ripping my heart out,that she's not altogether right,yet ",he reminded himself.

" First things first,sweetheart;the basics.I want you to type:

'THE QUICK BROWN FOX,JUMPS OVER THE LAZY DOG',on the keyboard.This sentence uses every single letter of the English alphabet,and will improve your hand-eye co-ordination ",he finished.

She pulled up a chair next to the console,shifted herself into professor mode,and began to stroke the keys.....

" THE QUICK BROWN FOX,JUMPS THE LAZY DOG ",was the result of her first,hesitant step,towards a full mental recovery.

They both stared at the screen;jaws dropped,as they slowly turned to look at each other,and burst into laughter.

" I ain't a dick-weed you know ",she smiled,as she'd purposefully omitted a particular word,to drive him home a message.

" Very well,smarty pants;I can tell you're going to be trouble! ",he frolicked.

It was little things like this,that had allowed her to creep into,and steal his heart,all of those years ago.

" Let's move on. "

Next,he was going to help her solve a problem,not by thinking about it in words,but by contemplating a non-verbal,visual image.

He opened a living-room drawer,and pulled out a 'Hot-Rod' magazine.Flicking through the contents,he turned to a random page,and displayed it,in front of his sassy woman.

" I want you to look at this picture for thirty seconds,and remember as much as you can about it. "

" Alrighty then! ",she replied,in her best Jim Carey accent.

" Concentrate on as much detail as you can remember;then,I'll ask you a couple of questions. "

Half a minute elapsed,then he withdrew the picture from her sight.

" Now,then;can you tell me;did the car have a rear windscreen wiper,or not? "

" That's easy;no. "

" Well done.Now;name two items that were hanging in the driver's cab. "

She hesitated; " Uhmmm... "

" Manipulate the mental image you have of that car;your brain will guide you.from the rear of the vehicle towards the anterior;don't force yourself.Take a breath,and relax ",he replied.

" Oh,yes! There's a multi-coloured air freshener,and a pair of fluffy dice! ",she victoriously exploded.

" That's brilliant! ",he returned excitedly,as he threw his arms around her.

He was really pleased that she had overcome her first,major obstacle.Hope,now jumped forward,in leaps and bounds,with the knowledge that they were going to make it.

He searched her eyes,and gently brushed her cheek with the back of his fingers.

" Let's make love ",she seductively chimed.

Chapter Nine - Lazy Sunday

The dawn chorus of roving blackbirds,and red-breasted robins,announced the break of a glorious Spring morning.He reached across to the bedside cabinet,and picked up the alarm clock;

" 7:20 a.m.;too early to get up for a Sunday morning ",he silently convinced himself,now leaning towards the love of his life.

She was still fast asleep,so he propped himself up on his side,with his elbow on his pillow,and absorbed the panorama that lay before him;

" She's so beautiful;I wonder what she's dreaming about? ",he casually thought,whilst a diurnal ray struggled through the blinds,and playfully bounced off her golden locks.

Her hair was toussled,haphazardly,but could detract nothing from her overall prettiness,which she constantly exuded,without mercy.During this time,an hour had passed;

" We'll have to get up soon;we're going to visit your mother today ",he shared,but she was dead to the world,so he shuffled forward,and planted two butterfly kisses on her eyelids.She roused from her heavenly slumber:

" Last night was phenomenal! ",she purred,as she began to awaken to another day in paradise.

" I'm never letting you go! ",she happily continued.

" You weren't so bad yourself,you feisty little vixen ",he acquiesced,perusing the indentations on his shoulders,from their twilight bliss.

His ego was now like a hot air balloon,but his common sense shouted,

" I wonder what she's after? ",as he sharpened his focus upon her cheeky new glint.

" How am I going to get my head through the bedroom door now? ",he remarked,as she smiled a priceless beam.

He gave her a long,tender kiss,then snapped to it;

" Come on,wobble bum;let's hustle;your mommy is expecting us ",he joked,as she tutted,and half-heartedly slapped him on shoulder.

" Ouch!,Careful,boudoir queen;that's still tender,you bully",he pretended.

The roads were unusually busy for this time of day,as they cruised along ancient roads,and country lanes,passing the Oaks,and Beeches,looming in the distance,that waved to them like over-sized trifids;their naked branches,so close,like reaching tentacles,ready to grasp the unwary traveller.

