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-Hearts War-

Updated on September 1, 2015

-Hearts War-

Let me tell you about the ghost of Sam,

He was a (M-60. Machine Gunner) back in -Vietnam-,

He talks to me and tells me things,

He takes me places Doc!!!,

In my dreams.

He thirsts to rape,

He loves to kill,

He says; "I love to do it, on -Uncle Sam s- bill".

He took me to a town thirty miles west of (Saigon),

He killed everybody with loud rips of his gun,

Dota!!! Dota!!! Dota.!!! Da!!,

Until his muzzle turned red hot.

I could see the blank stare in his eyes,

One by one as civilians died,

He says; "They're nothing more than sheep",

As there blood it stained the streets.

You could smell the gun powder in the air,

Shell casings piled everywhere,

Sam would take out his combat knife,

He would stab and he would slice,

He would feed without a care,

Like a Lion,

Like a Bear.

Sam was a salesman in his life,

He had loving kids,

A loving wife.

He used to drive around in style,

He used to laugh,

He used to smile.

Before the war Sam had it all,

Before the draft served Sam his call.

The war turned Sam into a beast,

Before the war Sam was a priest.

At Sunday school, Sams wife she taught.

In -Vietnam- Is where Sams soul remains,

Sam never boarded the Astor-planes.

I would say that is Sams Hell,

It could be his Heaven just as well.

-Authors Note-

We need to find a solution to end all wars. We need to stop this kind of thing from happening to our soldiers. We as a the human race have to stop killing each other over our differences. We are going to make our own species extinct!!!. War is not an answer, it makes me sick. Humans are one of the only species that kill there own. we are no more advance than -2,000- years ago, we just have better killing machines.


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    • writer20 profile image

      Joyce Haragsim 6 years ago from Southern Nevada

      I so hope he is a ghost.