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For The Little Graduates

Updated on April 3, 2014
Little Graduates
Little Graduates | Source

For You, Our Little Graduates

You are not very much aware,

but your parents had so much more to share.

Proud as if you've made it that far,

knowing your journey is yet a par.

Your first travel with a star,

Twinkling lightly from afar.

To mom who doesn't want a war,

Achievement is never blur.

To most parents who agreed,

to their graduate who has achieved,

And those who aim for a righteous award,

They will also give you the reward.


During School Days

You can not just imagine,

how your mom rushed each and every morning.

Waking time is an hour or two,

before school bus will pick you.

Tie-ing your shoes, combing your hair,

brushing your teeth, and cutting your nail.

Those are just the basic things,

We try to accomplish each mornings.

Always checking the list,

Request by your Miss

Assignments on the list,

Never should be missed.

Preparing breakfast before you go,

And fixing things you have just throw.

Remember those tantrums you ought to know,

Make Dad and Mom bite their jaw.

LOVE | Source

On Rainy Days

When things get worse,

We never traced a feeling of remorse.

Seem you would never run out of source,

Mom just wanna backride on a horse.

Forget the good, forget the bad.

But never forget about a Dad.

Who had been working very much harder.

In taking his time much over,

just to pay your accounts after.

Well then, you have to remember,

How things turned out to become better.

Remember when you made your first letter.

And found out there's more to discover.

Oh, those hugs you have never missed,

From Mom and Dad who always kissed.

The Preschoolers


7 Heavenly Virtues

  • HOPE

7 Contrary Virtues


Remember The Seven Heavenly Virtues

Put this in mind so you'll always REMEMBER.

That FAITH will help you BELIEVE.

That HOPE will make you ACHIEVE.

That CHARITY will guide you to be KIND.

That FORTITUDE will push your COURAGE and BRAVERY.

That JUSTICE will enforce FAIRness and HONESTy.

That PRUDENCE will insist you to become WISE and SENSIBLE.

That TEMPERANCE will teach you to MODERATE.

Little Graduates

COURAGE | Source

Onto Perspective

As you go along your way,

Fill your mind with a clear perspective.

And to every endeavor you lay,

May GOD guide you to what is able to perceive.

No, do not forget to play.

It's all yours throughout the day.

Humble yourself before others

but do not let yourself get drowned

and pull by your brothers.

What do you want your child to be when he/she grow-up?

See results

Dream Big

For whatever you want to take to,

Tell your dad not to frown at you.

There is nothing to be amaze,

For this is not yet the beginning of a race,

neither the first chapter you want to embrace.

Just always remember,

when you had first discover,

On every book with so many chapter,

It's the Introduction first after its cover.


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    • agapsikap profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago from Philippines

      Thank you, DDE!

    • DDE profile image

      Devika Primić 

      5 years ago from Dubrovnik, Croatia

      For The Little Graduates great hub and well shared with a wonderful thought thanks

    • agapsikap profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from Philippines

      I'm sure you'll be too excited to find out what awards your children could get. Goodluck to your adorable son.

      Thank you janet for always taking a visit and for commenting. I really appreciate it.

    • janetwrites profile image

      Janet Giessl 

      5 years ago from Georgia country

      This is a lovely and beautiful hub. My children are still little. My son will go to kindergarten this September.

    • agapsikap profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from Philippines

      Thank you for the lovely and wonderful comment , Martie.

    • MartieCoetser profile image

      Martie Coetser 

      5 years ago from South Africa

      Beautiful thought-provoking hub! We have/had so many dreams for our children, but Life happens all the time and eventually they are where we might never have thought they would be, whether on top of the hills or down in the gutters.

      'For the little graduates' creatively and well-stressed :)


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