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... And Her Name was Maleficent (Poem)

Updated on July 22, 2015

A broken trust...

After watching the movie, I came up with this poem:


Born with a bright heart

Marred by deceit and what was not

What once reveled in glee

Sought comfort in a cursed decree

Deluded by a dishonest kiss

Clouded by a lying bliss

Woke up to a flightless form

Finding every fiber to be out of norm

Enshrouded by walls of doom

Licking wounds of gloom

Sought to revenge

The soul estranged

In the passage of time she remembered

The echo of her juvenile felicity, she heard

Of the once free flight

Of basking in gentle light

It is over said she

Turned her back in reverie

Though strangled once more

With strong wings she soar

Finding solace in innate goodness

One again trusting in kindness’ prowess

One again effervescent

And her name was Maleficent.

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