He'd always liked her mother,which went against the normal grain of the son/mother-in-law relationship.Although she was dealing with various issues within her own life,she had always taken the time out to bother with other people,and reminded him a great deal,of his Desiree,with her heart of gold;he even respected her a little,when it wasn't the time of the month,and the bats were in the belfry:

" I'm an alien eviction! ",she had once remarked; " They couldn't handle me ",she laughed,accompanied by her zany,but often refreshing brand of humour.

Yes.It was easy to like her,as well,but a difficult juggle,to try and not make Desiree jealous,by offending her sensibilities.

Eventually,their dream machine pulled up outside of her mother's two-up,three-down house in the salubrious suburbs.

" Desiree! Woo hoo! ",she shouted,like a foghorn,standing on the front porch,awaiting her daughters' arrival.

" I'm just going down the road,to buy some supplies;see you in a bit,ladybird ",he soberly spoke,as he kissed her on the cheek,and walked towards town.

" Haimes! ",she shouted;

He stopped in his tracks,and turned around:

" Yes,mother! ",he replied,mockingly.

" How far would you have gone,if I hadn't called you back? ",she cheekily laughed.

" I'll get you for that,you pesky,meddling kid! ",he shouted back,jokingly,shaking his fist in the air like a cheesy scooby-doo villain,as he resumed his errand to town,in order to buy her mumsy a special gift.

" If I told you the truth about women,you wouldn't believe me ",the shop clerk sagaciously uttered,sporting a worldly-wise,tired-looking face,as he scanned his goods,and bagged the mother-in-law's pressie.

" And if I told the truth to a woman,she wouldn't believe me! ",Haimes retorted,in like fashion,as they both knowingly nodded to each other,with the gravity of two men,who had both chewed on some of the same dirt,at some point in their lives.

" Adios,fella;enjoy the rest of your day! ",Haimes jovially threw,as he exited the shop,and trundled up the hilly terrain,which was unusual for these parts,back to the house,bracing himself for the domestic politics,which was sure to greet him,upon his return.

Chapter Ten - The Argument

It had to happen eventually,and he had already prepared himself for her erratic,emotional outbursts,which inevitably had to seep out,and reveal their darker side;he was well aware,that it was just another veneer,to cover the frightened child within,that was currently her.

" Why did you have to buy her such an expensive gift? ",Desiree frowned; " We're not made of money,you know! "

" I was attempting to make you happy,by pleasing her.Geez!!Can't I do anything right? ",Haimes replied,feeling a little wounded after his recent effort.

Her brow furrowed,and he could hear the invisible cogs turning in her head,working backwards,searching for her next sentence,like a professional sleuth.He knew what was coming next;it was now becoming like a second-rate script in a cheap 'B' movie:

" Are you sure that's all it is? ",she questioned,in a tone which he didn't much care for.

" Stop being so paranoid!You're still on the mend baby,and need time to readjust yourself back to the common life. "

" Don't tell me what to think,and don't call me baby! ",she growled,as her mother made a timely disappearance into the living room,to let them thrash it out.

" I'm not;I'm just trying to... "

He barely had time to finish his sentence,before he instinctively shifted his head to one side,like a boxer,as she grabbed the nearest thing she could find from the kitchen fruit and veg rack,and launched it at him.

A squelchy thud,resounded from the wall behind him,

" A tomato? ",he laughed,in disbelief,as she started getting mediaeval on him;

" Are you sure you couldn't find anything bigger,like that cabbage? ",he served back,sarcastically,realizing he shouldn't have uttered that last sentence.

He was only jesting,but she took it seriously,and was having none of it,now fuming:

" Get out you b!$t*rd!;I hate you! "

" Fine! "

Haimes turned his back in a huff,marched towards his mean machine,jumped in,Dukes Of Hazzard style,and turned over the ignition of his steel queen,as the engine roared into life,like a rampant lion:

" I'm outta here! ",he shouted towards the house,as he burned a doughnut with his rear wheels,and belted down the road,eating tarmac like a speed king,with the radio blaring 'Word Up',at full blast.

He could have given in to her,but he had to keep it real if she was ever going to grasp normality any time soon.

" Men are such mean,horrible beasts! ",she offered to her mother,parading her best crocodile tears.

" Alright,honey;sit down over there,and I'll make us a coffee. Perhaps you over reacted just a little,maybe? ",she diplomatically continued.

Desiree's mind had been firing wild that afternoon.She was trying to hold two thoughts,simultaneously,confusing herself,and those around her,and she was scared.If she was going to become fully well,she would need more help,but it had just driven away.

It was now late evening,when Haimes decided to telephone the house.

