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From The Heart Of A Mother

Updated on March 20, 2013
Mother's love
Mother's love
Her only world
Her only world

A day which is most important in a women’s life is when she becomes a mother. My mother experienced the same but what was there for her after her first child’s birth, never gave a chance be happy again. Tears are the most terrible thing that always disturbs me. It troubles me so much when I become the cause for someone’s tears. Why I became the cause somebody’s tears? An answer for the question lies everywhere in my life…but still I don’t know why I became the cause. Being the first child of your parents is always a thing on which you can be proud of but… I am a girl, a girl who was born in a family, who always loved girls very much.

I saw tears in my mother’s eyes but I could never understand the grief behind it. Now I am a mother a wonderful stage in my life when I began to understand the grief behind my mother’s tears. Those tears were always for me. It changed my life.

My mother came into her married with an ambition to complete her studies and secure a good job but man never shows mercy. As all women of her time she had lots of other things to do and make her man happy. She got a loving husband only because she sacrificed her ambition. She strangled it at its birth to get lots and lots of love…but…did she? She never made her family feel that they need a servant. The time came when she struggled for her children. But who will give her chance to take a decision? After all who is she? mother? When she sacrificed her ambition she never realized that she was sacrificing her voice for decision.

Nobody knew what she wanted inside. When all the love and lust was gone she was only a servant. Her tears were her ornaments, which never made her beautiful. Suppression increased and she never said a word. I grew up seeing all this and the day came when I asked my mom “why don’t you resist?” My mother said in very low voice “I am a woman”. I couldn't sleep that night. The answer my mother gave does not justify any thing. What an answer is that? My next realization happened when I was no more a girl, yes! I became a woman.



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    • reshma85 profile image

      Reshma Anto 5 years ago from Chennai

      The most elevated form of sacrifice is a mother :)

    • sana7866 profile image

      sana7866 5 years ago

      really so nyc hub,,,,,, mother is undoubtedly a precioius gift frm God,,,blessed are those who have their mother :)