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~~~ Delectable ~~~

Updated on January 1, 2016

~ Delectable ~

I sought through mists of seven-fold eyes,
Pierced Sun. to Sat. in night's disguise;
Thee loved one Friday, garbed in black,
Whence Sunday came, you took it back.

Now, what's that sound which gores my soul?
My beautiful woman whose tears cry kohl,
For skies bold promise of violet smile,
Won't meet rouged curves bowed in denial.

Should gates of May relinquish reason
To one whose joy stole lover's season?
Sham pain, in vain, won't change the day,
You took his love from far away.

O, sorcerous woman, who crafts man's fall,
Affection's nought but bitterest gall;
Lo! change thy ways of tepid haze,
Bring sunshine back to Summer's days.



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    • Faith Reaper profile image

      Faith Reaper 3 years ago from southern USA

      Dramatically delectable indeed! This one really grabs your attention, especially those first two stanzas. Each line is amazing, but I really loved, "My beautiful woman whose tears cry kohl," Wow, excellent poetry dear Romeos!

      Up and more and away again.


    • wayne barrett profile image

      Wayne Barrett 3 years ago from Clearwater Florida

      'Sham pain, in vain, wont change the day' Indeed! Cheers anyway, to a marvelous piece!

    • lifegate profile image

      William Kovacic 3 years ago from Pleasant Gap, PA

      You've done a wonderful job of painting the canvass of my mind. Thank you.

    • Romeos Quill profile image

      Romeos Quill 3 years ago from Lincolnshire, England

      Hi Faith;

      Really kind of you to stop by and thank you for your uplifting reportage, and pleased that you found something in there which you liked.

      Sincere Regards,


    • Romeos Quill profile image

      Romeos Quill 3 years ago from Lincolnshire, England

      Good Day Wayne;

      I trust you're in good health and thanks for dropping by with your encouraging commentary; pleased to say that this one was only a fiction, but seen so many friends go through the mill like this, as indeed I'm sure most of us have at one time or another.

      All the Best,


    • Romeos Quill profile image

      Romeos Quill 3 years ago from Lincolnshire, England

      Hello lifegate;

      Thanks a million for alighting for a time and you're very welcome. Seems that ' trouble with Eve ' is all too common lol!, but really sad if reconciliation cannot be fathomed, and denigrates into that ugliest of all women, unfaithfulness, which I suppose can be true of both men and women equally.

      I hope that all goes well with you and your kin and continues to do so for a pleasant end of week break.

      Kind Regards,


    • jhamann profile image

      Jamie Lee Hamann 3 years ago from Reno NV

      What incredible rhythm and rhyme AND content. I am thoroughly enjoying a good scansion and your ability to mold your verse. Very well done you display such a mastery. Thank you for your poetry. Jamie

    • The Stages Of ME profile image

      The Stages Of ME 3 years ago

      Whoa, that was awesome in so many ways, delectable. I loved the complexity of it, not just simple more complex, beautiful. Pinning have a wonderful day

    • Romeos Quill profile image

      Romeos Quill 3 years ago from Lincolnshire, England

      Hi there, The Stages of ME;

      What a wonderful thing to say and thank you for such incisive kindness. Very pleased to make your new acquaintance on here ma'am, and would like to hit follow in order to keep up with your own writings which you have scribed from what looks to be a staunch faith in the Lord, from a cursory glance at your Hub articles.

      Sending peace & goodwill from a handsome April in springtime's unusually sunny England.

      With Kindest Regards;


    • skye2day profile image

      skye2day 3 years ago from Rocky Mountains

      Romeos. Thought to stop in today for a read. I am blessed indeed with your magical words of story telling. Many have been stung by a womans demise. I thought of Proverbs when I read this. The scripture verse I do not know off hand. Man is warned to stay far away from the wicked woman. This is another amazing piece of art work. Thank you for it precious Romeos. You are truly gifted.

      I do pray all is well with you my dear brother. I have not been on the hubs for a time. Hope to get back soon. I am about my Fathers business. All is well. May Gods favor continue to be on you in all of your comings and goings dear Romeos.

      My love in Christ Jesus. Skye

      voted and sent out!

    • Romeos Quill profile image

      Romeos Quill 3 years ago from Lincolnshire, England

      Hi Skye;

      Yeah; I was contemplating Proverbs when writing also :) Glad to hear that all goes well with you and good to know that your Spiritual flow is on the move. All my best to you and thanks for your blessings which are wonderful. Will need to find another financial avenue for some of the writing to travel down as it doesn't seem to be making enough for the chosen charities on HP alone.

      Always a pleasure to hear from you beloved sis and thank you kindly for your generosity and may God bless you also as He has in the past. Sending virtual strokes to baby Zoey :~)

      Loving Regards;


    • LadyFiddler profile image

      Joanna Chandler 3 years ago from On planet Earth

      Very AWESOME Romeo keep up the great work :)

    • Romeos Quill profile image

      Romeos Quill 3 years ago from Lincolnshire, England

      Thanks for dropping by L/Fiddler; glad you likey and trust everything's peachy your way as it is here. Have a great w/end.


    • Mira Fang profile image

      Mira Fang 2 years ago from Canada

      'Whence Sunday came, you took it back.'

      I actually whimpered upon reading this. Beautiful.

    • Romeos Quill profile image

      Romeos Quill 2 years ago from Lincolnshire, England

      Thank you for dropping by for a read this evening Mira and for your concise but wonderful commentary.

      Enjoy a lovely weekend.

      Yours Sincerely,


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