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Guiding the House | A Homemaker Organizational Journal

Updated on October 5, 2012
Guiding the House, by, Dianna Overholt popular contributor to Keepers at Home magazine
Guiding the House, by, Dianna Overholt popular contributor to Keepers at Home magazine

Guiding the House is an easy to use spiral bound journal tabbed to organize the very important job of a Domestic Engineer, or as many like to just be known as M

In today’s fast paced computer world, those who rather just use an old fashioned journal to organize are finding them harder to find. Everyone seems to have shifted to providing programs or Apps for the latest electronic gadget leaving those who still want to organize using a Journal being left out of the loop.

Guiding the House, by Dianna Overholt, was just published in 2012 to provide homemakers a way to organize a family's key informational needs on paper.

Diana Overholt who many may recognize writes a regular column about all types of homemaker information in the popular Keepers at Home Magazine. The Keepers at Home Magazine was originally developed as an inspirational guide for homemakers in the Mennonite and Amish communities to share ideas and helpful information.

Because each issue is full of back-to-basic information on such topics as gardening, sewing, food preserving, recipes, raising children, and coping with day to day challenges, the magazine has crossed over to a wide audience of subscribers of all faiths worldwide. People eagerly await the arrival of the magazine to see what is new that they can use in their own home and lives.

The magazine features very well written articles from a host of contributors, such as Diana that speak to the heart in a refreshing inspirational view point on life. Probably one of the reasons the magazine has been so successful is that it is built off Christian values, yet there is no push of any personal religious beliefs or a particular church practices.

Diana in her new book Guiding the House has thought of everything to help keep things organized. This helps those who have large families to keep things moving along without becoming overwhelmed or stressed with the daily task of keeping a home and raising a family.

Guiding the House provides a calendar of the years at a glance, daily planning pages, days to remember and a personal space to jot the times of my day, and the days in my week.

You will find a section to keep records on gardening, which includes planning and preparation, layout, a planting journal, and a harvest preservation record to look back on in future years. The book will also help you keep track of the canning and freezer inventory. (As well as purchased foods). Too many times we go to the task of growing, canning or freezing foods only to later throw them out because we are afraid it may be too old to serve it to our family.

The book provides a room-to-room cleaning detail, a cleaning plan to help divvy out the chores, and even a hospitality checklist to help prepare for guest.

You will even find space to record and store important family information to use in emergencies, or just needing to know all the clothing sizes and sewing projects that need to be completed.

A special section for travel helps with planning and preparation will help keep you at ease when you finally are able to get away on a vacation and not have to worry what you may forgot to pack or do before you left home.

Guiding the House is in itself well organized, yet it leaves room to customize and add things that are important in your specific day to day activities. Even in the world of driving and dropping off the kids to sports events and extra activities you will find Guiding the House to be very helpful.

Guiding the House makes a perfect gift for mom, even if the family has left the nest. She will enjoy using it and someday you will have a hand written journal to share with the great grandchildren about the special lady in your life.

You can subscribe to the Keepers at Home magazine and purchase Guiding the House at Cottage Craft Works .com


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    • lovebuglena profile image

      Lena Kovadlo 

      6 years ago from Staten Island, NY

      This is an informative and useful hub you have published here. Thanks for sharing.


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