" How is she? ",he spoke,in a concerned manner;

" She's calmed down a little,now;but you shouldn't have tore away like that ",she replied,in a stern voice,protective of her daughter.

He didn't want any more disagreements that day:

" Yeah;O.K. ",he channelled.

" I'll pick her up in forty-five minutes. "

Rolling up to the house,he rang the doorbell,like a guilty schoolboy,as Desiree was ushered by her mum into the car.She looked like a whisper of a woman,with a wraith-like appearance,shaking a little,as Haimes gingerly opened the passenger door,and proceeded to make her comfortable,as they slowly drove back to his crib.She never spoke a word.

The evening dusk had now turned bitterly cool,as they approached his apartment,just as the atmosphere between them had turned,like the days' weather had.He could empathize a chill from her presence,making him feel like a stranger.He had to say something,and break the silence:

" I'm not your enemy,you know ",he wheeled out;

" In fact,I'm probably the best friend you'll ever have,but I'm not being thrust into the friend zone,either;I'm also your husband,and I love you.Now;shall we go indoors,or am I going to have to sit in the naughty corner? "

She managed to crack a partial smile.

" That's my girl! ",he replied,somewhat relieved,as her sad eyes gradually lifted towards his face,bearing a new expression of hope.

Chapter Eleven - Evening Melody

The clock pipped another hourly report,as Haimes lay prostrate on the settee;guessing it must have been around 2 a.m.,he continued,with arms folded behind his head,staring into mid-air,for what seemed like an eternity;the only sounds,occasional traffic that flashed their headlights through the window,resembling spectral spotlights,highlighting their recent drama.He wrestled with the duvet on his makeshift bed,but there was no way he was sleeping tonight,preoccupied with the days' events,which had almost led two fragile lives to the brink of disaster.

The bedroom door creaked ajar,just like in a horror film,as a curious,sleepy face,wrapped itself around the architrave:

" Can I get in with you? I don't like sleeping in that big bed by myself ",she crawled.

" Come on then, but bring that double spread with you. "

She returned,trailing a large cover,that completely buried her, underneath the goose-down padding,which he found a tad comical,as she slogged towards him,and,in the near pitch-dark,save for a humming night-light,complimented the creaking door admirably,as it illuminated her lumbering silhouette,appearing like the 'Swamp Thing',ready to get him.

Jumping on the sofa nearly knocked the wind out of his sails,as she clung to him,like a Koala to a tree.

" I'm sorry I called you a bad name,earlier;I didn't mean it ",she tearfully spoke,as she appealed to his better nature.

" Forget about it,twinkle-toes ",he relented.

" I didn't mean to call you that ",she replied,then silenced herself,with a pregnant pause,and sneakily continued....

" I meant to call you an a$$!%le,instead ",as she burst into an uncontrollable bout of the giggles,as he wrapped his hands around her neck,and pretended to strangle her;

" Why you insincere little...!!! "

She nearly had an hysterical fit,as a prelude,before continuing more enjoyable nocturnal activities of relish,which became hidden,and lost in the sands of time,to be remembered by them only,as husband and wife fell into a satisfying,dreamlike sleep;inseparable.

" Where are you going,darling? ",she quivered,in tones that penetrated the still,dark,early morning light.

" Into the urban jungle,blossom;I have to earn us some money to pay for your driving test,remember? ",he replied,whilst buttoning-up his crisp-white shirt.

" But it's only 4:30 a.m.,babe;come back to bed! ",she protested.

" Believe me;there's nothing I'd like more,sweetness,but it won't pay for itself.Besides;'The early bird catches the worm',he sagely threw back.

" I'll give you a ring about dinner time ",he finished,as he took her in his arms,French-kissed her,grabbed his suit jacket and keys,then made ready to leave the apartment:

" Missing you already! ",he echoed from the hallway,as the door clicked shut behind him.

She'd always been eager to learn to drive again,and Haimes had agreed to teach her lessons,until he felt she was ready to apply for her test,and attain a full driving licence.He wondered what he was was letting himself in for at the outset,but once she had learned how to combine,in a natural fashion,the 'Mirror,Signal,Manoeuvre'procedure,with some smooth gear-changing,in tandem with using the clutch,brake,and accelerator pedals properly,her confidence,and road awareness soared,growing exponentially,until he assessed that she may be ready to drive solo,thus being adequately prepared for her test.

" You'll also have to learn the 'Highway Code',for your theory exam,in addition to your practical ",he told her.If you need any help with that,I'm here for you ",he had relayed to her previously,in order to allay any worries,or concerns she may have had.

