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A Sweet Release Is What I Need

Updated on June 16, 2011
Sitting In the Car
Sitting In the Car

I saw a cloud in the sky, it reminded me of your face.
Pardon me if I can't speak sometimes; I am blinded by disgrace.
What I need is a melody, a song that tells the truth.
There is no help for me; I can't get away from you.
Give me a sweet release, to hurry and change my mind.
What I need is a harmony, that soothes my insides.
There are too many distractions and there are too many rules.
Release me from the prison, that is you.
What I need is melody to hypnotize my mind.
There are no remedies, so please stop the lies.
You are the event that keeps the skies baby blue.
You are the poison, that strangers and lovers run to.
Where is the antidote and where is my breath.
In the distance I hear thunder... no fight in me left.
Im drowning in the chaos that is you.
What I need is a fix, to help me get through.
I need a sweet release to clear this mind.
Give me evidence that I exist and that I am fine.


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    • profile image

      jiggy black 6 years ago

      wow..i really like dis piece..

    • arsenalmaniac89 profile image

      arsenalmaniac89 6 years ago

      My...this is lovely! Keep the flame flaming.