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A Contractual Extraction.

Updated on December 29, 2009


Contractual Extraction.



You will wake
on All Hallows Eve,
completely hollow.

Round the witching hour
in a blood-soaked bed,
because your fears
drew them to you,
like sweat draws
the hungry beast.

All manner of
foul creatures
will have disemboweled you,
like a pumpkin shell,
your face swollen in a
deeply carved grimace,
as you follow your intestines
into the master's bedroom.

You'll find your innards
nailed to a wall,
over your lost soul,
in a hellhole of your own making.

Feel the demons grab your ankles,
as you claw and scrabble
for some hold
on a life already spent,
the carpet opening in a huge maw,
flames licking at your buttocks
as you are melted into hell.

I am an emissary
from Satan's minions,
sent to seek out those who crave,
what is unholy and most terrifying,
I have written your name
in the book of the damned,
at 12:15 a.m. you will vanish
on this October 31st, 2007
into the place you so desired
to read about,
The devil enjoys poets,
their colorful cries of despair,
make him hungry for burning
the literature of mankind.

Get your affairs in order,
the abyss awaits you!



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