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I am dying slowly

Updated on May 17, 2012

The gloom and the mist

Screensaver flickering, waves of bits and bytes

Codes, programs, projects and vendors

Air is hanging, stopped, entrapped

Concrete and metal has caged the soul

The fan is moving without a sense of moving on

Files are travelling, queue of corpse

Commands flying faster than missiles and drones

It is the day of reckoning for the group

Busy to wrap up the work and the day in turn

The guy under severe pressure

Seeing slips of pink in the air

The little heart has ran into the cellar

Cowering in the midst the darkness, dirt and squalor

The rabbit hiding in the bush

Caravan of angry animals in the mist

The winter is too long and wet

Spring abandoned its journey

Bitter cold gone deeper into everything

Gnawing pain in the body, mind and soul

Ice stones falling with strange sound bytes

Everywhere white freeze

Trees lost their color of green

Ice flakes have invaded the leaves

The stems sticky, muddy and scary

Birds have vanished eaten up by cold

Hunter breathing low dying of hunger

His bow and arrow scattered by the side

Chimney smoke frozen into black mass

Winter proof dogs alive and having a ball

Abundance of bones hidden in frozen flesh

Their tail is up and swinging, giving clarion call

The pack starts running towards the rabbit

The heart stops from fear nowhere to go

Encircled, trapped, inevitable and stopped

The pack is on their final leap in the air

A cloud of collage of colors and spirits

Envelopes him choking all the passage

A faint smile appears asking “What did I do?”

Sinking in the bottom swimming with all four

Running, flying, vanishing, going to the shore


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