" We can go through that together,this evening,if you want,petal ",he added,as the clock struck 1:30p.m.,signalling the end of his afternoon break.

" I've got to go ,now ",he continued,as he replaced the receiver back on the handset at work.

He marvelled to himself,how she'd managed to pick up these skills so quickly,especially after her recent ordeal,and was astonished that she wanted to get back behind the wheel again.

" Desiree is such a brave,and determined woman;she astounds me,and I feel so lucky to have her ",Haimes levelled with himself.

The afternoon slowly wound down into another eventful evening,after a busy,working day.

" No;it's not a man trying to put an umbrella up! ",Haimes laughed,as he showed her a picture in the 'Highway Code',with his thumb covering the words underneath.

" I know,silly! " The red triangle is a warning sign,and the picture inside it,indicates that roadworks are ahead ",she intelligently returned.

" That's great,gorgeous;you're doing really well.Now;do you remember what the minimum stopping distance is for a car,travelling at 60m.p.h.? "

" Easy-peasey! It's 73 metres ."

Haimes was taken aback at how quickly she had soaked up all of this information,like a sponge.He had taught her a simple way,how to remember her stopping distances:

" Think of them like you would a telephone number.All you have to do,is recall the first digit from each individual stopping distance,and the rest should fall into place.For example;

You have 20m.p.h.(12m);30m.p.h.(23m);40m.p.h.(36m);50m.p.h.(53m);60m.p.h.(73m),and 70m.p.h.(96m).So the first digit of each minimum distance reads, '1,2,3,5,7,9',that is 12,23,36,53,73 and 93m respectively, can choose to remember the last digit,instead,that is,'2,3,6,3,3,6';whichever is easier for you to remember.And there you have it! "

It was all coming back to her,as though he had re-opened an old door,that poured a torrent of locked information back into her life,like she had learned first time around,many years previously.

" I think you're ready,doll ",he earnestly replied.

Chapter Twelve - A New Life

Nothing could have prepared him for the events that were about to unfold that day;a day they would both never forget,for the rest of their natural lives.

The back door abruptly opened,and the patter of clicking heels could be heard,as they quickly ran through the kitchen,and an excited new woman tumbled into the living room,triumphantly waving a piece of paper in the air:

" I passed! I passed! ",she blurted,in successive bursts.

" Darling;that's wonderful news!;I knew you could do it,and I knew you had it in you to succeed.I'm so proud of you! ",he smiled,as he hugged,and kissed her.

" I've got something for you! ",he mysteriously spoke,whilst he strided to the display cabinet,and extracted an envelope from within the cupboard:

" Voila! ",he exulted.

Desiree ripped the envelope like a cougar,to be greeted by a 'Congratultions' card;then something fell out,and clinked,as it landed on the floor.

" What are these? ",she replied,puzzled,but still excited.

" The keys to your new car,my life;do you remember that sporty little number we looked at a few weeks ago,in the showroom? Well;the red one is yours;you couldn't take your eyes off it! ",Haimes fired back.

" I've been saving up for you. "

She nearly fell through the floor.

" Oh thank you,chick pea!; I love you! ",she threw him,without hesitation.

" And,by the way ",she continued, " I have some good news for you,as well;some,that I think you are going to like ".

" Well;come on baby;spit it out.I'm all ears! ",he impatiently,but joyfully replied.

" I've been bursting to tell you,all day.I went to the surgery,this morning,to get checked out properly,by the medical doctor,and guess what? I'm pregnant!! "

Haimes nearly shot through the ceiling:

" Yeee Haaaaaa!!!! ",he shouted,that rattled the windows,as he picked up his Desiree by the waist,and spun her round,and round,like a fairground ride.

" We're gonna be a family!;I'm going to be a father,and you're going to be a mommy! ",he spoke,almost in disbelief,as he digested each word like a 'cordon bleu' meal.

He lifted the tails of her blouse,and pressed his ear against her naked belly:

" Can you hear me,precious" ,he whispered. " You're going to have the best life ever! ",he carried on,completely oblivious to the fact that he/she would,at the present,be no bigger than his fingernail.

" Darling;I love you so much;you've made me the happiest man alive.Quick!;call all of your friends,and I'll call all of mine.We've a double celebration to get underway,and this one is going to last for days! ",he told her,as his flustered excitement knew no bounds.

