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Don't Do Drugs

Updated on March 29, 2017

Cocaine Advocate

Waking up just

wasn't the same

no strong, kind arms

to hold and

lean in just for a

kiss to whisper

good morning

Cocaine to take

the pain of losing

Lost away


myself of the

fear that is gained

in losing the sight

of your glory

as i rise up

to face another

day in a life

that's maimed.

Coffee Addiction

Ceases and commences

when i'm slow and groggy

gets me up and going

keeps my heart paced even

with my neural electricity

makes me balance on a tightrope

without a fear of falling

because the grounds are even


for me to bow down

Coffee, hear the applause

chants of your name

because you're better than that cocaine

anyway, double it in fact

make it a cuban

and we know there's no need

for more than that.


Tea Time in the Meantime

The holidays are here

Thanksgiving is next week

I want to sneak a peak

at the tea bag and its accessories

I need a bag that's not smelly

unless peppermint is heavy

wafting in the air

pour some milk in the mix

grab a spoon and dip it in

the honey jar before you take a sip

Let the mood be set with candles

and a book or two

the blanket's a must

and a handsome man could do

the trick

to keep the holiday cheer

and make the season filled with joy

if not, tea time in the meantime

that should be joyful enough

Love Actually

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