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A Flame Smothered Blanket

Updated on August 12, 2017

Please forgive me, but I can’t see the truth

Lies surround me, but the voice is new

Cold engulfs me, but this I will get through

Flames suffocate me, but His blanket will consume

I struggle to be

A living example for thee

And every time I fail

It’s something I dwell

Please teach me, I just want to be better for You

Please accept me, my human nature I give You

Please correct me; my mistakes seem to come in two

Please erase me, my emotions are seeping through

I can’t seem to be

What others do so perfectly

To smile on days end

To start fresh again

I clutch what means so much to me

Nothing can ever break this free

I fold my arms around my heart

Holding on to the dearest part

I owe You everything

Because with you I can do anything

Thanks for never abandoning me

Through this world unguided I would be

Lost and deeper in a world of hate

Your love and my life we celebrate


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