They both picked up their phones,and stared at each other with deep love,as he read her mind:

" I'm never going to leave you ",he promised, " And I'll always be there for you,come rain,or shine ".

" Forever? ",she questioned;

" Forever."


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    • Romeos Quill profile image

      Romeos Quill 2 years ago from Lincolnshire, England

      ...And thank you Agyeman for taking the time to wade through such a long Hub story; happy that it brought some light into the dark for you; job done.

      Best Wishes;


    • Romeos Quill profile image

      Romeos Quill 3 years ago from Lincolnshire, England

      Thanks for wading through this mammoth wordage to leave such touching and generous reportage Eddy; thank you.

      Keep Shining in timeless Wales;

      Kind Regards,


    • Romeos Quill profile image

      Romeos Quill 3 years ago from Lincolnshire, England

      You sure grasped the perceptible skein of the story MsDora, and really appreciate your patience and attention in reading such an offering so thank you indeed.

      With Best Wishes to you and your family;


    • Romeos Quill profile image

      Romeos Quill 3 years ago from Lincolnshire, England

      Hi Lesley;

      I hope you are doing fine this Thursday evening.

      Lol! The mood swings I picked up from observation and trying to soak the ambient intent of erratic motivations from some very spirited women :)

      A real pleasure to have you drop in for what must have been a lengthy read for you so thanks for putting up with me. Thank you.

      I like your new profile picture - cute puddy!

      Enjoy a wonderful evening;

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      Romeos Quill 3 years ago from Lincolnshire, England

      Thanks for coming over Monis Mas and also trust that you are having a good day today.

      Thank you as well for being so patient in reading and certainly appreciate your uplifting input which is encouraging.

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      Romeos Quill 3 years ago from Lincolnshire, England

      Hiyah Phyllis;

      I sure hope you are well and enjoying a pleasing day so far and happy that you managed to take so much from it.

      I'm glad you enjoyed the condensed short story because this kind of love seems to be so rare to find these days.

      Best Wishes,


    • Romeos Quill profile image

      Romeos Quill 3 years ago from Lincolnshire, England

      Hi Faith;

      Thank you for reading such an extensive write as it was a bit optimistic in its length for kind folk to read in one go, and I sincerely appreciate your patience in doing so in two sittings.

      Certainly tried to make the reader feel as though they were an integral part of the narrative and could relate and feel part of the drama, so pleased that it worked via the trials and tribulations of a husband and wife ' love on the rocks ' scenario; separating, then brought back together through a love greater than their own to reconnect and cement bonds of loving matrimony in the house of forever.

      Thank you always dear Faith for your generous Spirit. for your sharing nature and wonderful presence which are beyond valuation.

      With Warmest Regards,


    • Eiddwen profile image

      Eiddwen 3 years ago from Wales

      Beautiful and voted up. You are a wonderful poet Romeo and each one never disappointing.

      Enjoy your day.


    • Faith Reaper profile image

      Faith Reaper 3 years ago from southern USA

      Aw, I just finished your beautiful love story while enjoying my lunch. I do so enjoy forever loves. Great write and it was if I was right there with them in their lives too. Up and more and sharing. Hugs, Faith Reaper

    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 3 years ago from The Caribbean

      This story is like the story of God's love: failures and forgiveness, disrepair and restoration, amidst a background of unconditional love. Great work, Romeos!

    • profile image

      Jane Arden 3 years ago

      OMGoodness. That was fantastic. I was really in there, in their lives. I didn't want it to stop. I think you captured her mood swings brilliantly. Being a woman myself and knowing what my poor husband had had to put up with over the years. It was so romantic, but real. You are not only an excellent poet, you're awesome at writing stories.

    • Monis Mas profile image

      Aga 3 years ago

      What a beautifully painted picture - poem painted with words...

    • Phyllis Doyle profile image

      Phyllis Doyle Burns 3 years ago from High desert of Nevada.

      I love this story, Romeo. It is full of romance, deep love and caring for each other. They both show such strength and faith during her healing time. The song, 'Words', is perfect for this story. I so enjoy reading your work. I hope they have a good life -- forever.

    • Faith Reaper profile image

      Faith Reaper 3 years ago from southern USA

      Oh, Romeos, I just love the first ten chapters of your thousands of words-love story here! It is very compelling and passionate, and I do hope it lasts forever. I will finish reading the last chapters tomorrow, as my eyes are tired from being on the computer at work all day. Sounds like it will be a love story for all time so far!

      Up and more and sharing.


      Faith Reaper

      (Looking forward to reading the ending!)